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  1. Update: @KaosEngineerusing the copy /b crcwell.bin+crcwell.bin+crcwell.bin+crcwell.bin crcwell1MB.bin you suggested has worked. I wrote the new 1MB bios to the SST49LF080A and the xbox booted XBlast OS. I'm also able to program the SST49LF002A with any 256kb bios and boot this successfully. This NANO USB Programmer is really handy thing and nice to have. @Donnie-Burgeryou should give it a try. NANO USB Programmer for PC M/B BIOS repairing with Economic shipping.
  2. Thanks for your help with this so far @KaosEngineer. I got that Nano USB flasher today and tried to write the crcwell.bin to a SST49LF080A chip but the xbox frags and tries to boot 3 times then stays on after the 3rd boot but nothing happens. My guess is that I've written a 256 bin file to a 1mb bios and the xbox is not access the right address for it to boot? I flashed the crcwell.bin to the SST49LF002A clone chip that came with the Aladdin XT and this booted Xblast OS successfully, again my guess is becuase the SST49LF002A is only a 256kb chip? Any idea how to get the crcwell.bin or any other 256 bios to work with the SST49LF080A or is there way to put more than one bios on it? Reading more on this, I may also need to reprogram the CPLD on the Aladdin XT to handle 1mb bios
  3. Thanks for all the replies, I now know where I stand but it clear that to program an SST49LF020A or even SST49LF080A I need a decent EPROM programmer like TOP3000 or similar which sells for a nearly £120.00. So I'm just going to continue with the openxenium for now. Its shaem though as openxium doesn't seem to work with some of the 1.0 boards and console keep fragging when trying to boot xblast bios from openxenium.
  4. Do you know the right size for the plcc socket for the SST49LF020A as I need to get one to connect to my eppprom programmers?
  5. Thanks for your reply, I can get hold of both SST49LF020A and SST49LF080A. I've also got few jtag and epprom programmers. If I get the SST49LF020A can I just my eppprom pgorammer to flash the bios directly onto it?
  6. You're right. So how does one go from there? Ir I get SST49LF080A is there a way for me to flash this instead?
  7. I got OGXBox Bios Flasher Disc v1.1.0, placed bios.bin in c:/bios/ and booted Xblast OS from the flasher disc, choose HDD flash, it then says confirm flash active bank? Hold RT, LT, Start and White to confirm. I do this few times and eventually xbox just reboots. Any ideas!!!
  8. I've got one of these Aladdin XT clones from Aliexpress and want to flash it with XBlast instead of using the openxenium for testing my boards I do ram upgrade on. From what I read some said that the SST49LF020A chip needs to be replaced with SST49LF080A. Anyone has more idea of how this is exactly done or is there a write up about this? I've attached a picture of the SST49LF020A that's on the Aladdin XT I got at the moment/
  9. Yes I'm using the power off button. I just tried what you told me and rebooting from xbmc and starting xbmc again the LCD stays on with the display all the time. Could it be something to do with paths and settings location?
  10. When I start XBMC with LCD enabled settings previously, the LCD screen shows info but then it goes off within like seconds. I then have to go back into system settings and re-enable the LCD again for it to come on. Using Openxenium with spi2par2019 and HD44780 LCD. Once re-enabled it stays on until I turn the xbox off but the same thing happens when I turn it back on again. I'm launching XMBC manually from the dash as I not choose to launch it automatically yet.
  11. So I've just completed my openxenium install along with spi2par2019 / LCD display and Segate 2TB HDD. There are 4 bio on the openxenium which are x2.5035.137 bin, IND-BIOS.5004.67.bin, evox.m8plus.v16.fc.137.bin and Retail Kernel. If I boot with the evox.m8plus.v16.fc.137.bin bios, the console hangs up on the xbox logo and the word microsoft when its trying to load the dash. If I reset the console by ejecting the disc and closing it, it reboots fine striaght into the dash. If I use either x2.5035.137.bin or IND-BIOS.5004.67.bin then console boots straight into the dash from the first time. I tried different HDD, different IDE2SATA adapter both chinese and StarTech ones with all giving the same problem. This leads to believe that the issue is with the evox bios. Any suggestions or idea, should I be using a different evox bios? HDD is formatted with extra G & F partitions, I resized the partions to a smaller size, restarted and then re-partitioned again to the correct size as suggested in a previous post.
  12. I got it working, I just soldered pin header between the spi2par2019 and the lcd, then wired the points to the open xenium just like Rezze diagram and it works.
  13. I'm about to install this spi2par2019 to use with my open xenium. I've soldered a single row pin header to the spi2par2019, can I solder the other side directly to the lcd screen? The reason I'm asking is that I can only see pictures of Rezze doing this while everone else seemed to use wires to connect to the LCD it self!!!!
  14. Having started with a soft mod, then TSPOP and finally installing an open xenium with the help of this great community I've decided to go to the next level. I've received the RAM below in the post today and just checking if this will be okay to use for upgrading to 128mb on one of my experement xbox's? I've also read somewhere that you can install one chip at a time and test it through the the one of the BIOS's that is specially made for this. Then I can continue to add more after each successful chip install!!!

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