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XBox Dlc and Title Update Pack

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Hi peeps,


I have just uploaded what i think is a complete pack of OG Xbox dlc and tu's to back-ups.me. It was the only place i could upload to without having to wait ages for an initial upload. Th whole pack is just over 3 gigs rar'd


Hopefully someone can grab it and upload elsewhere so non members can grab it too. Its currently being seeded from my seedbox so speed should be good :) 

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14 hours ago, sweetdarkdestiny said:

Here are some : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1SxyMu6ifu2FjXav1h3ViYh25E7FsfaaO

I belive it's the google drive of Xbmcmodsforxbox.

EDIT: And here is one as installer : https://1fichier.com/?ukcc4oge228kjs4ajbxx

Downloaded the contents of that entire Google Drive folder, slowly reviewing the contents now

The following five items were rejected by my anti-virus due to suspected virus infection

Original Xbox/Homebrew/Super Mario War.zip
Original Xbox/Apps/PC Apps/Bios Tools/X2 Config Maker/Windows/X2 Config Maker V50530.1.zip
Original Xbox/Dev/SDK/Xbox SDK 5558.zip
Original Xbox/Dev/SDK/Xbox SDK 5788.zip
Original Xbox/Dev/SDK/Xbox SDK 5849.zip

@sweetdarkdestiny do you have other sources for these five files?

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