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  1. Ok thanks for your info.
  2. Try this software not working.
  3. Have a two original hard drive from a dead xbox but do not have a eeprom.bin or a hdd key backup, is there a solution to unlock? or a cloning hd from a working xbox?
  4. Have a NTSC xbox 1.0 console but live in Italy here is the 220v current,you can mod the PSU to 110v to 220v? at the moment use a step down converter and works fine.
  5. The console problem is a BAD image TSOP, I wanted to understand if there was an alternative to flash the TSOP.
  6. Fitted modchip with BT link to GND and D0 to GND bottom side motherboard,the bios flashed is m8plus, console boots only in chip mode,even when press power button for 2 seconds, and when try to flash IND-5003.67 bios with XBlast OS 0.56 flashed the BIOS on the modchip,my problem is reflash TSOP....
  7. This bios need a cfg file? Because my friend doesn't remember what bios flashed, maybe there is m8plus....your xbox is dead to recover only a modchip.
  8. As soon as I go to get it I try, but what bios should I put?
  9. Unfortunately I can't there are other solutions? I have a Xecuter 3 chip on an xbox 1.6 ands from a friend Aladdin are better solutions?
  10. When flash the tsop_m7.bin on the Open Xenium and boot with this have a black screen and Green Flashing this is normal? or chage the state when remove a wire from ground?
  11. Thanks but I don't understand how to make the connections, I have already used the bottom D0 point for the modchip,can you explain me better?
  12. Can you tell me what is the some links are to be made?
  13. I have another xbox 1.4 console but original mode does not works try to boot 2 times then red / green flashing, I understand the problem is the original TSOP,with modchip OpenXenium works but with evox and XBlast_OS_v0.56 don't detected the flash, in what way and possible to reflash the TSOP?
  14. When power on the console, it moves down and then goes up immediately.
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