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  1. I do have a E\UDATA\9e115330. It is present but I don't have a videosat.dat in it. I do not have a E\UDATA\93115330 folder
  2. I got a problem with a TSOP console but it may have nothing to do with TSOP. When I try to calibrate my screen and save, XBOX gives "unable to save" Error #3. Any idea what Error 3 is ? Thanks
  3. I usually get electronic contact cleaner to clean mine and use a soft paint brush. Make sure the cleaner says safe for motherboards and printed circuits. I find it is a little better than alcohol.
  4. The clock capaciator only holds the time about 1/2 hour to an hour.. You can replace it. I usually do mine. I can give you the Digikey Part number if you want it. Just let me know
  5. I have had terrible luck with the conductive ink. Maybe it was just me. I have had good luck with Bare Electric Paint from Amazon.
  6. just painted on my green halo is just painted on
  7. Actually after looking at it. I think it's a fake. It has no black Jewel on top and I really doubt it someone pryed it off with a heatgun on an original orange Halo XBOX. The ghostcase did not come with one cause they couldn't reproduce the emblem due to copyrights. https://www.amazon.com/Xbox-Original-GhostCase-Kit-Clear-Orange/dp/B007TCKIS6?SubscriptionId=AKIAILSHYYTFIVPWUY6Q&tag=duckduckgo-d-20&linkCode=xm2&camp=2025&creative=165953&creativeASIN=B007TCKIS6
  8. Sure would look good sitting next to my green one.
  9. Thanks everyone. I am happy to report that it works great. I went to setting/system/settings scrolled down and found the path for the skins and dumped into that folder and they came up fine. Now I want to find a skin that is real clean looking like Rocky5 extras disk. Thanks for all the help Gray
  10. Thank you. Did I put the Skins folder in the right place (on the root of E-drive)?
  11. I quess the title says it all. Could someone in simple english tell me how to install xbox skins. I download Kaosengneer 10 skins and can't get them to work. I made a folder names Skins on my E drive FTP'd them in there but they don't show up. Thanks
  12. I like the orange and white one. Nice Job.
  13. Gray1

    Tsop or Not

    That clears it up.. Thanks all of you.
  14. Gray1

    Tsop or Not

    Just to clairify.. If I don't have a modchip and the TSOP is flashed. How can I boot a stock BIOS? Is flashing a TSOP with a stock MS Dash possible? Not wanting to argue. Just trying to understand. My head is a little thick sometimes. Thanks
  15. Gray1

    Tsop or Not

    Well I went ahead and TSOPed it. I flashed it with IND_BIOS 5004 and again no sound on unleashX desktop. I had to uninstall the softmod to get sound. Don't know if its normal or if it's a Rocky5 thing. Would someone explain to me why I need to backup the eeprom on a console that I TSOPed? Thanks

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