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About Me

  1. Hi everyone. New to the forum here. First I'd like to say thank you to the community for keeping such an awesome gaming device alive! It was my first step into modding and I've been addicted since haha. Anyway... I'm looking for a rom pack with/without emulators that is setup specifically for a stock 8gb HDD softmodded xbox, to be used with FTP or from a disc. I've run into some issues with transferring files via FTP. One has to do with the naming limit, and another is an error I can't figure out. But of the SNES library only, there are about 170 games that won't transfer. So I was looking for a pre-made pack of adjusted names and such that my xbox would take without issues. Not sure if one exists or not. It's a project that would consume a huge amount of my time which is why I'm asking for help. Even if there is a way to batch-rename them, that would work also. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I am making the 128 mb mod to my console, I guess this situation is happening to me, I soldered the first memory and when doing the ram check, when starting the xblastOS the screen turns into pure frames or as in the attached image it looks distorted, what is this about? The memories are Samsung and are from another Xbox.. HELP!! I have carefully checked the pins to verify that I do not have jumpers or tin balls, in addition to that there is no short.
  3. https://cyrix.ca/n-comm-w-modern-controller-on-ogxbox Went through the effort of testing this out as I know there are plenty of people wanting to play on Insignia, want to use a modern controller, but also want to be able to use in-game chat. This setup works and should give people a guide on how to get their own setup going.
  4. Hey everyone, I got an Xbox last week (Softmodded, seller did not provide information about how he softmodded it). The HDD is dying. I can read from it but can't write to it, therefore, I can't back up the EEPROM, but I got the HDD key. I was thinking of swapping the HDD but wanted to know if this is possible just with the HDD key using FATXplorer and using FTP to just transfer all the information from the old HDD to the new HDD. The seller is unresponsive, so I can't contact him.
  5. Hello everyone, I have a !.0 MOBO that I have recently installed Project stellar on along with the HD+ kit from MakeMhz. I had the ribbon cable to the video encoder professionally soldered on but the rest of the install I was able to complete myself. once i reassembled the unit I was able to get it to post with only the mod chip with no DVD or HDD drive but I had no audio only the splash screen. I then completely reassembled to see if it was an issue with no hard drive (shouldn't be i thought to myself) so unsurprisingly it still had no audio (but the picture is OUTSTANDING). anyway I took everything apart to check my work and now seem to have narrowed down the sound issue to hopefully a bad wire included in the kit or a setting issue on the MS DASH feel free to let me know your thoughts on the audio issue as well. BUT when going to try the MS DASH first i reassembled and now the mod chip itself (project stellar) wont boot idk if the xbox is bricked now or what, I seem to get power to the chip as seen by the little green indicator light on the bottom of the chip but the tiny screen does not display anything not even an error code. So I reconnected the chip to my PC and found that the screen itself does in fact work it displays "PC Mode" so I know the screen didn't die and all of the firmware and bios seem to be on the chip and website tells me that the chip is ready for install now. I figure I should get the chip working first before I can do anymore diagnosing on this thing. At this point I am lost. I'm just trying to make a good birthday present for my little brother. please any help is appreciated TIA!
  6. Hi Everyone, i'm currently offering these replacement cables in an effort to bring back to life as many original xbox Microsoft branded controllers as possible! This cable includes a 5 pin connector so it has all of the data lines that the xbox cable uses. It's a simple replacement, just de-solder the existent pin connector, and put this in it's place. This is a full length cord, includes the breakaway, ferrite cores, strain relief etc. It can also be used as a replacement on most (maybe all) of the cheap aftermarket controllers if you want to be able to use sit further from your monitor/TV. The new connector inserts vertically, the old one lays on it's side, this has no effect on the shell. There is one other difference i will point out for complete transparency. The original xbox controller uses 5 data lines, and has 1 chunky stranded line of shielding that is soldered as a 6th pin. These do not have that 6th pin. For comparison, the cheap aftermarket controllers use 4 pins in their wiring (missing the yellow wire), have no breakaway cable, and are only 5-6 feet in length. These ship from the US, and currently listed at $5.99 per cable. I do have a shopify store for easy payment options, but will not link that here until i have permission to do so. If you are interested, please drop a comment and feel free to PM me. Bulk rates are an option, just have to figure out the best method of shipping whatever qty it is you may be interested in.
  7. Hello! So pleased to have joined this forum! I'm in my early thirties, based in London, UK and have two young (<3) daughters, who are keeping my wife and I pretty busy. Since the kids have been born, I've picked up my obsession with the OG xbox again, playing my childhood classics when everyone else is asleep (which doesn't happen that often unfortunately). Currently rocking a green (none halo) edition xbox, tsop with cerbios and a 2tb hard drive. Looking to upgrade to hdmi mod soon and maybe the dual fan mod. Thanks for having me!
  8. I've been scratching my head at this for a few days trying to get this to work with no avail. I've been using this library https://github.com/brentdc-nz/libSDL2x/tree/master but it's not very complete, so I tried using Lantus's libSDLx library (SDL 1.2) and I couldn't get it to set up properly. I'm on physical hardware running Windows XP Professional SP3 32-bit. libSDL2x wouldn't work because it would break at SDL_RenderPresent() and spit out an error about memory allocation?
  9. Hey everyone, I'm having a problem with an original xbox that will turn on, with a solid green light for a second, then turn itself off. Then back on with an orange blinking light, then turn itself off and on again until finally staying on with a blinking orange light with it's fan running what I think is full power (haven't confirmed this). I can open the disc tray when in this state, but I can't power the xbox off unless I unplug the power from the back. I opened up the xbox. I believe it's a v1.2 motherboard. It was in pretty good condition I thought considering the original owner said it sat in a closet for the past decade or so. This xbox was not modded. I read that an orange blinking light could mean the xbox was overheating, which would explain the high fan speed. So I removed the old thermal paste, and added new thermal paste, put it back together, plugged it in, and the same issue is happening. I have tried a brand new A/V cable and power cord that I bought on amazon and that didn't seem to make a difference. Does anyone know what an orange blinking light and this sequence of powering on and off mean? I can't find good documentation on it anywhere. I'm also looking to try anything else at this point if you have any recommendations. Here is a link to a video of the symptoms described above and some pictures of the montherboard. Thanks for any help in advance! https://imgur.com/a/7hMZWFn?
  10. I'm so far behind on the Xbox stuff being out of it since long before Cerbios took over like a storm, I vagely remember Cerbios couldn't be used if using component cables to connect the Xbox to the TV? would I be right in saying this? I run my Xbox using the Microsoft Component adapter with the SDDIF on it, which the spdif connects to my Amp for audio and the component I use a component to HDMI adapter which runs to my TV. Is Cerbios going to work in this situation, and if so which Cerbios should I be using? I have a 2TB HDD full of stuff, I don't want to have to format that to get it going. From my reading today it sounds like I can just flash the bios using the Xenium OS tool, rather than any boot CD's, and that sounds the best way to go for it. Thanks for any assistance
  11. Hey! So i bought a hdmi adapter to use with my xbox(should arrive soon), to connect the console to a monitor. The adapter does not have a audio port. The monitor does not have a audio port/speakers i noticed later to my surprise. Im wondering if there is any simple way to get audio out of this setup. I dont want to buy the official headset, wanted to use a regular pair of 3.5mm headphones.. I did a bit of research and i can...buy a cheap audio extractor i suppose...there is no 3.5mm port on the og xbox controller...i dont know if there is an alternative free solution.. Im wondering, can someone help me out? Maybe something im not thinking about.. Thanks
  12. Howdy. 8 years ago I bought my OG xbox and tinkered with it a bit - but never really found the time to really delve into it. I was confused by how it would boot differently with the power and eject buttons, I think I had attempted to softmod it before I realised it had a modchip installed and that was why it was doing different things with the different front buttons. I think at the time it might have booted with both buttons but I can't fully remember as it was so long ago. Cut forward to 2024 and I finally had some time to look into it so am trying to get help with the various issues I've encountered. Firstly, it would only boot with the eject button. The power button would go to an EvoX logo but then a black screen. The eject button would load into UnleashX dash. When inspecting the board I noticed some bulging and a leaky cap, so bought a cap replacement kit (as well as a clock cap) to do a recap. I've only a tiny bit of soldering experience so it's a little daunting but I hope I'll be fine with it. I've only soldered a wire in my old NES to make it region free so far, so a complete noob at soldering. I also had planned to replace the thermal paste, as well as the stock fan and run power off the HDD power cable, and upgrade the stock HDD to a 250GB PATA I have handy. I assume I need to redo the HDD to get rid of the softmod. But the fact that the power button doesn't boot worries me a little about that part of the process. I don't have a replacement fan yet so was going to do that later on. Today I opened her up to begin the process of replacing thermal paste and attempting the recap, but I forgot that there was a wire connecting the front buttons to my modchip. I must have accidentally pulled this off the pad when removing the drives to access the motherboard. I have read that you suggest to solder this to the chip itself so that it is permanently enabled, however will this cause me issues down the track since my modchip wasn't booting correctly with the power button? Also the wire used for this was SUPER thin. I have some thicker wire I used for NES to ground the pin on the region lock chip to disable it. Would that work ok to use instead, if I removed the existing wire? Should I just re-solder the eject/power button first to reduce potential issues with testing it out after recapping, replacing HDD etc? I forget which pad it was soldered to. Top left corner of the back of the front panel buttons I think? I can't seem to find instructions online. How should I go about trying to get the chip working - just try installing the new HDD and that should get rid of the soft mod? If I do need to flash the chip, how should I go about that? Sorry for lots of questions, just completely new to this process.
  13. Hello, I’m trying to repair an Xbox Ver 1.1 for a friend. It has a Xenium 0449 05 M2 MT mod installed with a 160 GB HDD. I’m getting a 05 error on boot up. So, I’m assuming its booting with xbox original bios and 05 error has to do with the unlocked 160GB HDD. My question is, what options do I have here. I don’t know if Mod is bad or the HDD has an error. The mod has a red led always on and I don’t know if this is normal. If mod is ok, what options do I have to repair HDD to work with existing Xenium mod.I have checked the D0 wire and it is ok. Thanks
  14. Lost all my consoles when my basement flooded, anyone have a console with 128mb ram & a makemhz hdmi kit installed they are willing to part ways with? Thanks!
  15. I'm probably releasing something i could have found if i looked hard enough, but anyway.. I was manually inputting the folder names and iso file for every bloody game i have. it was driving me insane. copy pasting only helps so much. I decided to stop being lazy as it's costing me more time so, I made a python script that checks the current folder it lives in. looks at all folders within that folder and makes a list of them. It then runs extract-xiso with the correct name and parameter to create the iso. one after another IT's quick and dirty and has literally no error handling at all. but it works for what i need. hope it helps someone. in the end it took all of 2 minutes to write. curse you procrastination! all that time wasted extract-iso-all.py
  16. Hello, I am looking at making a few of these for myself, and I'm wondering if anybody here has used one, or anything similar to it? I'm not familiar with kernel debugging using Super I/O, but it seems like something that could be useful if I want to learn all I can from the hardware of this system. DobaMuffin
  17. Don't think it was ever used. The drive/card packaging was never opened, don't think the DVD's have ever been taken out of their cases. Did plug it in and it fires up, but haven't done anything else with it. I also have an old modded XBox that has been sitting in a closet for many years, recently pulled it out to play with my kids and we started reading online about replacing the cap's in them. It still works but we'll do that soon, but then I remembered we have this thing just sitting in a box. What would you do? Sell it and let a buyer open it up and fix...open it up ourselves ASAP before those cap's kill it...do nothing? Only thing I don't think we'll do is send it back to Microsoft
  18. I softmodded a series of XBox OGs in a marathon week but discovered an issue with model v1.6 and dualboot not working. All versions below seemed to work ok. Anyone else have this issue? Thanks
  19. I installed the Origins based image and upgraded to 128MB of RAM. Also added an SPDIF port for digital audio. If you would like it, please make an offer. Thanks guys
  20. I have an unmodded japanese xbox (rev 1.0) with a dead HDD. I also have a working HDD from a USA xbox (rev 1.6) that has a softmod on it. If I extract the eeprom from the xbox with the dead HDD, can I use fatxplorer 3 to unlock the working softmodded HDD, then relock it with the extracted HDD password from the eeprom? Or would the xbox not read the new HDD because the model and serial numbers don't match the original eeprom? I've found one tutorial on how to setup the new HDD with the extracted eeprom but that tutorial uses a spare xbox and will format/clear the new HDD, which I do not want since it's already formatted correctly and has a lot of games on it. Any help would be appreciated
  21. I can only join Insignia online after I run the MS Dashboard network troubleshooter and IGR back to Unleash X and launch a game to play online. My configuration is the same for both MS network and Unleash X network settings. I wish to keep Unleash X if possible and in worst case scenario keep doing what works. I am running another router as a wireless bridge client. What is Auto-Detect under network settings in Unleash X? How can I get Insignia to work without running MS Dashboard network troubleshooter every time? Enable Yes Type Static IP Address Subnet mask Gateway DNS 1 DNS 2 Auto-Detect Yes
  22. I've made several .cut files to launch Doom Wads to play, But now I've got a weird problem where the last file doesn't load in this cut: <shortcut> <path>F:\Homebrew\Odamex_v0.7.0\odamex.xbe</path> <label>DOOM II [A]</label> <thumb>F:\Homebrew\Odamex_v0.7.0\default.tbn</thumb> <custom> <game>-waddir "D:\IWads;D:\PWads\_Addons\Doom 2 Minor Sprite Fixing Project v2.0;D:\PWads\_Addons\Vanilla Smooth Weapons\Extra Fixes by Community\Scuba Steve Fix;D:\PWads\_Addons\Vanilla Brightmaps" -iwad DOOM2.wad -file D2SPFX20.WAD D2DEHFIX.DEH vsmooth.wad SoftFX_32in24_15_tex_v2_cleaned.wad HEADL0_SoftFX.wad</game> </custom> </shortcut> If I move the HEADL0_softFX.wad before SoftFX_32in24_15_tex_v2_cleaned.wad then that loads it, but the last file being "SoftFX_32in24_15_tex_v2_cleaned.wad " doesn't loads. Switching them vice versa only results in the last file not loading. Which is making me think that there's a file limit for the parameters. Here is a preview of the directory of those last files on my XBox: Is this a .cut limitation or Odamex's 0.7.0 limitation in reading the parameters?
  23. I’ve been running into issues left and right after swapping from and OpenXenium with the HD+ to Nemesis Xenium. I finally got everything up and running fine and seemingly no issue at all with the swapping. Updated to the latest PrometheOS and HD+ firmware before the swap. I can play around in Prometheos as long as I want, doing FTP, flashing banks, etc. As soon as I load into Cerbios HD I get the normal XBMC login screen, but that’s as far as I can get. It freezes almost every time I attempt to sign in. Once I was able to login, but it froze when I clicked on apps. I’ve done a full reformat and reinstall of everything. Also have made sure I’m running the latest XBMC4Gamers. I was trying UDMA 6 and then tried UDMA 5 on a brand new 2TB HDD, with the same results. Anyone else ever run into something like this? This is happening on my precious Skeleton that I’ve slowly been trying to get done.
  24. So peeps, The metal RF sheilding in your xbox's, do you keep yours, throw it, paint it or something else?? I used to throw mine away if they were rusty but just recently I have painted a couple and I am pleasantly surprised with the results. Here one where I used a Canary Yellow... Will be adding a yellow ring of light to this one and swapping out the power leds for yellow too. This box currently has red leds in the control ports too. Might change those to yellow too....
  25. I think I got lucky. I was looking for an Xbox below 1.6 to do a RAM upgrade on. I found one with the X3 front switch panel for the same price as any old Xbox without it. Just got it and it turns on. The chip turned out to be the newer CE version. But it's installed with the Xapt3r adapter. In https://command-tab.com/static/x3_ce_v10_v16.pdf there is an image of the standard kit: The parts that came with this Xbox are 1, 2, 3, 4 and 7. If I want to solder it I will need 9 also. That I can make myself from one of the scrap headers I have. But what is 8 and 10? My guess is that 10 is irrelevant. Is 8 for some drive activity led flashing? Is it available to buy somewhere?

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