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Crack Shack Ram Removal.

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the method using a pin and a soldering iron that floats around the net is unsustainable.
i recently acquired a couple dead boards and one of them has samsung ram which my 1.2 had stolen from the bottom when i upgraded my 1.1 and ran out of new parts.

so i said screw it im gonna put the 2 i need on this board.

this is a way better homebrew than the pin.
i made a small 'puller' out of a very thin piece of wire (the type thats inside of cheap cheap twist ties you get for the garbage bags.

twisting the loop over top adds a subtle tension to keep hold of the chip. lots of flux applied to pins (not applied in this pic)
each end is bent over and tucked under the row of pins, use a small enough gauge wire you arent jamming it in.

heated slowly on low setting with a cheap heat gun (the econo brand heat gun)
then one good blast at high once warmed up and it pulled right off.

lots of movement of the gun and very delicate pressure when pulling.
they laid down on the other board with ease
tack the corner on X & Yaxis,
then line up pins and do another x & y. then just apply slight pressure with finger on chip and hit each pin with the iron.

the unit fired right up.
this solution originally came from removing a botched install.... removing i didnt want to accidentally scrape one of those small caps/resistors off. and i had already made a decision that hot air had to be the solution to removing these.

handling the chip becomes most important once the solder goes molten.

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what works for me is heating the opposite side of a circuit board and tapping it on something

SMDs fall right off in perfect condition

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