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  1. Not yet but I'm looking forward to it. MakeMHz's twitter has important info for anyone who hasn't checked it.
  2. I just got mine in! The rest of the kits are supposed to be shipped out throughout August but seeing how this is gone there could easily be spillover into September.
  3. Well the last news update says the first batch should be completely out by August 1st so I guess I'm on the backend of that as my 1.6 kit still has yet to ship and I ordered in April.
  4. Has anyone had their order shipped yet?
  5. I just found out from the newest update the upscaling feature is indeed done by the Nvidia GPU! That is awesome!!! The work the team is doing on the patcher and power noise reduction is outstanding, totally worth the money. I am so excited to run this at 1080i to my Trinitron.
  6. Is there a for sure confirmation yet on exactly how the upscaling is going to work and if it will add lag or will it be almost like how native 720p/1080i games run, except the games still internally run at 480p. Could someone could take some photos of the color correction part of the app? I have read there is a gamma correction setting but I want to know how it works, as in how fine the control is.
  7. The iron is rated up to 450C but can be set to as low as 200C. What do you think about the ChipQuik method? This $16 pack is supposed to make it easier with a regular soldering iron as MakeMhz shows.
  8. I plan on installing the MakeMhz HD+ native digital mod in my 1.6. The only thing I'm concerned with is the AV port which has large solder joints. They remind me of the power jack on my laptop that I tried to replace but was unable to with my soldering iron because the solder had a higher melting point than the 450 celcius my iron is supposedly rated for. Should 450C be good for the entire job?
  9. Crash Bandicoot: Wrath of Cortex. Just a game I plan on playing and finishing as I never got past a certain level as a kid, the one where you play as the girl character and there's a river with floating platforms you hop to. My dad and I tried this level and neither of us were able to beat it after a while so we gave up and I never played it again.
  10. Yeah my experience is telling me to just get a regular hard drive. I did not experience the bug a guy on reddit had for the intro cutscene for Jedi Academy on his SSD but it might still occur for some people. But then yesterday I experienced a mid-race freeze in Burnout 3 that I can't for sure attribute to the SSD, but it's possible that was the cause. I'm now using the 2.5" WD Black HDD with the Startech adapter. Now I just have the stock 8GB drive and 870 EVO on the side as backups but that wasn't my original intention as SSD for cold storage is a bad idea. Despite how old that stock drive is, it should be good for a while right? I do have my EEPROM and BIOS backed up too. If anyone is interested in getting a 2.5" to 3.5" bracket, due to its length the green RXD-629A7-7 IDE/SATA adapter doesn't fit with most metal brackets in the plastic enclosure, and I have tested both the Sabrient and Corsair double-decker brackets with no luck. I do have the single drive corsair bracket coming in the mail that screws in from the bottom where the drive really hugs the side wall tight enough that there should just be enough room, but otherwise you would need to use supports under the SSD and screw it directly into the plastic enclosure without a bracket. The red Startech adapter is very short so it will fit with anything.
  11. For whatever reason the hard drive compatibility form isn't functioning right now so I will update with what I have: Both my 870 Evo 250GB and WD Black WD5000LPLX 500GB locked fine with Chimp and work with both the green RXD-629A7-7 and red Startech SATA to IDE adapters on my softmodded 1.6. I did need to Install Kernel Font to prevent the every-other boot failing. Bootup and games work fine but I did notice that sometimes I need to clear my cache for games to startup faster. At least with the 870 Evo SSD, it seems the drive's caching has the opposite effect of speeding things up: for example the more I reboot Burnout 3, the slower its loading screen becomes. It's only when I switch to another game, then back to Burnout 3, will Burnout 3 then load quickly again. I don't really know why this happens but it's why I clear the cache often now.
  12. I am interested in something like Qwix or C-xbox tool but which also allows me to use an ACL file for the chosen xbe. As far as I know ACLs are only used with DVD2XBOX (which can use the context menu on extracted XBEs in its file explorer to process with ACL files, for anyone looking for that functionality).
  13. Update on the above issue I had with a redumped ISO from archive.org not being able to be loaded by any ISO extractor program. A comment I saw there said to use the Xbox image browser so I went and downloaded "Xbox 360 Image Browser" and was able to use that to extract the ISO that was giving me problems.

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