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How To Change the Location of the Soundtrack ? (Solved)

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as the title says, I want to change the location of the music in the folder E: \ TDATA \ fffe000 to one of the following partitions F: \ or G: \. Because I installed almost the DLCs and it rest 100mb, and E: has a small storage about 4.8gb. I would like to install my music and listen to it in PGR2. So i ask is there a option to change soundtrack location??

UPDATE:I got it working, its piece of cake :D, it's just change location inside XBE, and copy the folder TDATA\FFFE0000 in E\ to F\. Thats all. Also i changed the location of XBOX Soundtrack Editor to look directly to F\DATA\FFFE0000. I tested in PGR2,FORZA,GTASA and its working!!

Before :


After :


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''XBE Audio Patcher 1.00

This Application will change the Drive Letter to 
where the Custom SoundTracks are located.  For
instance, instead of having the ST.DB file located
in E:\TDATA/fffe0000\....etc it will be stored in F:\TDATA/fffe0000.

This program might not be usefull to alot of you,
but if you play games that support Custom SoundTracks
and you are using the Xbox Sound Track Manger then 
this program might be some use to you.

Note: This will only work for games Saved on the HardDrive.
Download: Usual Places ;)


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