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  1. wired ogXbox controller (old and new versions)
  2. I see... I thought it was an easy task, as much as Playstation adapter or something like that... I guess I'll give up on this as well. thanks anyway
  3. Is there a particular adapter to use the joypad on PC ?
  4. Sounds promising, currently my xbox has : slayer's evox (as default dash), xbmc, avalauncher and another one I don't remember the name. Where should I go to set the language to English ? ::: edit ::: nvm, it worked. I can't believe my eyes, lol I just went to the MS dash (under Evox system settings) and changed it to English. Voilà THANKS.
  5. I don't think so, I looked over and over at that damn intro screen and I think the sequence it blocks is with microsoft_in , microsoft_middle and microsoft_out In fact, the screen of death displays exaclty after microsoft_in. Instead of displaying the microsoft logo with fade in and fade out, it just shows the fade in then all goes black for a moment, screen of death. No big problem anyway, I'll just try Amped 2, hoping I'm not losing anything about the series (probably so, as I've played all Cool Boarders game for PS1 and the last two are probably enough to know all the series... pr
  6. I don't know, when I check the extracted folder on XDVDMulletter it says Region: every region (anything checked but "Region Free"), Random Padding, XBOX1 Iso type. I've also tried unpatching the XBE in "Misc functions / XBE Details " mode and it says "XBE Could not be fixed : ( " So probably I just need the original xbe of the game? Does anybody have them ?
  7. sorry for double posting @HDShadow have you experienced the same problem with this game or got any solution ? On another forum, some guy told me that it can be probably a matter of long file names and suggested to virtually mount the disc, but that's only possible on soft-modded xbox ? Isn't there a iso loader or a way to solve long file names problem ? Does a CD/DVD solve the issue ? I mean, what if I burn the xiso onto a CD then rip it ? Will it work ?
  8. via FTP, as usual, extracted the iso with DVD Mulletter then copied via FTP (Filezilla). Done this already 4 times at least
  9. I've just noticed this thread by looking for "hdd fix xbox" on google But the link is dead, can somebody help out ?
  10. I just went back on this topic to say that I agree with that, lol. After finishing it, I feel very disappointed about this game. No nature, no forests, electro dinosaurs and where's Regina ? Where's the original gameplay of the series and why did it turn into a weird sci-fi platformer? Total fail. They could have made something like Just Cause, with a free roaming setting in a vast jungle... but no. Really, I gave that game 6/10 on gamefaq as quick review just because of the graphics... because all the rest is just a waste (and wow, I just saw the price for the unboxed version of th
  11. I have made a digital copy of this game on the HDD and I get a disc error right at the beginning, after Microsoft logo, that tells me to press A then the game shows the message again on and on. I've tried to launch it both from Evox and XBMC (hard disk game launch, not DVD disc launch). Maybe there's some setting to change or some file to patch ( I heard about Amped2 xbe fix, not sure it's the same case here) but I couldn't find anything on google Pls help
  12. I love stealth games, Metal Gear Solid... Tenchu (played all titles of the series till Ubisoft screwed it) and probably others I don't remember atm. It's not that. It's a matter of balance: Tenchu and MGS series have a mix of stealth and action, controls are fluid and all the rest is enjoyable (conceptually, graphically, musically, etc..). Splinter Cell is just stiffy to me, honestly. It's characterless. The story isn't interesting and the character isn't fascinating enough FOR ME. It's not even so realistic (I tried shooting a guard right in his head... he survived! lol) and honestly I d
  13. Case solved, I've just completed it 100% and uploaded the savegame files on Gamefaq (awaiting for approval atm)... ... what a pain of a game, lol
  14. Is there any difference between Ninja Gaiden and Ninja Gaiden Black ? I've been always curious about that series. About DOA, gotta be honest, after playing the first and the second one, I don't expect too much beside the good graphics (and extra "bouncing" ... stuff )
  15. that makes me curious, but I've actually own the PS2 and Gamecube versions of SC2, I really don't want to buy more XD

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