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  1. Lol, that's rather OTT don't you think.? There are so many bottlenecks inside the xbox that if you cant wait an extra second or 2 then perhaps you're on the wrong platform.
  2. Poorly manufactured yes.. but I don't think its acid. Look's to be flux that hasn't been cleaned off. I have a couple of these cheap Chinese boards and never had a problem ( touch wood )
  3. Looks Good. Just from a aesthetic side of things, You could always use black hot glue to make it blend in better?
  4. Bitrate is not the issue, Its the format of the files and how xbmc4xbox handles them, Sounds like its caching / processing before playback. If CDDA is working for you then why convert?
  5. Sorry, I just re-read your post. Ignoring the pausing issue.... I'm gonnna say the humble xbox is not the device for you.. It's Simply not built with high quality sound in mind, Its a gaming device built as cheaply as MS could. IMHO you are playing with the wrong device if you want 'quality' audio and audio quality is very subjective especially as you age, look elsewhere.
  6. What app are you playing back the files with?
  7. I assume you are referring to 3.5" Hdd's? if so? You will not power them from STD USB. The Hdd requires 12 volts and USB only supplies 5 volts. You also cant read a XBOX hdd without special software ( as its a propriety format ) Making Matter worse, if they are old Xbox HDD's they are most likely still locked and without the unlock code its a challenge. What is your ultimate aim here?
  8. Maybe I've been lucky then. of the 8 Xbox's I've owned or been given none have been anywhere near that dusty. I have 3 these days and they don't need cleaning??
  9. In all the years i've owned and played with Xbox OG's ive never come across a system needing a replacement fan? Did you need to replace or was this for shits & Giggles.?
  10. So if i understand correctly, you want to install an xbox into an arcade machine? I kind of understand why but there are SO many other options more suited for arcade machines? ( and Cheaply too ) At a pinch id say pickup a nasty cheap controller and strip it to the circuit board and attach wires directly to the arcade controls.
  11. I was wondering if you have plans to make a version with short cable? I find these 'Solid' all-in-one adapters large and unsightly.
  12. That's an interesting response. Of course they would allow some headroom for variances. That goes without saying. ( We are talking intel silicon ) However the gains are unlikely to be much unless you hit the 'silicon lottery' and had that perfect chip etc. I wouldnt expect much more than a few percent at best? I was just trying to get a feel for what that might be and is it worth the effort..
  13. I assume you don't get a huge gain from this as Id imagine MS designers pushed the most out of the limited resource they had.?

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