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  1. Ok, That says to me the file transfer didn't complete successfully. But as you have the disk just copy directly to the hdd and overright any files.
  2. OK, so when you play from disc does it have the same problem?
  3. Any other games freezing? When was the thermal paste replaced if ever? That game does push the console quite hard.
  4. Ive seen somrehitnglike this happen in the past. What resolution were you running? In the box that ive seen this happen the software was forced to run in a resolution the tv didnt like. In that instance i wiped and re-built and all was well. Can you boot of a util disc and get video?
  5. Sorry, It just occurred to me this discussion ( about the modchip source ) is in the wrong place. Admin, Can you please move / Delete as you feel fit.
  6. You caught my attention:- Do you have links to any sellers?
  7. Do you have any of the Tools Discs? Quite a few of them have the files?
  8. humm, all is not perfect but re-build-able My harddrive has grown is size. Its magic !! Who wants to buy a Very large drive?
  9. Yes, booting fine on the re-flashed chip with Evox M8 plus 1.6 F & G
  10. How how Silly of me. I see that you are correct ( I wanted to change the flubber and forgot about compatibility!! ) On a positive note, you can hotswap and reflash... I just had to do the swap before i started the flash software ( swapped at dash ) from unleash x thanks
  11. Re-flashing bios on dead aladdin x2 Plus2. Im not sure what went wrong but i tried to update the aladdin x2 Plus2 to the ind 5003 via Xblast ( loaded oh hdd ) The flash appears to be successful but after a reboot i got the 3 boots and frag. Now it appears the chip is dead.? Thankfully i had another X2 Plus 2 and using that i can boot again I thought maybe i could hot-swap the chip and re-flash the bad one. However when i pull the chip the console appears to freeze and video goes to black. Im running off a Hexe 0.99b11-22 heimdalls xbox engineerind disc to try and re-flash 1.6 pal xbox Any ideas if this is possible?
  12. My first thought was/ is the drive doesn't like the large formatting? check the native format of the drive? Maybe the drive is timing out as it hasn't received the 'go' from the controller, check for firmware update?

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