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Found 8 results

  1. Well the “Xbox artwork installer” is out, although it’s only on my downloader that comes with XBMC-Emustation and XBMC4Gamers. Currently prebuilt is 1072 Games with full artwork and synopsis information. There is more artwork done but that’s for specials and homebrew/emulators eg... these aren’t part of the installer. But you can download and manually install them from the github link below. Also a big thanks to everyone who scanned the disc and sleeves of all the Xbox games over at Emuxtras. If you want to make your own artwork or manually install the artwork you can get everything you need here. Link: XBMC4Gamers Artwork Github Full artwork source, 23.1GB worth so it’s big :eek: (removed, as to many downloads effect downloader and all files on this account) Link: Full Artwork Source Google Drive (23.1GB) Here is a preview of said artwork prebuilt ready for the Xbox. Link: 007 - From Russia With Love
  2. hi there, I've recently installed a 2tb hdd with xbmc4gamers. I can't find the xbox artwork installer. Can anyone help me please?
  3. Hi Team, So i have this working just fine, it has downloaded and installed 90% of the artwork. There are however some games it wont do it for. I have tried and tried for hours to do it manually, but cant seem to figure it out. i have added files individually like icon, fan art etc etc but it wont pick it up. Is there a way to set them manually??????
  4. I just installed xbmc emustation and it looks great. I am only going to use it for my original xbox games that I have already installed on the hard drive. The only problem I have is that I don't have any artwork for my games - instead I see a list of games when I click into the xbox folder. In the menu there is an option called 'Xbox games artwork installer' but nothing happens when I select it. Any idea on what I'm doing wrong - I'm not familiar with xbmc - first time using it as I always used my xbox for coin ops but I recently purchased a second xbox with games I used to play back in the day such as Black and Burnout 3 Takedown.
  5. Another installer..... (only spanish language) This Installer [/ b] comes without frills, many of the security processes occur automatically, without asking the user. Such as the creation of backup [/ b] of the Eeprom [/ b], which is always done in e: \ Eep-bak \ eeprom.bin [/ b] Standard version [/ b] It can burn on a DVD-R or run it virtually. https://i.imgur.com/GOirsEP.jpg [/img] Lite Version [/ b] It can be burned on a CD-RW / DVD-R or run virtually. https://i.imgur.com/bP307Iy.png [/ img] A quick glance [/ b] [/ color] https://imgur.com/a/3SPKT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3TQqjO28NE Defining Borg-OS [/ b] [/ color] This is a hybridization [/ b] between the installation of a Exploit NDURE [/ b] and a classic installation for CHIP / TSOP [/ b]. So that they are perfectly compatible with any previous exploit, with chip or with tsop flash. A single and single installation for all XBOX [/ b], avoiding installation errors that so many headaches can give .. [/ color] [/ size] Borg-OS [/ b] has a system called XelectoR [/ color] [/ b] to select at will the dashboard / emulator / application [/ b ] Of start. Including being able to assign different dashboard / emulator / application according to which button [/ b] is started. Operation of XelectoR [/ b] [/ color] Even if the old skins of the retiree BH-Lite [/ b] still appear, the menus are the same https://youtu.be/ITzowht3VRM and https://youtu.be/2C7pR1WXuAk What does it take? *** [/ b] [/ color] Dashboards [/ b] XBMC4XBOX 3.5.3 + Trainers + Skins Pack XBMC 9.04 + Trainers + Skins Pack XBMC4Gamers updated to the latest revision of its author Rocky5. XBMC-Emustation updated to the latest revision of its author Rocky5. UnleashX 0.39 0528A (Rocky5 patched) + Skins Pack EvoX +3935 + Trainers + Skins Pack Avalaunch 0.49 build 142 + Skins Pack Trainers [/ b] Xored Mini Launcher v2.2 + 1330 chetos Utilities [/ b] ConfigMagic v1.6.1 Chimp 2816 Rocky5 HD Tools XBpartitioner 1.3 BiosChecker 5.0 Controller Test DVD2XBOX 0.78 DVDX-2 2.0 RAM Checker Enigmah Videomode Selector Gueux-DVD FlashBios (EvoX) + BIOS Pack Resctoox + BIOS Pack (256Kb & 1Mb) Detector Version Xecuter FlashX + BIOS Pack XBlast OS v0.56 + BIOS Cromwell and IND-BIOS 5004.67 *** The Lite version does not carry either the XBMC4Gamers or the XBMC-Emustation as well as any Skins pack [/ color] [/ b] Borg-OS Advanced Settings [/ b] [/ color] With CHIP / TSOP [/ b] [/ color]. Possibility to automatically load a Bios M + 8, configured to output video signal officially, patch 480p and true VGA. Of course with configurations 06 (F) and 67 (F + G) Very useful to skip some limitations of the Bios of the CHIP / TSOP, such as limitations with hard drives, IGR and / or have a certain video output. All this without having to touch the original Bios. Possibility of changing the color of the LED, does not work with Bios IND-Bios, unless a Bios M8 + is loaded into RAM in the manner mentioned above. Activate the ISO Kernel Patcher, that is, enable the use of ISO Loader as if you had exploit NDURE. It does not work with Bios Xecuter or with IND-Bios 5001 and 5004, unless a Bios M8 + is loaded into RAM in the manner discussed above. If it works with Bios M7 and M8 +, and IND-BIos 5002 and 5003 With EXPLOIT [/ b] [/ color]. Possibility of having official video output, 480p patch and VGA, more typical of NDURE such as virtual eeprom, LED color, fan speed. Of course with configurations 06 (F) and 67 (F + G) Possibility of activating or not the loss notification ** of date / time, possibility of manual or default setting of the date / time ** The LED makes a little dance the first time [/ b] starts the XBOX, to warn that the date / time has been lost. This does not affect at all the operation is normal. If it is deactivated it does not make any kind of warning. **** Manual adjustment is that if the date / time is lost, the first time [/ b] you start the XBOX, you will go directly to the date / time section of the MS Dash. If it is preset the time will be adjusted at 00h00 04/01/2016 By default it comes in warning activated and preset, They can be combined as you wish. To be taken into account [/ b] [/ color] Whenever a Bios 480p Patch [/ b] or NKPatcher 480p [/ b] is used, the 480p box of the MSDash [/ b] must be unchecked . With the boxes of 720p [/ b] and 1080i [/ b] there is no problem and they can go to the taste of the consumer. Small problems may arise with certain games
  6. What would everyone want in a new installation disc?
  7. Hey guys I have another pack I put together go check it out. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1o5XU8rJ72NlHkpVXIUxfuMdln972oJGk
  8. Hi Guys. I'm new to modding the XBOX. Just soft modded a V1.1 XBOX and using Softmod Installer Deluxe v5.11. Everything seems to have gone fine but now the light around the eject button is solid orange and the eject button doesn't blink when the dvd drive is reading a disk. From what I have read, this seems to be normal after modding and I have also read about where to go into settings to adjust the lights. But what I have not been able to do is figure out how to get it back to looking stock. In other words, I just want the light to be solid green when booting up and while running, and have it flash green when the system is busy. I have tried setting it this way in settings but it doesn't seem to work. I'm not sure what I'm missing. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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