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  1. Thanks for the reply, looks like i do have the E partition and the C partition and copied bios contents over to it but still no luck. It keeps losing the video signal everytime i boot into a bios using the Open Xenium chip. I will wait for my replacement TSOP 40 1mb bios chip to arrive and will flash that and replace it.
  2. I tried M8 Plus with HDPlus Bios patch, Ind Bios with Ram patch. The bios used to load up before i replaced the HDD and reflashed the TSOP chip. This replacement HDD has only C and D partitions. I transferred some bios’s over and it has been formatted using the Open Xenium chip, but i need to boot into Hexen to set it up properly just need to figure how i can get video when i boot into a bios. .
  3. Unfortunately not. Every time i boot into a Bios using the Open Xenium Chip, i get no video signal. I tried the AladdinXT chip and i get the same issue. My Xbox has a replaced empty hdd as the previous one died, 128mb of Ram and Xbox HDPlus. So i’m not sure whether that’s causing this black screen problem.
  4. No luck i desoldered it once again. Inserted the chip into the socket of the programmer. Then i extracted the 1mb Ind Bios from the Hexen 2020 iso using XDVDMulleter and flashed that to the chip. Soldered it back on the mobo. Tested without the modchip and i still get a FRAG. It works with the Modchip (Open Xenium) but don’t know where to go by this point. Not sure why it still isn’t working. All of the additional options on Xgpro were unchecked and said flash successful at 99.21%. At this point, i would prefer to figure out a way to flash the chip using the console itself. Maybe boot into Hexen and then remove the modchip and flash the onboard bios but sounds like a dodgy way of doing it.
  5. Ok looks like Pin Detect and other options were causing problems. When i unselect it all it detects the flash. Now i just need to flash a 1.0 bios to this but as a noob i don’t know how to do it. Will have to mess around with this software or will just look it up.
  6. Reposted with pics on Imgur: https://imgur.com/gallery/rH19myY I need help flashing this corrupt Bios chip on my Og Xbox. Unfortunately this is the only way i can reflash it, as i attempted to flash it but forgot to bridge the points now my Og Xbox only works with a modchip. I got around to picking up a programmer TL866II Plus with Xgpro v11.90 Flasher tool. But i keep getting a pin detect error. I first tried it with a new exact replacement chip using a TSOP 40 adaptor. Then ended up losing that chip. And desoldered the one from the motherboard. I also removed the cold solder from the adaptors and added some fresh new high quality solder with flux to make sure that isn’t the problem. I socketed it into the slot and no luck “Pin detect error”. I then ordered another adaptor this time without a socket and i soldered on the bios chip. I also redid the solder joints, as the ones on that adaptor were dull aswell, and no luck. I picked up the correct or the closest settings on the Xgpro v11.90 software. I tried TSOP 40 Hyundai and Hynix HY29F080 with no luck. It yet again gives me a “Pin detect error”. I even tried auto detect and it says chip not supported. On the chip it says Hyundai HY29F080T-90, but i can’t find that exact model number on the menu. Could that be the issue or is it something else. I have no idea as this is my first time using a programmer. And saw a video or two on how to use it.
  7. Is there any cheaper programmers? Or can i solder some wires from the motherboard to a pc to reflash the bios?
  8. Oh so it’s same as the 3 wire trick which didn’t work. I have ordered a replacement HY29F080T 1mb Chip but how do i flash it? Do i need a TSOP40 Flasher? and what software do i use?
  9. I had no modchip. I first tried to TSOP my Xbox using Hexen, i forgot to do the TSOP since i mixed it up for another Xbox i TSOP modded. I then installed a modchip to bypass the Frag caused by the corrupt bios and i want to restore that bios so i can also restore the MS Dash.
  10. No had no modchip and forgot to do a TSOP mod before reflashing and then my Xbox starting fragging before installing a modchip to bypass that issue. I just want to fix the corrupt bios. But can’t boot without a modchip.
  11. Hi i have a Xbox 1.0 with a corrupt bios and i discovered that the TSOP mod wasn’t done before i flashed it and ended up corrupting the bios. I tried the 3 wire trick and that didn’t work and can’t seem to find any bios reflash settings on the Open Xenium mod chip. So that really only leaves me with flashing a new chip and soldering it in. Is that the only option i have?

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