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  1. The 1.6 can be softmodded (in fact, this "other" one obviously is); I presume you meant that it can't be TSOP-flashed, which is true. And yes, you should be able to do as planned if you can determine the HDD key of the newly repaired xbox.
  2. This is an absolute beauty. Did you change plans along the way and went for a higher case than originally intended, or why did you bend down all replacement capacitors?
  3. Equipped with an xk3y, yes, many of them (Redump ISO on external HD).Otherwise, you'll need the original game discs (and you can't even install them on the 360's hard disk to reduce laser wear, AFAIK).
  4. Depending on the calling convention, you might need to do a "ret 8". Or declare it as extern "C" { __cdecl int addme(int, int); } to be dead sure it doesn't use __stdcall or __fastcall, whatever the configured compiler options might be. And what you can always do: tell the compiler to emit an assembly output (/Fc, if memory serves me right) and check whether it emits "add sp,8" after the call to _addme. If not, your assembler code has to do it.
  5. Oh, and you need something like that to get the chip out of its socket in a safe fashion.
  6. You got the other modded XBox which boots with its Aladdin. Right? If so, check whether the Flash chips are the same on both machines (49LF020A, presumably). If so, you can take out the bricked chip of the Crystal XBox, boot the other modded XBox, then take out the Flash chip there while it's running, insert the bricked one and flash it to a good BIOS (for the 1.6 XBox, that is) using Evolution-X. Then take out the (hopefully) unbricked chip, insert it in the Crystal XBox Aladdin and enjoy the result. A bit hairy for my taste ... back in the 2000's, I had a programmer for the pa
  7. ... and where are you? At least the continent would be helpful
  8. I lost a battle today ... kind of As said in another topic, I'd like to play with that as well. So I bought a "defective" fat 360 for 5€. Full package, including original packaging, documentation, PSU, ethernet cable, composite/component cable ... which was a nice bonus, as the original ad showed only the XBox 360 itself. It was sold as dead... only that it wasn't. The previous owner talked about RROD, but when I turned it on, it simply worked ... but after some time started to increase the fan speed, so clearly ventilation problems. Today I opened it up, cleaned it thoroughly and
  9. Hmmm. Maybe a bit unclear. I was referring to I changed the cooling paste on the GPU and CPU didn't do anything. in response to your "have u replaced the thermal paste on the gpu? if u haven't, then don't."
  10. In the original post, he said he did.
  11. Arakula


    Still waiting for a video from someone who didn't get a pre-modded XBox for review purposes, but did this on his/her own.
  12. If it's cxbx-reloaded ... well. IMO, it's not worth the hassle. Last time I tried it (about 2 months ago), it was an utter disappointment that wouldn't play any of the games I threw at it.
  13. Make sure all FTP transfers are binary. "Automatic" can lead to quite unexpected results, especially when using a Windows FTP client.
  14. As far as I can see, it should not rely on the softmod after all the magical incantations have been done.

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