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  1. What version xbox do you have this on? My Aliexpress cable works well on some xbox but not all. ( sorry i dont have the details ) currently in using component cables and im happy.
  2. If it were me, id buy the cheapest. Plain and simple. Given the little load on the drive it should last well past its warranty. As for speed. Whats a few more seconds?
  3. Based on the pictures in my opinion the 3 pin header is the switch the 2 pin is an LED.
  4. Really how was that achieved, without opening the console??
  5. How sure are you? Surely if this was possible everyone would be running external usb drives and avoid having to install internally.
  6. Ok, That says to me the file transfer didn't complete successfully. But as you have the disk just copy directly to the hdd and overright any files.
  7. OK, so when you play from disc does it have the same problem?
  8. Any other games freezing? When was the thermal paste replaced if ever? That game does push the console quite hard.
  9. Ive seen somrehitnglike this happen in the past. What resolution were you running? In the box that ive seen this happen the software was forced to run in a resolution the tv didnt like. In that instance i wiped and re-built and all was well. Can you boot of a util disc and get video?
  10. Sorry, It just occurred to me this discussion ( about the modchip source ) is in the wrong place. Admin, Can you please move / Delete as you feel fit.
  11. You caught my attention:- Do you have links to any sellers?

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