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  1. I thought someone may have known how to do this. i know filtering but nodes etc is a feature of xbmc. I just don’t know enough about skin modding to add it to context menu etc
  2. Anyone know how I can add a filter to the options in my Xbox games list to filter games by various info taken from the synopsis file. for example, show only system link games, or co-op games, Racing, strategy, platform etc etc. all the info is there. Just need a way to display only selected types
  3. It’s ok, I found the option in settings to add extra custom tiles to the menu. It was hidden within a sub menu.
  4. Can a mod move this to the rocky5 threads. Forgot there was a separate one. cheers
  5. Hi all. im currently using xbmc emustation on one of my soft modded xboxes. i want to add a bunch of Xbox titles but don’t want them all in one folder on dash carousel. is there anyway I can edit the carousel to have say three Xbox images and links for # - F, H- O, P- X for instance to make it easier to scroll through games I want? i know you can jump to a letter, but that’s no the way I’d prefer. any help would be appreciated. Cheers.
  6. google drive link still working for me.
  7. Managed to sort it. the fact the drives were being recognised By the Xbox etc got me thinking. I added a usb cable extension to the USB adapter in the Xbox and now everything copies back and forward to the SanDisk Cruiser micro 4gb just fine. dodgy cheap USB adapter connection was the issue. Not the sticks I had.
  8. I have a 1gb Sandisk but it’s a Sony duo and wouldn’t know how I’d connect that to it. picking up a 1gb micro sd these days would be more expensive than a job lot of old usb sticks. Have lots of old micro sd cards but all duff now and won’t read in anything.
  9. Yeah it sees the drives, and clicking on it dosent show any contents. Also tried dragging and dropping and inserting. going to try fatxplorer next. all else fails. I’ll buy a job lot of used low capacity usb sticks From eBay.
  10. Did you resolve this? i can copy save games to my usb from the Xbox. When I plug into pc, xplorer360 can’t see the saves. if I use xplorer360 to move saves onto the stick, the Xbox dosent see them. ive, FTP’ d the saves over to my chipped Xbox and tried to copy from Xbox to the usb, but get failed a quarter of way through copying soft nodding tool every time. tried 4 different usb sticks. All recognised, but same issues xx
  11. Loving the XBMC4Gamers I’ve put on my system. I’ve made it my default dashboard. Cant work out the IGR though. System fully reboots to xboxdash. anyone know what combo Key press it is?
  12. Sorry, I’d meant the 1.5,
  13. Although the date of manufacturing would be within the 1.5 version release. I thought there was no way to visually tell if one is a 1.5 arent they rare?
  14. Cheers all. 1.4 then, as it has a focus chip.
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