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  1. @sweetdarkdestinyPDF viewer but this is a 15+ year old console! I'm currently looking at 720p patches and some are great and some not so and crash. I'm trying to re-introduce the XBOX to my 20's year old sons to show them that other than graphics (hence 720p patching) gameplay is what makes great game. Destroy all humans for the atmosphere and fun is my kind of game. Cheers
  2. @sweetdarkdestiny Thanks mate, I didn't think your installer disc could get any better! I forgot I had mentioned about the DGW not updating with DHCP main screen. I was using the ORIGINS image and wanted to convert it to XBMC4GAMERS so rather than transferring all the games to F & G again and wanting to remove all the softmod stuff I wondered how to achieve this. All I did was load your disc, saw the format C & E and then it reinstalled all the vital stuff to get it up and running again. Brilliant stuff!!!!! And I've got an OpenXenium to install, well because I can!! s
  3. Thanks @RetroEmulationNation @sweetdarkdestiny not as many as I thought I think I also read Monster Garage was too??? Stay safe
  4. Hello All I know there are some games like HP prisoner of Azkaban that won't work because of long file paths, etc. Does anyone know of a full list of games that don't work? I have read that you can use the ISO mounted on a virtual drive with softmod but my XBOX is hard modded so I'm not sure if this would work? thanks in advance AtariSoul
  5. Hello Everyone I have the XBOX Origins 2TB image. All my XBOXs are hardmodded and I want to use XBOX4GAMERS. I want to keep the games on the image to save time copying again. This image has NKPATHCER so am I right to assume its a softmod image? Is the uninstall option on the NKPATCHER menus suficient to remove the softod? I have FATXPLORER so my ultimate aim is to remove everything thats not essential and leave the games and COINOPS so I can start with a bare image and add what I want. Thanks in advance
  6. Yes take care and get better soon. Don't worry about the installer, the most important thing is you have taken the action to prevent the issue happening until you feel better. All the best. AtariSoul
  7. Thanks @SS_Dave I have the Xecuter 2.6 working I did solder to the d0 pad. Rather than try to wire in the pin header to the trace I fixed, I followed the trace to another location, carefully used a fibre glass pen to expose the round pad and soldered there. Thanks for your help as always Cheers AtariSoul
  8. Hello All I bought a faulty chipped 1.6 off of ebay. I removed the LPC rebuild board and I notice a pulled contact. I think I've managed to retrace it, I checked continuity and it was OK and it booted! See attached picture. I don't want to use the rebuild board but I am going to do a wire rebuild. There are lots of pcitures around with various wire rebuilds. Some use slightly different wiring and state a rebuild for Aladdin or Xenium. Are all rebuilds all the same for every modchip, so I can follow any of them? Also, I am quite nervous of trying this as it took a lot o
  9. Hello @SS_Dave Well I checked where you said and I couldn't see anything wrong. I use a high magnification lens to check. I decided to put the original caps back and the clock cap and now its dead. So I have sent the motherboard to the great mobo heaven in the sky. Thanks for all your help
  10. Hello All, I hope you are well Thanks for your email @SS_Dave Yes I have seen the component box and I have a spare to try this on.... but alas my attempts to get the wii2hdmi mod working have gone from bad to worse. I had a working v1.6 wired to the underneath of the AV port, fantastic 720p and 1080i on the dashboard, but moving diagonal lines interference that comes and goes on 480p in games. As you suggested, I replaced all 5 of the 3300uf 6.3 v caps with 3300uf 10v as I noticed on my v1.4 a 3300uf 10v cap was blown on my v1.4, so thought I'd save time and order a load of 10
  11. @SS_Dave I like your idea of using ethernet cable wires I always test with the PCB in the base of the case. I have read a lot of your posts on this and have tried the following with no success. 1. Tested resistance between outside of ethernet port and 5v on the board...0 ohms... good ! 2. added cap across 5v and ground on board. 10uf 10v no difference, 100uf 16v slightly better, 220uf 10v a little better. The moving diagonal lines come and go now. 3. soldered the HDMI case mount underneath board to ground next to pr/pb/y 4. tried different monitor and HDMI.

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