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How to use Xbox joypad on PC

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That's just an USB to Xbox port adapter, of course very necessary but it is far from the whole story.

Getting the original Xbox controller working on a PC is more than a bit of a faff mainly because of driver issues. The old XBCD (Xbox Controller Driver) was unsigned and so there were problems because of that and it only supported up WinXP. I think people had it working with Win7 but beyond that I do not know.

I gave up on it.




The second solution I've not tried but would be the way to go for Win10 users. I note from one of the link pages that Win7 users actually have to have the MS XB360 Accessories driver on their PC for it to work which is why I wouldn't bother with it either. You're better off using a genuine wired XB360/X360 For Windows controller which has specific MS driver support and apparently will actually download/install the driver directly.

BTW if you want to download the XB360 controller driver and install it manually it now appears to be impossible to do it via MS downloads. The links to the driver I had are all dead and searching the MS web site just sends you round the houses. So it looks as if you would need to use a third party web site/download instead.

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You might be able to get it working by disabling driver signing in Win 10 but I agree a 360 controller is a much easier proposition.

I think this is the driver (win 7 32 and 64 bit available but may work on win 10):

https://www.microsoft.com/accessories/en-au/d/xbox-360-controller-for-windows or you could try xpadder https://xpadder.xyz/windows/

Personally I use a wired x360 controller which works perfectly on Win 10 x64

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