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  1. Could be a number of issues, Id open the console and remove the top of the drive and watch what happens when a disk is inserted. Maybe the belts are slipping? just a guess
  2. From Memory ( its sketchy ) the Greens do work but they take longer to spinup and can halt the boot process.. Try boot the xbox and listen to the drive - Once its spinning reset and hopefully all will be well..
  3. Can you please Translate WTB XOSVP.
  4. In My Experience the cheap Chinese Sata adapter do tend to slow the initial boot down. I generally don't notice any change after that. Have you checked the jumper setting on the harddrive
  5. Just to confirm, Wireless Xbox360 on og xbox? If so them I'm interested but price is a factor.
  6. While i havent confirmed this works it sounds like an awesome tool. Congrats !!! Perhaps bundle in Pictures of the main board versions and the points that need to be bridged? Also add to the readme what size bios for what mainboard?? Im thinking that there might be a lot of questions about this so try head them off before the flood?
  7. My Recommendation is to Install a mod chip, They are cheap enough and readily available. At the same time you you can clean and examine the caps and remove the clock cap. Once a mod chip is running its hard to break and easy to recover should you somehow manage to destroy the software.
  8. I dropped the top in the freezer over night and then pushed it out
  9. Odd, Maybe one is bundled and the other a retail copy (The green boxed copy has a retail security tag )
  10. You might need to open the Xbox and check the caps. I've experienced the same problem in the past.
  11. Maybe the caps need replacing? Bad power causes all sorts of odd faults. Perhaps post some pics?
  12. O Have no idea but best you CAREFULLY open the box and take LOTS of quality photos of everything!
  13. Might need to install a mod chip if its not booting
  14. As far as i was aware the platinum was the re-release of very successful games. Kind of a budget release to stir up more sales of older games.

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