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  1. Hello. Sorry for my bad english. I have a question. I use Cerbios+Xbmc4Gamers+3Tb Sata HDD and now I have a lot of space! I really like Xbmc4Gamers, but besides games, I would like to add a collection of DVD movies to the disc. I just created folder "Movies" and added a link to the file (VIDEO_TS.IFO) to my favorites, but it's not very pretty or informative. Can't make a library like with games? Or at least a preview of the favorites menu disc? I read "wiki/Advanced_Configuration" but couldn't figure it out. Help me please.
  2. Hello. I made a 128mb mod. It seems to me worth noting which BIOS versions can work with 128MB. Is it only IND or am I wrong?
  3. A similar situation. I have 2Tb Hard drive in my 1.5, chinese Aladdin chip and a chinese Sata to IDE converter. Download takes about 30 seconds. Apparently for this configuration, this is the norm. Sorry for my bad english)
  4. Hello. Please tell me where can I download this patcher? And what do you need to patch?...please help

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