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  1. Hello. I'm going to replace my hard drive soon, so I'm going to be opening my XBOX up. I modded it with X3 and the led buttons on the left facing and LCD on the right probably over 10 years ago. So this is a good time to remove the capactor. I'm a bit nervous messing about inside too much in case I screw up the mod. So I presume I can use my clippers to remove it and isopropol alcohol to mop up any leak. But is it essential to clean up underneath the board as well, or do you think its best to take a chance and leave it? Thanks in advance
  2. Thanks SS Dave, your post has made me more anxious to get this image Thanks SS Dave, your post has made me even more determined to get this image, I have a large collection within LaunchBox but playing on the actual console and controller cannot be beaten. Cheers
  3. Hello I have an X3 modded XBOX. I've noticed a thread elsewhere on OGXBOX mention the Origins 2TB from Arcade Punks. So I'm giving that a go out of curiosity. I'm still trying to use MultiPAR to fix the RAR files with the PAR2 files. Then I'll jump on the torrent to finish it. But I have other consoles and Launchbox set up so emulation isn't the main driving force, its the XBOX games and homebrew. I'm just wondering if there is a full 2TB XBOX games image anyone recommends or should I go with, that has all the boxes on view like I have set up in Launchbox? I current hav
  4. Yes I like the idea of the HDMI mod! I have found that XBMC set to 1080i passthrough looks the best... but just as a test I plugged the component cable into the Samsung jack plugs converter that has the RCA female connector as there is no connectors on these new Samsung TVs. I have to admit even though the OSSC is using passthrough the picture quality was so much better....not sure if its the OSSC or the Samsung convertor that came with the TV. I would be interested how much better the HDMI looks, but I think its very expensive to ship to me in the UK? Cheers
  5. Just wanted to say THANK YOU once again. I've been going through these scrape and its probably 10 years since I last looked at this stuff, especially the memory banks and BIOS flash as I just couldn't remember what the LED buttons bank switches need to be set.
  6. Ok thanks, I had it bookmarked for ages, if only I'd scraped it sooner. I'll check out what you've suggested. Yes I remembered it was the white button, but being too impatient, then I thought...maybe I should wait for the flubber into to finish and there it was!!! Thanks much appreciated
  7. Thanks, I set 480p passthru and on the dashboard set to 1080i to passthru too. I'm pleased that even on my 75 inch TV its quite a good image with rich colours. I'm glad I bought this (monster?) component cable from a seller in the US many years ago!
  8. Yes I did have my component cable attached to my TV in one of those Samsung 2.5 inch jack plugs that split into the component and audio. I'm still going to have a go with the OSSC as the picture quality was a bit soft. You can set passthru and add scanlines to give a more nostalgic look and tweak other things with a 480p signal. I am right in that its best to set the BIOS to NTSC as PAL only outputs 480i ? I believe the TV should also be set to "gaming mode" to avoid the TV attempting to tidy up the image an avoid lag. Thanks for your help
  9. Hello All I found the above site recently after dusting off my XBOX as I couldn't remember for the life of me how to get to the x3 BIOS. I've checked today and its the dreaded "404 page not found" Did anyone cache this site or is there an alternative here? Thanks in advance
  10. Thanks I'll look into that. The OSSC makes my Mega Drive look amazing, I just presumed the same could be achieved on the XBOX.
  11. Hello everyone from a lockdown England I have just bought an OSSC and have a component cable for my x3 modded XBOX. Its a UK XBOX and I have set the BIOS to NTSC to allow for 480p RGB output. Does anyone have any experience or recommended OSSC settings for my UHD TV? Could you share your profile json? Thanks in advance
  12. Dear All I have always loved my XBOX. I've bought the OSSC and intend on using my composite cable with it on my 75 inch Samsung UHD TV if I can persuade the wife to let me interrupt the soaps she likes to watch I have 4 XBOXs. My main XBOX I modded with X3 and added the LCD and lit coloured buttons to it. Even to this day I think it looks great and stylish. I look forward to chatting with you all. Cheers

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