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Great Games That Are Still Best/Only On XBox

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Many of the best games on Xbox have been ported to pc and/or wholly remastered for current gen consoles, and the OG Xbox is no longer the best way to play (eg Halo 2, Stranger's Wrath, etc.). I am looking for recommendations for great games which remain unavailable on PC and have not been substantially remade for current gen, thus making the Xbox still the best way to play. Examples:


-Conker Live and Reloaded

-Ninja Gaiden Black



-Crimson Skies

Please give me your recommendations. Thank you!!!

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Jet Set Radio Future.


Soon, you're gonna understand understand, understand understand, understand understand that it's a good game.

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halo, very bad port for pc, many graphical effects missing

gta san andreas, missing many stuff, some graphic elements are bugged (not showing up, etc).

gta 3 and vice city, best graphics are on xbox.

call of cthullu, crappy port on pc

freedom fighters - proper 720p

scarface - don't run on multicore pc's, 720p

splinter cell - 3D

stubbs the zombie - don't work at all, only on winXP.

tony hawks pro skater games are superior on xbox, some of them support 720p.

many pc multiplat games are PS2 ports that are inferior to xbox, for example movie games like shrek. Sports games like fifa. Funny thing that some games on xbox are crappy ps2 ports, example: mafia, vietcong.

xbox have 3D sound benefit, because for PC you need to have EAX compatible sound card

xbox controller itself is a good benefit: analog triggers, thumb stick layout.

pc multiplat game heavily depends from what system is ported, so it's a mixed bag.




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5 hours ago, undeadfarts said:

Please give me your recommendations. Thank you!!!

Now that's entirely subjective, isn't it?

For my simple tastes, Sega GT 2002 and Sega GT Online are still reason #1 to keep my XBoxes alive 🙂

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Thief Deadly Shadows.

Tenchu: Return From Darkness (expanded and best looking version of the original release Tenchu: Wrath Of Heaven)

Dead Or Alive Ultimate and DOA3 (DOA 2 using the DOA3 engine - Xbox games don't get any better looking than these).

Genma Onimusha (expanded but yet again best version of a game that did have other console versions).

Likewise all the Splinter Cell and Hitman games.

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