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  1. Kink43

    G Drive

    Thank you. Great forum. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
  2. Kink43

    G Drive

    Oh really. It showed up when setting up the drive and allowed me to partition it etc. What would you suggest then? And how do I do that?
  3. Kink43

    G Drive

    Hi. Again please be patient with me I'm learning. Is it normal to not be able to see the G drive. Its partitioned and formatted using install Disk. And shows up. But in on dashboard, file explorer or xbmc etc it's nowhere to be found.
  4. Thanks guys
  5. I'm in the UK aswell. Have seen a US link on this site.
  6. Just curious is there a specific ide cable people use as a replacement? I have a 500gb data drive installed now. And saw people advise to upgrade to a 80 wire cable. Problem is the connectors just don't seem right on a of cable I tried. Distance between them is not right and won't work
  7. Hi. I have resolved it but was unable to post again because I'm a noob on the site and have a post limit. It was indeed a dicky joint on the lpc. The picture makes the soldering look rough tbh, but its actually ok. But yes was one joint that hadn't fully gone and the machine runs with the chip just fine now. Thanks to those who chimed in to help. Appreciate it.
  8. Have sorted it thanks.for your help. One of the solder joints on the header wasn't quite good enough. Need to get my eyes check tbh. Lol
  9. What does fragging mean sorry I'm new to all this. I've took it off the gnd now. But can see what I'm hooked upto on the board now.
  10. Hi I have installed my Aladdin xt today. I didn't expect to run into any issues as seems simple enough and I can solder small things neatly as I'm used to modifying car ECUs. I think where I have an issue is the d0 wire, none of the guides actually show it connected not can I find an image online. The guide I've followed seems to say connect the d0 point on the board to ground. I have done this I think. Please see my picture and it causes my Xbox to not boot just flashes red light. Please can someone help me with where it needs to connect to
  11. Kink43

    Hdd Key.

    Right ok. Mod chip has arrived so will give it a go.
  12. Kink43

    Hdd Key.

    Thanks for your reply. So would I be able to lock the new HDD? Would I need to clone the original drive or can I just create new partitions using Installation disc?
  13. Kink43

    Hdd Key.

    Hi. I'm a noob so may not be talking alot of sense. Go easy on me. I get the impression HDD is coded. And can be nulled when softmodding, but the code is not mentioned in mod chip tutorials. I am going to fit aladin xt modchip when it arrives. And replace HDD. I would like to use the dual functionality to boot stock dash board. And hold power for 1sec to use modchip. I just wondered whether in this case will the larger HDD be usable when booting up stock?
  14. Wow the hdmi conversion is lovely. Like that alot.

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