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  1. Hi all. im currently using xbmc emustation on one of my soft modded xboxes. i want to add a bunch of Xbox titles but don’t want them all in one folder on dash carousel. is there anyway I can edit the carousel to have say three Xbox images and links for # - F, H- O, P- X for instance to make it easier to scroll through games I want? i know you can jump to a letter, but that’s no the way I’d prefer. any help would be appreciated. Cheers.
  2. Hello all !!! This is a new version of my resources pack for XBMC4Gamers (https://mega.nz/#F!5wUBQZSa!44MF7TL02pTjOsHEdTCrtg 12Gb on Mega). It was based on Wikipedia for list of XBox titles, completed with Modded / Unreleased / Ripped games (1106 games !!!) It's easy-to-use : download "Resources4XBMC v1.0", extract it and view the full list of HDD ready files then transfer as needed ! This pack contains few covers, banners, icons, cd, fanarts, previews and synopsis (thanks Cian Cunningham for his work) . I think it the most complete pack you can find and it works with all XBMC 3.5.3 or above once Rocky5's custom version (XBMC4Gamers and XBMC4Kids). What's new in this version : - Added more covers, fanarts, previews... - Better quality for covers, fanarts and preview ; - Add synopsis by Cian Cunninghan ; - Separates folders for modded, ripped, retail and unreleased games ; - And many some little things :) Many thanks to Rocky5 for his programs and Cian Cunningham for his work. Any issues anyone finds I can fix and update accordingly when I have time. I hope this enhances your XBMC4Gamers setup.
  3. hello, i like XBMC dash, but it's not working so good anymore, after i had it in a shoppingbag/plasticbag. it was sandwiched between my laptop and a ps3 on the other side again, and i put the plasticbag on the asphalt, and it tipped over. after that i've had this glitching in the video feed especially when i turn it on and it's cold, but after 30 minutes of runtime it works... smoothly like before. also it only affects the XBMC dash, and it's video playing, if i launch an other dash or a game, it works as normal with no glitching or whatever its called. i can launch a game through XBMC immediately after starup and it will work fine. i recently tried reinstalling the XBMC dash through the slayers autoinstaller dvd, but to no help. well it worked fine immediately after the install, but then it's back to this again. any ideas? i have a video of what is going on: https://www.bitchute.com/video/JIWfuhlw3O3k/
  4. When I start XBMC with LCD enabled settings previously, the LCD screen shows info but then it goes off within like seconds. I then have to go back into system settings and re-enable the LCD again for it to come on. Using Openxenium with spi2par2019 and HD44780 LCD. Once re-enabled it stays on until I turn the xbox off but the same thing happens when I turn it back on again. I'm launching XMBC manually from the dash as I not choose to launch it automatically yet.
  5. https://github.com/antonic901/xbmc4xbox-weather Try it!
  6. Hey, anyone of you guys still have got xbmc4xbox skins pack, it contains the following skins: and THX!.
  7. I've noticed something when I turn on my Xbox. It does the initial 'flubber' xbox animation when I turn it on, however it sits there for quite some time (maybe at least a good minute) before it moves on. Now normally it would do the xbox animation screen and the word 'microsoft' in white letters pop up indicating it's good to go and proceed to a dashboard. Mine now is doing the animation and sits there for a while, longer than normal, before I get the microsoft text and it goes to the dash. Additionally it isn't showing the XBMC Emustation title screen before it jumps into XBMC Emustation either like it did before. Again, normally it would show a XBMC Emustation title screen before it went into Emustation. So my xbox does this -> turns on / does xbox animation -> hangs for a bit before microsoft text pops up -> takes a while on blank screen -> eventually loads up XBMC Emustation On my other xbox it goes -> turns on / animation -> instantly does microsoft text -> quickly shows XBMC Emustation title / splash screen -> goes right into XBMC Emustation Any ideas on what is going on and what I can do to resolve this? XBMC Emustation is loaded on E: and all roms/media/etc are on F:
  8. using JX 720 skin, it has tray button - open and close, and run .xbe file from the disk. So i guess there is a way to make a button that activates unmount .xbe file. I managed to add custom entries like for Homebrew, etc. Really cool thing to have entrie like that, but instead of opening homebrew folder, it activates .xbe file which unmounts xiso.
  9. How to make cover art visible instead of stock icons? I have used rocky5's artwork installer, but this method is not working.
  10. I recently tried watching a DVD and realized that there was no audio. I switched over to Analog output, and I got audio through my HDMI Audio Extractor headphone amp. Once I was done watching tough, I noticed some 60-cycle hum and went, "Oh god, NO." I use this thing to listen to 1400Mbps music and a low noise floor is pretty much essential. I switched it back to digital output, but the hum persists. XBMC is the ONLY application doing this. the MS Dash is completely fucking silent and the music sounds nice and clean through it... like how my XBMC installation did before I screwed around with it all day. I believe XBMC is not outputting digital properly somehow and everything else IS. I have a Pound converter handling the encoding of analog and digital into the HDMI signal. Any ideas, guys?
  11. The CDDB database that was active when XBMC 3.5.3 came out is no longer up. There are others out there. But I need to know how to change the server. With kodi, you can modify the advancedsettings.xml, but I see no such file for the xbox version. Any way to do this?... Or am I gonna be browsing my CD's by "Unknown Artists" and rocking out to "Track 1, Track 2, and Track 3"?
  12. Hey guys I'm running into an issue using hddguru raw copy an it get to about 14% And comes up with this error in the picture below I've tried multiple hard drives and I am now wondering if it's the torrent I downloaded. Has anyone else had these issues and might know how to fix them. Your help is much appreciated thank you for your time
  13. Hello there! I bought myself a soft modded original Xbox and also found out you could make it look like the 360 blades with XBMC and MC360, now I also know I want to use XLink Kai and when Insignia launches for the console, I wanted to do that as well but I also know MC360 probably won’t work for that since it’s not been updated in years from what I’ve read on forums. I guess to shorten all of this up, am I overwriting my Rocky5 softmod with XBMC or MC360? Or would I be able to just switch back and forth between all the dashboards I want? Any help is greatly appreciated! (:
  14. I went and tried to move files around so I could be xbmc emustation on drive E as I had it on F. Now when I boot up the xbox I get a fatal error message "special://masterprofile/guisettings.xml, Line 0 failed to open file" Now am I completely ruined or can I just somehow boot back to a dashboard and reinstall xbmc emustation?
  15. Wanting to know if someone knows the proper way to have ScummVM running in XBMC emustation. I know it's supported, but I'm not sure where to place everything specifically in the file structure of things.
  16. I've been messing around with Rocky5's script for getting certain tags from a game's _resources/default.xml file like synopsis and release date info. I've trimmed it a bit to set my desired properties when I manually run it: https://pastebin.com/Tp8Ds103 Here's how it displays: I'm trying to figure out a way to have the script either autorun when focus shifts to a new list item/game, maybe on some kind of delay so that when scrolling through lots of stuff the Xbox doesn't just freeze up, or somehow parse all default.xml files in the library on load so that the info is already ready to go when you scroll to a different game, but that might take forever tbh. I'm also having a tough time figuring out how to trim a string, say I wanted to cut out "05 NOV " in the release date and just display the year. In the script: Current_Window.setProperty('Synopsis_release_date', Output.release_year.string) or in the xml: <label>[B]$INFO[Window(MyPrograms).Property(Synopsis_year)][/B]</label> Not sure where in there I'd do that, if I'd need to to load another utility in python, or if I can just do it in the skin's XML, which would be handy for other things. Some help from someone with more experience with Python would be much appreciated.
  17. I like CDs. I will not stand for any audio with a lower bitrate than 1400Mbps. I have recently tried to rip my CDs in .WAV format, just because I want lossless encoding and playback of the files. However, when I try to play whole albums, instead of seamlessly transitioning into the next track, it will lag HARD and display the spinning "working" thing at the bottom of the screen. It will take 10-30 seconds to start the next song. However, if I just manually copy the .CDDA files off of the disc, the playback is seamless all throughout the album. It's perfect I haven't had my box connected to the internet, but I will soon. My question is, is there a way I can rip audio to the HDD in a format that will not have issues with seamless playback and in a way that will download all the CD info from a database when my box is finally connected? I mean, I guess I could wait for the internet and then manually find out through trial and error. But fuck that. If you guys have any experience in this, I would appreciate your input.
  18. Title is pretty self-explanatory. I have a 1.6 chipped with an OpenXenium and some games are absolutely unplayable thanks to the 480p scrambling issue. The general consensus seems to be to use XBMC4Gamers to patch the files, but I'm an UnleashX puritan and would like to avoid having to use a whole other separate dash to play only a handful of troublesome games. If anyone knows of a method of accomplishing this without XBMC I'd greatly appreciate it.
  19. Starting from the 2TB torrent for XBMC Origins, the fanart slideslow screensaver only has 4 images. Does anyone know the directory path where the screensaver looks?
  20. It works just fine I am looking for someone to install more games for the kids. Thanks. $. I can be reached via email at [email protected]
  21. Hello! I have finally just got my XBMC install nearly to where I want it, and want to back it up in this state. What is the most ideal way of doing so? Should I just mount the drive in FatX and save each partition?
  22. Hello. I Have A Problem That I’m Having With Getting This One Video Game, It’s Called Def Jam Fight For NY & I Manage To Put it on my FTP And Transfer Over To My Modded XBOX but everytime i try to load it up, it quickly crashes and puts me back to the modded homepage, i currently use XBMC i’m also using a hitachi disc drive I will also post pictures & photos of my modded xbox as well. can someone please help me and show me the solution to this, I Really Appreciate itThe Problem I’m Having The Last Picture Is The ISO That Loads Up Then Crashes Quickly
  23. Hi all im still very new to the og xbox. i bought my xbox from a modder that had everything setup for me yes i should have done it myself so i could learn lol on my main menu i have all my emulators listed but i have lost my shortcut to xbmc4gamers i can still load it by going to programs and selecting it but it was nice to have a shortcut for some reason today my whole dash reset to default i have no idea why and this is why i have lost my shortcuts and as i did not set this xbox up i have no clue how to get the xbmc4gamers shortcut back. thanks
  24. I'm having an issue with xbmc emustation regarding reading roms. I initially had a rom set in the .zip format placed in the proper rom folder. These roms worked fine and I didn't have any issue. Now, I had found a more complete rom set and decided to place them in. The only difference was the new rom set were all in the .7z format. When I tried to play those, it looked like it was loading them until a little message came up stating they weren't a recognized file format and loaded the menu again. So the real issue came up now when I finally tracked down the complete rom set I needed (which was in .zip format like before) and placed them back in. Now emustation still won't play the games and has that error message still. The .zip files are the prefered file type correct? Is there some sort of settings or file that needs to be changed or taken out for them to work again?
  25. Hey Guys Sorry to Open a thread on something that should be so simple but it has Honestly stumped me. Ive had a Quick look at the Forums and i couldnt find a Link to what im experiencing so hear goes. Before the weekend i finalized my OG with the Xbmc4gamers all was working fine with no issues. Ive come back today to find that Xbmc4gamers will no longer launch. Thinking its corrupt files after abit of a move around before the weekend i decided to ftp a new set of files that i had kept knowing there are fully working. I honestly thought that would of fixed it but after a hard reboot it still remains. Is there any sort of config file i should be looking to delete, maybe to regenerate a fresh set of files? if so any help would be much appreciated. For a little more information ive tried launching this Through an added menu entry aswell as through the file explorer and both reboot to Unleash X before and after a new set of files via Ftp. Thanks In advance Morris

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