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  1. Land of the dead, the suffering 1&2
  2. Oh okay. Surprised its so simple. How come the hexen method doesn't work? Just out of curiosity.
  3. 1.0 Tsop with x2 bios. Booting to unleashx
  4. I finally got around to setting up my xbmc with the origin skin and the updated UI. It works great and looks amazing, but when I have it set as my default dash it boots to a black screen. I've tried using hexen 2019 & 2020 to set it as default and both have the same out come.
  5. I really like xbmc with origins skin and the updated ui. Something about the cover art and spinning discs tickles my Fancy.
  6. rocky5 soft mod is all you really need. He has packed everything up nicely
  7. I think you are talking about xlink kai.
  8. Thanks Dave. You actually cleared up so much for me. I was confused as to why a lot of people were using on/off/on spdt switches and it just dawned on me, so they can split the Tsop into 4.
  9. Hey guys I have a 1.0 and i've been reading about splinting the 1mb tsop. I plan on just having 2 banks of 512k and have one with x2 and the other with IND. I understand that depending on which point I solder to I need to cut the trace(example a18/19). I am just double checking regarding the process. 1)once the switch is install and I select the bank(ground A18) then power on with hexen in the drive do I just go about and flash it the IND 512k bios? 2)What would happen if the switch was in the off position (middle position on a 3 position switch) where nothing is being powered or grounded? any inside would be great. And if it is a bad idea please let me know. This is the guide that I found to be most informative but I still have a few questions. https://web.archive.org/web/20150929093339/http://xbox-scene.com/articles/tsop-live-1mb.php aswell
  10. thanks for the info Rocky. I did manage to get it working. I had to make a path E/alt dash/default.xbe(if memory serves me). Now I am having a small bug where the led is orange by default, is there a config file I can edit to change that if not it is not a huge issue, Its a friends xbox and hes adamant about being able to access the stock dash for his kid.
  11. I actually figured out by using an app rocking put into his softmoding tools I can control which it boots to by holding a button on the controller. I wanted to try and set it up to boot to xbmc4gamers then unleashx while holding a different button. It seemed to have worked in the end. I was just curious if I could tie the command to the power and eject buttons.
  12. Hey guys. So I'm working on a softmod and I wanted to try the dual boot with different dashes, and controlling the boots with eject and power. Any help would be much appreciated.
  13. I think they need to be placed in a certain folder and not more than a folder deep in said folder. Might need to edit a config to point them to said folder location if its deeper than one folder.
  14. I replaced the motor that opens and closes the drive and sourced it from a broken 360 drive(I believe they were both samsung). It was a perfect fit i just needed to run wires instead of the plugs that solder in to the board. Other than that nothing could really be used from what I saw.

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