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xbox shutting off randomly

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7 hours ago, stephen mell said:

hi can anyone help my og xbox keeps shutting of randomly any ideas?.

Not too common a problem but it does happen. So if you could provide details of how exactly this happens and when, and maybe if anything changes when it started, that could be very helpful. :) Front panel lights changing is helpful too.

May be overheating.

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I would confidently say trace rot only if the front panel was giving problems with working at all. Lighting, the power and eject buttons, etc. There have been cases where the xbox will shut off due to shorting from trace rot, but if the traces are disconnected then it's rare for the xbox to just shut off, although still possible, depending on where the corrosion is causing a problem. I've seen it happen. It could absolutely be caps. Both in the power supply or the 5 big boys. 

Some corrosion spills can cause a failure of the ADM1032, which monitors temperatures. If the ring flashes orange first and the fan shoots up to 100% and then the console shuts off, that may be the issue. @KaosEngineer knows all about that one.

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