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  1. Maybe check the solder joints on the av port on the xbox? At least you were able to figure out that its that xbox and not the cable.
  2. hmm thats so interesting. Im not the most well versed in linux, but I might try it. Ill try a different pc first before I dive into the linux route. Did you just use urjtag on ubuntu? I have an old windows xp system sitting here ill try. Thank you.
  3. Ill try posting in the thread, but he did say sometimes it just does not work with some clones. Im gonna try to use it for a LCD if it doesn't work then ill remove the lattice cpld and solder the points directly to the lcd. Wish I was able to pull the original firmware but it was secured and saved as zeros... bummer.
  4. Okay just giving an update if anyone comes across this looking for answers. Unfortunately the Aladdin clone I have simply does not work with the xblast or non-xblast code. I bought a lattice clone JTAG programmer and flashed the cpld. After many failed attempts at flashing the SST via hotswap I went out and bought a lpc programmer with the plcc32 adaptor. After successfully programming the .bin and trying to boot I was met with nothing but frags. Ive tried everything and still it just doesn't work. I guess either I messaged up somewhere(very possible) or the clone Aladdin was made differently than before(doubtful but still possible).
  5. Okay so from what I can tell the cpld is programmed, it refuses to boot with the stock stt. I placed the upgraded stt and tried to hotswap(using a stock aladdin ) it using evo dash and xblast os. I keep getting the error that it is unable to write to it. Am i missing something? I have read through a bunch of archived stuff and just cant find anything.
  6. Okay, so a little update. For what ever reason I could not get urjtag to work, but I did manage to get diamond to recognize the programmer and actually fash it. No idea how I managed to get the program, the tutorial is all in Chinese and I found it on a site selling the programmer.
  7. I double checked the wiring. I think I might be having an issue with the PC, I was looking at the long files and it seems sometimes its allowing the drivers and sometimes it is not. Its a bit older system with a x3440 Xeon running windows 10 pro. I will try it in a newer computer and I'll just try installing win7 on a spare HDD and try that. The wiring seemed okay, I marked the points and connected them one at a time. Im just at my wits end, I've reflashed bios on corrupted gpus and motherboards using a usb converter and had less issues. Thank you for the reply BTW.
  8. So I have sometime on my hands and Ive been playing around with some cheap aladdins I have kicking around. I've managed to get urjtag to read my jtag programmer(HW-USBN-2A) but when I run the 'detect' command it tells me my that TDO is stuck at 0 or 1. I originally tried with a cheap USB blaster but it just would not work. Ive tried changing the wire, reconnecting the wires, powering the chip with the programmer, powering the chip with a xbox and powering the chip with a bench power supply.
  9. madmon

    Og Slim

    Damn looks really good, good job! I did the same with the stock fan and I'm actually pretty happy with it. In game I have it running at 10% and it keeps everything nice and cool. I feel like a black jewel would look good.
  10. Land of the dead, the suffering 1&2
  11. Oh okay. Surprised its so simple. How come the hexen method doesn't work? Just out of curiosity.
  12. 1.0 Tsop with x2 bios. Booting to unleashx
  13. I finally got around to setting up my xbmc with the origin skin and the updated UI. It works great and looks amazing, but when I have it set as my default dash it boots to a black screen. I've tried using hexen 2019 & 2020 to set it as default and both have the same out come.
  14. I really like xbmc with origins skin and the updated ui. Something about the cover art and spinning discs tickles my Fancy.

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