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  1. I haven't done the repair yet but before I continue I would like to know if there is more damage than I thought. I don't recall the hard drive making this noise when plugged in a pc. Is this the result of a missing trace? I called a few people if they would solder for me. I got two quotes. I decided if I am going to repair I will end up doing so myself. I am looking into getting lead free solder paste and desoldering braid. I have a budget solder iron but ended up vapourizing the solder that came with it. Maybe solder paste is easier to work with as it is applied to the wire before mel
  2. In the process of finding a person who does advanced soldering.
  3. There is a break on "Trace A" I tested with a multimeter. "Trace B" there was continuity. The original xbox shuts down at about 3:30(s) with DVD and Hard drive disconnected. My softmodded xbox runs past 10 mins, doesn't shut down with DVD and Hard drive disconnected.
  4. How well does a conductive pen work? Does the repair need an overcoat pen as well?
  5. I got the xbox original to power up for 2:20(s). I used hot glue at the green and brown wire solder points, it didn't improve on time. I put electrical tape folded around the green and brown wire where they cross over ide connector and dvd power connector. I found trace damage on photo 16. Is it a matter of finding someone who does board level repair. With the modchip disconnected, dvd drive and hard drive disconnected I get an error 07. It then powers off at 2:20(s). I used an eraser to clean the glue around the small rubber square. Photos 15,16 and 17 https://dr
  6. Here's 14 photos of the xbox original damaged motherboard. Photo 1 is from another xbox similar board version. It has a resistor of 112 label. That resistor is missing on the damaged motherboard. Sorry the pictures are not that clear poor lighting and flash cause distortion on photo. The green wire on back of the board, the solder is closer than the parallel trace lines possibly contacting. There is heat damage on the back of the ide connector. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1xyojw0QrylbUP9E3nXgxr4DaBer2UyW8?usp=sharing
  7. The board version must be 1.2. Conexant video chip, 2003 - 07 - 10 mfg date, 5101 kernal. There is a missing flat rectangular resistor that came off when cleaning the board by the capacitor known to leak. There must be something causing a short because the xbox original shuts off suddenly. I managed to get it to run for 3 minutes. What does one charge for replacing a resistor and doing a trace repair? I don't trust the mod chip solder points behind the board they need to be de-soldered as well.
  8. I got original xbox with intentions to only use working dvd drive to swap for parts but up found the existing hdd looked damaged as original owner said xbox was making arching noises. I figured to see if I can get the xbox going again. The machine powers on and shuts off at 1:15(s) that is with a working hdd. I swapped the power supply from a working machine and same thing. The dvd drive does work on a working machine. I relocked the hdd from another machine to this one the hdd was softmodded didn't work. I then reformatted with stock C and E files relocked hdd didn't work. The original
  9. Well I managed to get the eeprom bin file from the original xbox. At first I got a "busy bus error -11". I had a 3.0V coin battery it was not enough to power the chip. I then ended up plugging in the original xbox to power the chip. Ran PonyProg2000 with no issues. After disconnecting the pin header the leds lit up. So the power must of diverted for the leds to light up. In device manager I disabled the com port before disconnecting the cable to work on the circuit with the original xbox unplugged just to be safe.
  10. BC Robotics is an option. Would 1/4W rating resistor be ok? The zener diode is rated at 1W. What is the voltage from the serial port is it like 12V and possibly 500mA? Ian_T off of forum Afterdawn used two led in series and it worked for him. I wonder if his circuit would have an over voltage? Search "led" in these two pages ctrl + f in google chrome. https://forums.afterdawn.com/threads/how-to-read-your-xboxs-eeprom-and-get-the-hdd-key-without-removing-the-chip-or-modding-the-xbox.463026/page-6 https://forums.afterdawn.com/threads/how-to-read-your-xboxs-eeprom-and-get-
  11. Need a checkup on building a EEPROM reader from a person with a background on electronics. Can I use two leds in series instead of a 5.1V zener diode rated at 1W for a EEPROM xbox original reader? Can a 3.0V coin battery or 4X1.2V AA batteries @ 4.8V be used as a external powersupply directly? Would 4.8V have too high of mAh or current for the EEPROM chip? I plan to use a serial to RJ45 with a connector to ethernet as a cable. I am using a bread board to create the circuit. I plan to use the materials I already have.
  12. Note: When transferring backup TDATA files, etc to xbox original hdd partition in Xplorer360 you may have to run a program called Explorer++ as Administrator. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iV8B6eZVkBM 7:00 - 7:34 min mark.
  13. Update: Got the TDATA files transferred tested on xbox and they work. Ended up having main pc powered on and swapped ide cable from xbox to pc ide within 5 seconds at the error 12 screen, refreshed device manager, ran Xplorer360, deleted existing TDATA files replaced the TDATA files and then powered xbox down reconnected the cables back.
  14. I did a backup on the E:\TDATA. Ran the Xbox Softmodding Tool on the xbox's hdd to restore to factory and it worked no problems. Saw data being put on the Y:drive then UDATA being saved. Now I am trying to copy back the E:\TDATA. Connecting xbox hdd to pc. 1. I unplugged the dvd drive ide. 2. Powered the xbox on. to unlock the hdd 3. When error 12 shows up disconnected hdd ide on xbox 4. Connect pc master ide to xbox hdd. 5. Wake computer from sleep mode. 6. Run Xplorer360 > drive > open > hard drive I get a error with Xplorer360 sayi
  15. Is Halo 2 multiplayer map pack considered a DLC? Is there a way to preserve the content on the E partition as I don't have the disc but the content was installed before I got the xbox. Could I ftp the E partition, restore the xbox to factory, unlock the hdd with chimp 261812 on the softmodded xbox, load the hdd on pc, using Xplorer360 put the backup files on the E partition then lock the drive with chimp 261812 on the softmodded xbox.

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