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Ssd Boxes Don't Load Dash - Every Other Time

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Hey guys!


I've got a couple boxes I threw some SSDs into recently and they don't load the dash, but as it says on the tin, only every OTHER time I turn it on.

Startup works normally up until AFTER the "X" logo. 

Either the LED will stay solid green, and the screen will just be completely black forever (to be fair, only ever left it for about and hour while I was doing other stuff for giggles) OR the LED goes solid red like I've set it and loads UnleashX A-okay. Things both run like a champ in this state, haven't seen anything unusual, even the temps are great with stock paste.


This happens with:

- 2 brand new ADATA ASU655SS-480GT-C units, both of which were cloned from an IDE-based box with a 750GB seagate. The system they were cloned from was 1.6, softmodded with SID5, then upgraded to Rocky5. No issues on that console. These drives have NOT been tested in other functional consoles. Yet.

- Three 80-wire IDE cables, two of which were running active duty in other consoles prior to testing and one of which died for some reason during the test.

- Four IDE-SATA adapters - an HDE, a Startech IDE2SAT, and 2 Startech IDE2SAT2s (I haven't gone through the trouble of comparing ALL adapter and cable combos but at this point I don't think it matters)

- A 1.4 and 1.6 version console

- UnleashX Version 0.39.0528A Build 584, as installed by Rocky5's softmod

The fact that the LED stays green on the failed boot seems like the system somehow things everything is normal and the SSD has just... stopped? Somewhere? I'm not sure. I think maybe this could be related to the BIOS or DVD drive, as both consoles are only softmodded.

I plan to TSOP the 1.4 anyway, but I can't TSOP the 1.6 or (easily) remove its DVD drive, which I'm not inclined to do anyway as it works great. Wondering if anyone had some suggestions I perhaps haven't tried yet.


Thanks so much for any and all assistance!

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My first thought was/ is the drive doesn't like the large formatting?  check the native format of the drive?  

Maybe the drive is timing out as it hasn't received the 'go' from the controller,  check for firmware update?

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had a friend who had this problem, and it ended up being his SATA adapter... he changed the adapter and the problem went away

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You could try adding delays into the font loading. 

When the console boots properly, run the NKPatcher Settings app and change the number of delays.  Reboot and see if it starts consistently booting into the dashboard.  If not, add another delay.  Rocky5's Xbox Softmodding Tool's NKPatcher Settings app can add a maximum of 5 delay files.

5.1.2 XTF Font Delay Options
Remove all:
Install 1 Delay file:
Install 2 Delay files:
Install 3 Delay files:
Install 4 Delay files:
Install 5 Delay files:

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17 hours ago, KaosEngineer said:

You could try adding delays into the font loading. 

When the console boots properly, run the NKPatcher Settings app and change the number of delays. 

Didn't quite make it this far, but did manage to fix it! 


When I ran NKPatcher I took a look at the description for this and it mentioned that the "install kernel fonts" option should be used first. So, I did! Startup seems a bit slower after the X logo now but doesn't fail at any point as before. 

So strange. I have 8 working consoles in different places for different reasons, all cloned from the same original drive, but only ever saw this happen when I decided to move to SSD. Thanks Kaos and team!

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