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  1. Files sent check the link you sent me.
  2. This listing had been around for months. Drop a best offer you never know. Xbox Xecuter LCD Only eBay
  3. #4 PS1 emulation in my experience is slow with a direct ISO rip. .cue or .bin is best for compatibility and speed. I have used PSX Reloaded but Retroarch has come along and I need to test that more. Also a heavily modified 1.4ghz Xbox runs the games much smoother. Brave Fencer Musashi is unplayable without one.
  4. Is it just dumb luck but I have not had to modify this file ? I have read about this many times. For reference can someone text dump the file and explain the setting and proper dash setup ? I cant be the only one that has questions. Partition\0 pints the the dash location correct on C ? I know my setup is referencing XBMC but have XBMC4GAMERS, so it wrong but works.
  5. Yeah after I posted I realized what you sought. I have A drive that my contain the some ROM cover art for C64. I will check tonight. Update: I have to sort the 15gb of C64 stuff but I have what your looking for. Pictures videos and text files for the Vice64 emulator
  6. I have these files maybe they will be to your liking. Commodore 64.zip
  7. 1022726599_OverclockXboxCPUGPU.7z
  8. I have more but have time constraints at the moment. 1517297642_Emulator_Resources.7z
  9. I definitely will share the files, have had some issues the last few days, but most likely tonight. I would love to be able to use Photoshop better but time is always an issue.
  10. Dude sweet thank you. This is so much better than I could do and they look very nice. Thanks for the share. I think you should release them as I have looked on and off for the last year with mixed luck. Maybe someone else would to work on them. I have some of the emulator _Resource files I will attach them later.
  11. I am looking for _resource files specific for xbmc4games for the apps not the games like EVOX DVD2XBOX AVALAUNCH and others. Has anyone come across these ? Was never great with Photoshop to make them, if I did would rather look at the missing artwork default image.
  12. In the attached post above Neighbor explains a down clock he also has a overclock post. I attached some failures when attempting to use the program the first time. Note you may break compatibility as this post shows.
  13. In short no. Without a mod chip the TSOP EEPROP will have to be flashed to return to stock speeds every time. Of the chips I have used in order of my preference XblastLite Xxecuter 3 and then Open Xenium. Long and shot power switch press or direct stored BIOS selection on startup makes this very easy. If you can TSOP, a mod chips in my opinion is actually easier to do.
  14. I'm going to honest what does BFM BIOS do vs the more widely used ones ? I have a set of them but never used any. Any reason why not to have a dual BIOS setup on a mod chip of your choice ready just for this situation ? Am I missing something ?
  15. Check this post out Neighbor was under clocking with NV Overclock. I played around with it on a lot BIOS versions and had no issue.
  16. I hated Tecmo for HDD save locks. I believe Project Zero was PAL region correct ? This has Fatal Frame saves. Maybe the DOAX HDD EEPROM save editor can help as it was also published by Tecmo. I have not tried it myself as it says its a threat by Windows 10 defender and will not download. Credit to the forum user for attached web page as I forgot who shared it first. https://downloads.diodematrix.com/homebrew/warchives/xbox-saves/
  17. When I attempted this upgrade I got the motherboard area too hot and lost a flea resistor near the RAM space. I did not have the correct tool to check the polarity to solder it back on. Maybe its worth a check to them again for alignment.
  18. Oh damn sorry, but love the work you have done so far. I wish to have CAD skills for projects like this. Someday hopefully.
  19. Very nice, any updates on the STl bracket outcome?
  20. Yes all the files in download section can be found on the net with effort, but you landed here as it comes up first on Google. Complaining about your search laxity will yield no positive merits and your input on the subject is not needed. Don't think of the download section as a paywall. Pay to receive great support on all Xbox topics to keep the forum alive not archived. Not many forums have the users we do with such helpful and knowledgeable members. As this was your first post I truly hope we can change your mind when you actually have an issue that needs correction.
  21. Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance is much better on Xbox vs PS2
  22. Oddworld Stranger's Wrath Personally not a game that held my interest, but meets most of the criteria mentioned. Throwing it out Amped 2 is like an open world but on a mountain side. Hunting down the snowmen to smash was fun.

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