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Black Screen When Installing Rocky5's Softmod

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Hello guys,


We just bought an old Xbox and when trying to install Rocky5 on it using Splinter Cell, we only get a black screen when loading the save.


The front LED turned to red and nothing. The TV still says it has a 50Hz signal coming.


The saves we used previously modded another Xbox successfully, is there something we're missing? Like a hardware revision limitation or rewriting the saves ?


Thanks in advance bros.

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It's all good. We swapped the cables (and even the TV) with the other console we setup this morning and it went just fine.

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After copying the two save files, the Splinter Cell checkpoint game save (5553000c) and the softmod installer save (21585554), to the HDD, reboot/power cycle the console before running the game and loading the game save that starts the softmod installer.  

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