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  1. Yes, the best usage for 128MB of RAM in my opinion
  2. For the starters you're measuring a wrong pin (pin 1) in the picture btw
  3. I've never tried XLink, but is there a way to prevent cheating? Like trainers and such.
  4. With help of that x3 diagram, I was able to finally fix my x3cp, where the bank switch cable had been cut off near the connector and none of the wires had been marked. I soldered new connector which I took from the original x3 switch board (like the one in your image). Interestingly the x3cp's bank switch cable has only 11 wires, as the unused wire (yellow in your diagram) is not present. Thanks for making this!
  5. this is amazing. Full X3 and XCM collection. Huh? what is the story of that? assuming it's self made as i've never heard of it?
  6. If you don't use XBMC or XBMC-based dashboard, I suggest using patched version of X2 (by ernegien), which "properly sets the cache type for the upper 64 MB range of memory". Here's a link to the patch : http://ernegien.net/public/xbox/software/Retail128Patch.zip
  7. Did not understand the first part of the question but the dash it boots is defined in the xbx.
  8. DISABLEDM=1 at line 10 has to be 0. Otherwise it's still running retail.
  9. I meant the statement that it "no longer exists".
  10. Is it an assumption or do you actually have some inside information?
  11. I was kindly trying to hint that the Xbox you have is 1.4 and not 1.5.
  12. I remember Spiderchip and its elegant metallic case. One thing to note is that a 1.5 Xbox (if it would exist) would require an LPC rebuild to get the required 3.3v and gnd. So basically two additional wires vs 1.4.
  13. Just use the network flash. Why M7 though?
  14. Would you be interested selling that? I'm located in Europe, but will pay any shipping costs of course.

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