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  1. I have an 1.6 Xbox with aladdin Chip and now I can't reboot the console using the combination both triggers and back + Start. It used to work before. I don't know what happened. I use Unleashed as default dash and XBMC4GAMERS as an app. Both doesn't work Thanks
  2. I have two dash. Xbmx4Gamers and Unleashed How would I do that? I can't find any tutorial or something.
  3. I am not talking about connectint the Xbox to PC with the ftp cable.
  4. Hello. I would like to have a folder on my PC with xbox games and I want to know if it is possible to connect my xbox via internet to the PC with some kind of internet browser and insert a ip or something and copy the xbox games from my PC to the Xbox. I have my console connected to the internet with ethernet cable. I know it is possible to connect both with crossover cable but I am talking if I have my PC on the living room and my xbox on my room. Thanks.
  5. Is that bios on the OGXbox 2021? Is it safe to do so?
  6. After I modchip my 1.6 Xbox I put a new hdd and prepared it and at the end it opens the xb partitioner and I format my hd in there and all the left space I put it in the F drive which is around 238gb. When I return to the dash it only appears 123 gb. Thanks
  7. Can you please take a look at my second question? I am kinda concern. Maybe it is some flux on the motherboard that hasn't been properly cleaned up?
  8. Hello. 1- I installed for the first time an Alladin xt Plus2. When I just plug my Xbox with the Power cable the red light on the chip immediately turns on. Shouldn't turn only when I turn on the Xbox? I am afraid I did smth wrong. The chip works fine anyways. It appears the EVOX logo. 2- Is it normal xbox heats up more than the usual before I installed the chip? The heat sink kinda burns after the chip installation. I changed for a new 250gb hdd. Is that the reason for the heat problem? Should I change the cable for an 80 pins to don't heat up a lot? Thanks.
  9. Thanks man. I got kinda confused. Let me see if I understood. I install the modchip, after that I put a new HD and run the DVD (I got the ZXB Installer), to copy the files to prepare a new HD. That should work right?
  10. Where the hell do I download that Hexen 2018? Thanks
  11. I got an 1.6 xbox softmoded and I want to install an aladdin chip. Is there any possibility Softmod interfeer with modchip? Am I good to do it?
  12. I Just want a 250gb. Is it the regular mode?I mean using the chimp?
  13. Is it possible on a softmoded Xbox put an HDD larger than 120GB? If it is, how? Is it the same process as for the 120GB? Thanks
  14. Is there any way to know if the xbox is hardmoded/chipmod or softmoded without openning it? It has two boot options. 1 on the power button and the other on the eject button. One for unleashed and other one for xbmc Thanks
  15. Thanks man. You're a really good helper. You should get paid for thIS ;d
  16. Is it possible, somehow, force Xbox to display 720p/1080i video resolution without changing the region of it? Is it safe to force it?
  17. Hello! I have an Xbox with a complete dead DVD drive. No sound, no nothing and I got error 12. Is there any slution to fix the DVD driver? Thanks!
  18. I have a Xbox classic and I need to change its region from PATL to NTSC to enable the HD on xbox and yes, I am using Component Cable and I am sure the cable works fine. I have used the enigma program to change it. It says "press A for PAL or press B for NTSC". I do press B but when I reeboot the console with the key combination triggers + white /black button the region won't change. I enter again on enigma and the region remains "PAL". I enter on the original dashboard, I went to Settings and the option to set the 480p. 720p and 1080i won't appear. Someone told me about the Shadow C thingy but I don't know what is that and how can I do something to Shadow C.Please help me. I don't know what's wrong. Thanks.
  19. I am sorry for the mistake but the light is flashing red and green, not orange and Green
  20. Hi I have a softmoded Xbox classic and I unplug and plugged back in the flat cable and now, when I turn the console on it restarts 3 times and then its light flashes orange/green and I have no vidro nor audio. I need some help please. 1- Nobody soldered nothing on the xbox 2- It was working before I re-pluged the flat cables 3- I tried with Av and component cable and I am still having the same problem.

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