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  1. Hello, it's meee.. lol, no Adele, just kidding I was wondering: what are the Xbox-only games (exclusive games made only for Xbox and not for other consoles, only playable on an Xbox) which really deserve to be played and why... VS which games of the same category should be avoided (as they're cr*ppy or just unplayable, bad, lame, etc...) Asking this question because, of course, I've already played a game which I forgot I had for another console and I want to play Xbox authentic games (while maybe leaving the rest for other consoles or PC equals). You can leave a little r
  2. Posting various questions about XBox here, because I had a really hard time browsing for the answers as the search results gave different answers not matching the matters : 1) Is it ok if I play it for more than 2 hours a day or is there any risk any damage ? I know the temp must be kept between certain values, but I wonder what's your daily usage and the condition of your xboxes just to know if I'm abusing of it or not. 2) can an XBOX360 run classic isos ? Should they be used in ISO-packed formats or can the same Hard Disk be used to load them with a (modded, maybe) Xbox360 ?
  3. I see... well I guess I'll get that game then, as collector at least.
  4. Practically I have to acquire a certain game (Tenchu - Return from Darkness)... which could be (I'm not sure) the same as "Tenchu - Fatal Shadows" for PS2... but I'm not sure, so has anyone played this game to know if there's anything different than the PS2 version (like... new chars, new missions, new story, new gameplay etc...) ? Also, is there any game/series which is relevantly different between the Xbox and the 6th gen counterparts versions (PS2 and GC, if I'm not missing any other console like... the Gizmondo! lol, jk with this one)
  5. they look interesting is there driving option in them ? yep, played it on PC. I expected more gore honestly. Itchy and Scratchy style lol but no, bouncing people. I guess this is driving-specific, right ? which one is best / most realistic ?
  6. I've already played the GTA and True Crime titles which are available for other consoles and PC, does the XBox support other good contemporary (modern age) open-world / free-roaming action game ? Example: driving, shooting, exploring the surrounding freely (by feet), action/fighting, etc... or genre-specific (like only driving, only fighting, only shooting, etc..) in a whole city to explore (with no loading screens or mission sub-divisions...)
  7. that's cool (literally, lol) well, the fans yeah they're a bit loud but it's no worry for me if it means a healthier console on the long run... also the TV makes bzz sounds so they both make a good background noisy orchestra in the end lol (really old TV but surprisingly better than the newer one for RGB / Scart visuals).
  8. yup slayers it's evox, it uses farenheit, it seems (just checked at boot, these are the values): MB 87.8F HDD 57.2F CPU 99.1F But they get higher after I play for a while (1 hour or so) example: CPU goes around 110F (if I recall correctly last time I played it) I'm from Sicily, so very hot all around (but I've just placed the Xbox in the colder room of the house... afternoons here are boiling) should I worry / set different fan speed ?
  9. What is the average temperature of a modded Xbox (at boot and after playing for 1 hour, just an example ) ? Does the temperature get higher if games are played from HD or discs ? What to do if it's too high / how to change the fan settings to reduce the temperature (in Slayers 1.7 or other dashboards like XMBC or Unleash, etc...) ? Is there any other setting to check in order to keep the temperature stable or lowest as possible?
  10. Well, the point (I've explained 3 times already, lol) is that I want both a way to transfer contents and a way to backup them. It's my personal worry, so it's ok if it's not understood, afterall direct FTP transfer is simpler (but not in this case, unfortunely). Actually, some games can really fit one DVD or even one CD, it depends on their size and the way how their contents are compressed (especially videos which sometimes can be like reduced to 0.4% of their size, if there's no worry about quality). Luckily I've found the ones which were small enought to fit one DVD (but I've seen som
  11. I have no home network, therefore there's no way beside moving the Xbox to where the PC is or viceversa... and that's a lot of problem, that's why I wanted to use a DVD so I could have both a way to transfer files and a backup source. I'm not looking for further programs, I want to understand how to work with the ones I already have. For example c-xboxtool205 seems to do the job well, as regards making the ISO's, but I'm not really sure how the DVD will launch on Slayers2.7 dashboard or in the file manager (as I want the DVD to be both launchable/playable AND explorable/copiabl
  12. I know about that, but my Xbox is in another room than my PC so I can't transfer files via FTP. Also the purpose of the DVD is both backup / playable disc ... so in case the HD screws up, I still have the disc, you know ( i remember I've already answered this question before, in another thread :S ). It's no problem to me to burn a DVD, but I need to know specifically the answers to my questions so I can figure things out better for further interactions with ISO's and discs... and also to understand such programs better. If anyone can answer my questions, I'd be really grateful, tha
  13. So, I have 5 games which fit a 4.7GB DVD disc. Problem1 : some files are wmv (yep, normal wmv videos which even my computer can play) so they can be compressed / converted to lower formats. My question about them is: will it "break" the game if I compress them (I mean, will the game display the usual "your disc is broken" message, making the game crash?) or can they even be replaced (example: same file format, different name?) Problem2 : the only program I know to make a XISO with them is c-xboxtool205 . What do I have to choose : MenuX or MXM options ? Once the ISO file is done, c
  14. @HDShadow uhm... do you mean Dino Crisis 3 the "gun survivor" one (that sort of dinosaurs-themed House of the Dead which, yeah, kinda dissapointed me too) ? or the exclusive Dino Crisis 3 for xbox (which should be more like the first two episodes as regards gameplay)? tbh, that's the opposite case for me. Actually I always kinda hated Silent Hill series, or disliked it for being too psychological, ambiguos, controversial, unrealistic... I always considered it just like Konami's reply to Capcom's series. BUT Silent Hill 4 was like... wow because it has a different appro
  15. Just finished Silent Hill 4 and it was just like... wow. So, beside Cold Fear and Dino Crisis 3 which are surely on my wishlist, do you guys know any other survival horror for the ogxbox ?

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