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  1. Oh well, that's no problem afterall... I already got CMR05 as rally game. Unless there's another decent rally game worth to try (that is not available for PC, of course), I guess I can just trash V-Rally 3 and leave room for better stuff on the drive...
  2. k, I'll try to upload them first, then I'll see what they ask for about location and menu item, the dashboards (slayers,xbxmc, etc...) show a separate section... but the way how my drive is set has Games, Emulators and Roms as separated folder in F: drive... well, I'll see how each emulator works first, then I'll upload the roms.
  3. Sorry for opening another topic so soon, with the other one un-replied, I just needed to know how to properly manage the upload of roms and emulators on a hard-modded Xbox with Slayers 2.7 as default dashboard. Basically, I got a lot of roms and some good new emulators (alongside the ones which were already installed with the dashboard). Where do I put each roms (they're a lot of stuff)? Do I need to make folders like "Nintendo 64", "Nes", etc.. asking you this because there's a "Roms" folder in "F:" drive but many of the files can have the same name (as they're usually in .zip format). Do I have to place the roms in specific folder of the emulator or there's a specific setting to follow ? Should emulators be uploaded in "Emulators" or "Games" folders ? thanks
  4. I'm looking for 100% unlocked save game for V-Rally 3, couldn't find it on Gamefaq or the other site ( XBOX-SAVES ). Has anyone finished this hell of a game ?
  5. yep, I experienced that on the other custom dash... the noise could be no problem (I can just use headphones), unless it's dangerous for the engine itself (but wouldn't it be paradoxical, I mean... does the fan at 100% cause overheating by absurd ? )
  6. Thanks, I'll try that on the next upload As for the temp I've mentioned on my xbox, which fan speed is suggested ? 100% ?
  7. I have Slayers 2.7, which files should I use ? And how to use them /where to upload them ? F:/Games ?
  8. it shows evox rounded triangle icon on the top left and Slayers 2.7 in the center bottom during the green fluid animation anyway, I think the high temp was because of the global temperature + the place where the xbox was placed , not very ventilated. it's back to normal where it is now (downstairs, cooler room), but I think I'll play it less during summer... thanks, global warming, lol a question still remains though: why does the fan go normal when I'm in game or in evox dash... but in other dash (where I set the fan to 5.0x speed or 100% speed) it goes faster ? How can I keep it faster all the time and in all situations (other dashes, ingame, etc...) ? Is it risky to keep the fan workin at full speed all the time ?
  9. not sure about that, I guess hard mod
  10. well, yeah, the temp got 120,100,135 right now, "cold" boot. edit... seems like leaving the console on another room made temp decrease by 20° or something. Maybe I'll just play Xbox in colder seasons, it's an old console, afterall.... anyway: I tried setting the fans to 5.0 speed on unleash x and 100% on xmbc, but it only works while I'm on such dashboards (I don't mind feeling like I'm playing with an helicopter, lol) . When I'm on Slayers dashboard or in game, the fan goes as usual. I didn't even notice any big change in temp decrease while staying on such dashboards, anyway
  11. Yo everybody, resurrecting the thread because I'm worried, when I boot my xbox it says: MB 100F HDD 86F CPU 119F After I play, didn't remember well but it was something pretty higher like 120, 100, 130. Should I worry about it ? I mean it's Summer of course so probably it will return back to normal in colder seasons ? Maybe I should play something else just to stay safe ? Or setting the fans to higher activity actually does a thing in this case ? Yeah, the Xbox is pretty old
  12. I know, but they're no fun. It's too boring with trainers. Unless it's an arcadish game like Amped or any other I can jump in just for a random game or "run". Games shouldn't just offer graphics and sounds, they're not movies. At the same time they shouldn't propose an impossible or too tiring challenge, they're not a job. And some of them also "brick" the game, causing stalls. For example, Amped2 trainers for infinite stats makes you unable to proceed in career mode : after you beat a level in career mode, a screen appears asking you to assign the unlocked stats points, if your char has already full stats it won't let you go out of that screen (because the only way to get out of that screen is to assign those unlocked stat points and you just can't because your char is already full... so, once you beat a level in career mode, you can just restart the console). But you can play free ride though. In short words, trainers are often risky. They're like drugs.
  13. I've noticed many games for the XBox like Otogi, Forza Motorsport, Amped and so on are really difficult (somebody also says Ninja Gaiden Black, but I haven't tried it). Despite their quality in graphics and sounds, they're actually frustrating to play for those like me who just want to have some fun (or can't spend their whole intellectual energy). So, what are some good games, not necessarily hyped in graphics, even "mediocre" or average ones which are actually fun to play ? I mean games with a balanced difficulty and normal gameplay, something you shouldn't spend your whole life in it, something that doesn't leave a feeling of frustration, something that really made you say "wow this was fun" after you finished it, something that you can actually finish (lol, because some of those games require entire months to be finished)... know any worthy of being mentioned ? Like somebody else said " gaming is about fun, if it's fun no more then I should be paid for playing them "... you got the paradox, right ? you know, some games you shouldn't devote your life to but just.. play, you know especially from this list, as I'm interested in xbox-only games (games which aren't for PC or PS2/GC) Category:Xbox-only games - Wikipedia
  14. Yep I tried that, but some files, during the extraction had to be overwritten ? I really don't understand why didn't the uploader put the UDATA and TDATA folder in the root of the zip file and made such complex structure... meh anyway, the only one which actually works for me is the 75% or 4th rating one (boarder name should me "muff2"... but it's a girl, geez). All the other ones give the same " can't load boarder" error at the beginning. maybe, if someone else has actually and successfully tried any of them, reuploading the 100% saves in another way (so I could just upload the UDATA and TDATA folder, with the amped save game folder in each one of them) would be great
  15. I'm looking for Amped 2 Savegames, preferably one with a male character and obviously 100% complete. The only one that seems to work from this page https://downloads.diodematrix.com/homebrew/warchives/xbox-saves/ is unfortunely a female character, and you can't change it in career mode. All the other saves for NTSC US seem not to work, or they're weirdly zipped so I don't know how to install them. Even those on Gamefaqs are broken, the boarder doesn't load in first screen. Can anybody help ? Thanks, I just need the 4d530041 from UDATA and TDATA of a male character which I can customize in career mode, preferably 100% complete Oh, also the trainers are really messed up. They can "brick" the whole save and they should be coded more properly (examples: the characters does weird things, or the game gets stucked at board stats menu as it's not possible to quit that menu ). Please revise them if anybody can

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