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  1. I did a test on the beta version. I found it very good
  2. ''XBE Audio Patcher 1.00 This Application will change the Drive Letter to where the Custom SoundTracks are located. For instance, instead of having the ST.DB file located in E:\TDATA/fffe0000\....etc it will be stored in F:\TDATA/fffe0000. This program might not be usefull to alot of you, but if you play games that support Custom SoundTracks and you are using the Xbox Sound Track Manger then this program might be some use to you. Note: This will only work for games Saved on the HardDrive. Download: Usual Places BlueCELL''
  3. I want to do something like that. Nothing as ambitious as this project, something more modest.
  4. Hello friends. Thank you for letting me be part of the community. I am the owner of the xboxneverdie Forum. I like a big fan of the console and I really like to share my knowledge that I acquired over the years with him.

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