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  1. Oooooh, now that is interesting. I got two OGX360 and at least one dead XBox360 here. Guess this winter will see me tinkering
  2. You can't tell when he did this and which TV and cable set he had at that time. To me, the time of CRT TVs with SCART and S-Video inputs is like yesterday, for example
  3. Easier and cheaper to buy a complete Crystal XBox, then. Ebay lists quite some ... although many seem to be located in GB, which will presumably become uninteresting for Europeans after December 31.
  4. You might want to try to change the cable.
  5. Oh boy. That's even worse than heavy smoking.
  6. Now that's entirely subjective, isn't it? For my simple tastes, Sega GT 2002 and Sega GT Online are still reason #1 to keep my XBoxes alive
  7. As far as I can see, you haven't got a report yet. I tried that on Friday with an OGX360 I got from @TEK Nemesis, worked flawlessly. Well, as good as it can conceptually, as the Duke has no analog ABXY buttons. But if I need that, I got enough original Dukes
  8. First, get a multimeter and check the cable. Cable breaks don't have to be visible.
  9. Arakula

    Og Slim

    A real beauty, this one.
  10. EvolutionX Version +3935 (the dashboard, not the BIOS, to be clear) has a "Setup Delay" option in the network settings. Setting that to something like 2000 causes it to delay for roughly 10 seconds before setting up the network. Not for the faint of heart, though, as the screen simply stays black during that time.
  11. If it's only for occasional sessions, then simply rebooting the console should do it, as well as restarting XBMC4Gamers. Evolution-X has an option to delay the network setup.
  12. Interesting; thank you!
  13. Hi everyone! I'm a long time XBox user/collector/modder from Vienna who, after a little hiatus of a year or two, recently (hehe, yesterday) found out that Assemblergames isn't there any more ... xbox-scene seems gone, too ... bummer. It's good to see that there still is an XBox community - so, hello! Maybe I can contribute a thing or two. Let's see.
  14. Yes, there's XOW: https://github.com/medusalix/xow I added that driver to a Raspberry Pi 4 with RetroPi. Works nicely.

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