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  1. The original numbering from baldbouncer, and incorrect placement of the checkpoint for Pin 7 was driving me crazy when I checked my own board, so I tossed this together. This leverages work from baldbouncer, livefast9986, a board photo from bunnie, and a graphic posted by HDShadow. Hopefully this is a helpful companion to the original guide barnito put together above. I've kept the source PSD in case anyone notices anything I should be correcting. On a side note, if anyone can help me track down the checkpoints for pins 13-16, I'd be happy to update this.
  2. Thanks for doing that. This is a great archive.
  3. No purple, but you were spot on with pin 7. The diagram in the linked post was wrong as far as a test point, but I hunted the right one down via the LPC rebuild thread. It turns out there was a broken trace on the board. Legitimately no idea how that happened given that the board had not been modes before, but here we are. Successfully back in business. Now I just need to figure out how to to install a x3CP with a 1.0 board. The controller port board is in the absolutely worst spot.
  4. Yup. No problems there. It's connected to an X3 Control Panel, so the switch positions are super obvious. I've tried every combination of switches I can think of.
  5. Thanks Dave. I'll give that a go. I'm vaguely heartened by the fact that the LEDs on the chip all appear to be working right, and the power button logic seems to be operating as expected. I'm hoping the power surge just wiped the entire thing, but definitely could be toasted. Would be super disappointing if so, but such is life.
  6. I've spent some time kicking around the forums, but appear to be running in circles, so hoping for an assist. Last month I grounded out the power supply on my 1.1 while doing a 2TB SATA upgrade. The SATA/IDE board touched the power supply as I was re-assempling the box (I left the power live like a bozo). I purchased a new power supply to find that the board was dead (non-stop frag). Purchased a previously soft modded 1.0 box, removed and cleaned up the clock cap and was able to boot to UnleashX. I'm now in day 4 of trying to install my old, previously fully functional, X3CE on
  7. Hey all, Was known as SupaDawgX on the old x-s forums, and am dipping my toes back into the scene. Somehow managed to nuke my old 1.1 Xbox doing a hard drive upgrade (grounded out the power supply on a data/ide board), so now working on getting the x3CE and x3cp working on a 1.0 board.
  8. Thanks for doing what you do. I was a long time contributor to x-s, but left the scene 10 or so years ago. Getting back into my old Xbox now, this site has been super valuable. Just reading through posts is helpful. Thanks again for providing such an important resource. Time isn't free.

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