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Clock Capacitor (Replaced?)

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I bought my another Xbox recently. First of all I decided to remove clock capacitor, when I opened console I saw clock capacitor but in different color (green). Is this replacement or should I removed it also? As I check there is no leak or something


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My experience with Super Caps (Clock Cap) has not been good and not just with Xbox's I would remove it,

as the board is a version 1.1 I would think it has been changed at some stage.

A sign of leakage is a oil type of stain on the PCB and or damage to the copper traces.



SS Dave

Soft modding is like masturbating, It gets the job done but it's nothing like the real thing.



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I've not seen a clock cap like that so my guess is that it is a replacement.

My thought is: why replace it if it is working? That of course means testing that it is - leave the Xbox on for an hour or two with the correct date/time. Turn it off, unplug it from the mains and if 12 hours later it is still displaying the correct date when you restart it I'd say the cap still young and in good condition.

If it maintains the time for 24hrs or longer then I'd guess it had been replaced recently, perhaps for the sale just before you bought it.

In either case its working as it should so keep it.

Only problem is if you're using a SID softmod it won't keep the date if set it to anything post June 2020. So if this is the case then use a pre-2020 date for the test. 

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Good idea I think; you now know its been replaced recently and unless you're hugely unlucky or you flog the Xbox to its limits you should not need to worry about even checking it for at least decade.

The other older caps are far more likely to go before it does so keep an eye on them over the next few years and you can always check the clock cap at the same time too.

As SS_Dave said its a v1.1 and likely a late 2002 manufacturing date so its now 18 years old - the clock cap is almost certainly the newest component.



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