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I have an Xbox with a complete dead DVD drive. No sound, no nothing and I got error 12. 

Is there any slution to fix the DVD driver?


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Besides trying a different 40 or 80 way IDE cable you are better off replacing the DVD even if you put one in temporary and flash a BIOS with the DVD drive check disabled

Then you can run the Xbox without the DVD.




SS Dave

Soft modding is like masturbating, It gets the job done but it's nothing like the real thing.

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I really do not like using a Xbox without a working DVD drive. It is so useful, particularly if you're being honest and installing Xbox games from their original discs using DVD2Xbox. So many utility discs are useful to be able to boot too: HeXEn, AID, Rocky5's Extras and on.

In the last six weeks I've had two Xbox Samsung 605F disc drives die on me, well not quite dead in one case but the other I'd bought as part of a 'for spare parts' Xbox and it worked for about 10 minutes then refused to boot any disc. Took it apart and the ribbon cable from laser carriage was not just detached, part of the plastic ribbon locking mechanism had actually broken. Irreparable.

The second, another used one, partially died today and I'm still not sure why. It has always been dodgy, double ejecting. Done all the usual things to try to get it working consistently but now part of the plastic tray eject mechanism actually appears to have broken. Again took the thing apart so I could test a disc in it directly and it momentarily starts to spin but then stops. Laser does comes on for a few seconds at start with a disc of any sort the tray just reports as empty and now. obviously, can't be ejected. Likely Irreparable.

It is still recognised as attached so the softmod still boots OK but as I'm now down one fully working disc drive for my otherwise working Xboxes. I'm getting twitchy and seriously thinking of getting a replacement.    

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