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  1. Well, its possible when the game changes video modes and your tv gets confused? Either way, If its only one game i wouldn't worry. ( assuming the game play is fine? )
  2. Does this happen on all games? Im also wondering if it could be the resolution is outside what the screen is able to display.?
  3. Easiest fix, Install a mod chip. You're asking here for help to use on another forum.? Thats not good Karma
  4. Have you checked the Harddrive is still functioning correctly?
  5. Seems like that is straight forward... nice workaround. My 2 cents. grab an Aladdin chip ( they are so darn cheap now!!! ) Install and avoid all the hassle. ???
  6. Unless im mistaken your not talking about the Original Xbox that this forum is about. Sorry but you are in the wrong place.
  7. Most (if mot 99%) simply don't work because the xbox doesnt have the USB infp on the controller Its easy to connect a usb device to the xbox with a simple cable, will it work? most likely not. You can also use this for soft modding. Aliexpress xbox OG USB cable
  8. Roms? Games files? Google is your friend. This place is not about piracy but helping each other.
  9. Are you booting off a disc rather than the Hdd?
  10. When was the unit cleaned and CPU paste replaced? It might be over heating?
  11. Well, i was thinking more the HDD drive actually
  12. When these were released the scene was full of people new to modding. Many a Xbox was damaged due to lack of skill / care. If you can handle a soldering iron and make a tidy job then i say why bother. I've never used a rebuild header and most likely wont bother in the future. Up to the individual user i say.
  13. Perhaps check the drive jumper on HDD and DVD, I like to manually set them rather than have them on cable select. ( had that go horribly wrong on a PC in the past )

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