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  1. So the only way is to essentially bypass it or desolder and reflash it or replace it . I think i’ll just stick with the Open Xenium Chip.
  2. Yes i fixed it. My Xbox has a corrupt bios for some reason. Is there a way to fix the bios on the mobo.
  3. Mine is fragging too except i also replaced the caps. https://imgur.com/gallery/WIgbUQI
  4. My OG Xbox started to Frag after a recap using the Console 5 kits. The PSU has been successfully recapped, mod chip and the extra ram chips work as i did that before the recap, clock cap area is fine, i removed that cap quite a while ago and cleaned the area with isopropyl alcohol. Every cap is in the right place and in the right orientation. But i did install C3B1 near the AV port, the 100uf cap the wrong away around the first time. I fixed that mistake, powered it on again but i get a Frag. What could be the problem? I reflowed the solder many times, and can’t find shorts either. Images: https://imgur.com/gallery/WIgbUQI

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