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  1. HELLO TO EVERYONE!! After a long inactivity in this community , I come back with a game, it may be the first time to be modded in xbox, like this one. So I replaced some old textures with better and with a higher resolution (512x512) that the xbox support. And THx!!! Here some of screenshots: DOWNLOAD & More in MODDB
  2. Hey, anyone of you guys still have got xbmc4xbox skins pack, it contains the following skins: and THX!.
  3. as the title says, I want to change the location of the music in the folder E: \ TDATA \ fffe000 to one of the following partitions F: \ or G: \. Because I installed almost the DLCs and it rest 100mb, and E: has a small storage about 4.8gb. I would like to install my music and listen to it in PGR2. So i ask is there a option to change soundtrack location?? UPDATE:I got it working, its piece of cake , it's just change location inside XBE, and copy the folder TDATA\FFFE0000 in E\ to F\. Thats all. Also i changed the location of XBOX Soundtrack Editor to look directly to F\DATA\FFFE0000. I t
  4. I didn't know that, cool!! But in FATX the max file is 4gb, and same games with long files issue, the iso pass 4gb, Like tony hawk wasteland.
  5. i have this fix, but its not finished and it crashes at certain points in game. and the author of this fix remove it in this site. Here the site: https://www.epforums.org/showthread.php?87072-XBOX-Game-Fixes the only way to play it,is to burn the game in DVD.
  6. I have NTSC burnout3 runing in PAL xbox. both pal and ntsc mode work, without issue, do you download the game or you have original game disc? and where you download this game??
  7. Here you can find fix for gta san https://gtaforums.com/topic/922852-gta-san-andreas-super-modded-for-xbox-original-x360/ For Burnout 3 and Conflict Vietnam its work for me in hdd, seems you have a bad iso or the files not complete when you transfer in Ftp.
  8. YEAH, I found it in original hard drive seagate, and i softmodded this HDD to just pickup the files. BUT sadly its not complete, there isn't cars,parts. its DLC for sega gt online. Its rare and hard to find it..
  9. Here the dlc of sega gt online that i found in my xbox ITS NOT COMPLETE : https://digiex.net/threads/xbox-offline-xbox-live-downloadable-content-dlc-installers.675/page-31 they unlock 3 competitions: -Challenge Classe C -A-Class Challenge -Hot Hatch Special
  10. Some have the ability to change resolution even I notice that addons are broadcast from youtube, but almost all addons have HD streams, such as Movies, TV .. The average of frames per second is between 14 and 5. I do not know anything about Python development.
  11. this is AVC have BAll BEARING and it make alot of noise, AVC that i have is HYDRULIC BEARING and the noise isn't very loud
  12. i installed all popular unofficial repositories, some of addons work but the issue is the video is HD, The FPS drops alot or cache buffer is full. Xphaser fixed cache buffer issue at XBMC4XBOX https://www.xbmc4xbox.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1311 Its rare to find any repositories with addons .stream SD video, one solution i think could work, like @neighbor said, is to change resolution from HD to 480p in addon.
  13. I installed in my xbox a silence fan mastercooler 70mm with 31.5 cfm and 10.5 dbs. I do that for fun and see what a fan with higher cfm can do.. its not like xbox stock fan, its reassemble like real jet engine, the AVC fan that a purchased is hydrulic bearing so the noise isn't the same of the stock one. After i tested to run it at full speed, the temperature goes down, the CPU got 9 C and GPU got 10 C.
  14. kodi is xbmc just they changed the name, repository, is the same for all versions. and android decives can play full Hd video without issue or slowdow of fps.

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