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Hi I have installed my Aladdin xt today. I didn't expect to run into any issues as seems simple enough and I can solder small things neatly as I'm used to modifying car ECUs. 

I think where I have an issue is the d0 wire, none of the guides actually show it connected not can I find an image online.

The guide I've followed seems to say connect the d0 point on the board to ground. I have done this I think. Please see my picture and it causes my Xbox to not boot just flashes red light. 

Please can someone help me with where it needs to connect to


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31 minutes ago, Kink43 said:

Is it possible my chip is faulty? Does that ever happen?

The Aladdin chi is one of the most reliable chips out there and the only non working ones I have seen is from poor fitting or a bad reflash but there is always a 1st.


Can you post a pic of you soldering around the LPC as the couple of pin I can see look like they  need resoldering



I would add some flux paste and reheat each joint.




SS Dave

Soft modding is like masturbating, It gets the job done but it's nothing like the real thing.


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1 hour ago, Kink43 said:

Need to get my eyes check tbh. Lol

I use a pair of jewelry maker magnifiers to examine joints after soldering small circuitry - good to see how soldered points actually settle.


I'm wary of LED light bouncing back into eyes at that distance so I don't use the lights on it.

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Look at the picture in the following installation guide: http://support.dvdmod.it/downloads/akira/15.htm

The Xbox's D0 point for any modchip uses the same point which point to use depends on the version of Xbox you are installing the modchip in - v1.0/1.1, v1.2-1.5 or v1.6.


edit: Aladdin XT installation guide - see page 6 - https://circuit-board.de/forum/index.php/Attachment/72198-Aladdin-XT-installation-Guide-pdf/

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But has Kink43 actually done that wrong? His alternative D0 point ground connection to the nearest screw plate looks good to me and is recommended for all versions isn't it?

Many guides including the Aladdin chips own one specifically mention problems when using the chip's D0 pad and say you should use that alternative method instead.

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Hi. I have resolved it but was unable to post again because I'm a noob on the site and have a post limit.

It was indeed a dicky joint on the lpc.

The picture makes the soldering look rough tbh, but its actually ok. 

But yes was one joint that hadn't fully gone and the machine runs with the chip just fine now.

Thanks to those who chimed in to help. Appreciate it.

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