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  1. Thanks for the info. Only just done my first soft mod and unfortunately atm dont have the required tools for altering the wires as suggested. Need to get some soldering gear in the near future.
  2. Nice one will defo be checking these out for sure
  3. Would love to see one especially as I like to collect consoles. Having only just got into the xbox scene it would be a fab addition depending on price obviously
  4. Good evening. Just after a bit of advice please. Managed to get one of my xboxs soft modded successfully last night so very pleased with that. The query I have is the following. Opened up my translucent green xbox to clean it but noticed this chip installed. Am looking for any info please as to what it is and what I am able to do with it if you dont mind. The console was from a friend and he cant remember what it was installed for lol. Cheers
  5. Had that earlier today and yep as some of the others have already said, just rebooted and was fine. Glad you got it sorted
  6. Looks fab to me. I wouldnt say no to having that sitting on my shelf for sure Well done to you
  7. Looking forward to downloading this once I've hit 15 posts lol
  8. Keeping an eye on this as also would like to know
  9. Very new to the OG Xbox so am very much looking forward to being here and hoping to mod an xbox soon, well at least once I have worked out what I'm doing anyway lol. Currently own 2 black, 1 crystal and 1 crystal green Xbox's which all work apart from on of the black ones which has a dodgy power supply. Please be gentle with me if I ask what may be to you guys some silly or simple questions. Many thanks and look forward to being here

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