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About Me

  1. I have this listed on ebay for $850 but would sell on Paypal or Venmo for $750 since I wouldn't have to pay fees. The CPU is upgraded to a 1.26 GHz Tualatin, but it overclocks to 1.42 GHz without issue. See ebay listing here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/335333381339
  2. This is something I came up with to make reballing the interposers a little easier. Should fit most top sections of these reball jigs, might need slight massaging with a vile and/or sandpaper. this is for 1.6mm thickness pcbs, you could also fit pcbs in there that already have passives soldered onto them. incase you have to try and salvage a failed attempt at the mod. Xbox cpu interposer jig v5.stl
  3. Hi, I bought an upgraded xbox v1.0 board from Trusty years ago. It has 128mb ram and supposedly a 1ghz CPU yet in xbmc it only shows as 733 mhz. After searching for pictures of the original xbox CPU mine looks similar. Basically I want to know if this CPU is a standard xbox one or a different replacement one. Picture of my CPU:
  4. Last week I purchased a nice OG to revisit a console that I'd had so much fun with 2 decades ago and to do some modding on. I set out to finally recreate one of those Friendtech/trusty/n64freak consoles that I'd wanted to do for a long time, but unfortunately never followed up with. This was made infinitely simpler after n64freak opened up sales of his bare interposer boards, so now the daunting amount of work for engineering these boards myself from the Friendtech patent file and datasheets can be skipped. I sourced the components for the clock switching circuit on the interposer, which totaled an astonishing €5 from Digikey, while I needed to spend €50 to qualify for free shipping. This quickly spiraled out of control, I ordered everything x10... There's another 10 CPUs coming my way and there's a 10-high stack of never-been-opened xboxes behind me already. While awaiting components to arrive, I've been reading about this upgrade and this left me the impression that these CPU-upgraded consoles at some point were highly sought after. I'd like to gauge current interest and am trying to get global idea of what these units should yield when sold. I was thinking of offering the following for €275: - Clean motherboard with CPU upgraded to a 1.4GHz/512kB cache Tualatin using n64freak's interposer - RAM upgraded to 128MB by installing the 4 additional chips - OpenXenium modchip installed (or only with a flashed BIOS for some discount) - no PSU, HDD, DVD, case since cost of shipping twice easily exceeds sourcing an xbox locally for most locations I still have to think about a proper reliable solution for the heatsink if these boards are to be shipped. Any thoughts?
  5. Hi All I thought I’d share my custom prints and files used for the OG CPU upgrade. https://github.com/ACE-AU I’ve done a heap of upgrades as of late. You can see them on my YT channel. https://youtube.com/@aceconsolerepairs?si=RRgvNWeJkBL1a7it I usually stream them live and there is a couple of uploaded vids showing the process. I hope someone has some use for the files etc.
  6. Thanks to @zzattack and his help I have been able to more successfully complete CPU Upgrades (2/2) with his technique so far! Will be getting some units up for sale as soon as I can figure out the proper cooling technique! The VCORE Voltage Modifications necessary for 1.45volts on a v1.6 xbox is as follows (using 0ohm resistors)
  7. Following the footsteps of these gentlemen & crew: Trusty N64 Freak FriendTech I intend to upgrade the CPU in my Xbox, for Linux performance. At some point (after I have an SMD rework station) I intend to upgrade the RAM also. At this stage I'm just researching the feasibility, and seeing what I'm jumping into. I believe I can use a CPU socket (495) from a mobile Pentium 3 to use a P3 1 GHz "SL53s" with minor accommodations made. I will need to comb over the datasheets as I don't currently know If I can just "drop in" a faster 495 mobile celeron/P3, say after I've installed a CPU socket from an old laptop. Processors I've seen photos of installed in adapters include: SL5XL The Tualatin 1.4 GHz 512KB L2 Cache and 133MHz FSB SL53S Seen in N64 Freak's 1GHz mod, apparently using a cpu w/ 100MHz FSB is not out of the question. SL657 Seen in an adapter board somewhere. I wouldn't try an SL6BY because the core voltage is lower than 1.5V and the original CPU used up to 1.7V Some concerns I have: VID Voltage Range, VID[4:0] SSE Technology, SpeedStep Technology. GTL+ (do any of the cpus use the older GTL, if not then it is not a concern at the moment) Bus Speed: Can I use a chip with 100 MHz FSB? Nobody wants to downgrade.. L2 Cache: Does this matter? Can I simply use a chip with more, believe I can because Trusty & N64 freak have already done this without issue. To slow the CPU speed, they are apparently using STPCLK# assertion. This is accomplished on the adapter PCB with the necessary support components added. My first attempts will not include provisions to slow the performance, as playing games on the console will not be an immediate priority. I'll have to check the usual places and see if I can locate a CPU area schematic for the Xbox, I believe it is in the wild, if anyone has details, please PM me! The socket 370 to 495 adaptor shouldn't be too difficult to create seeing as how I have some datasheets to work from. First attempt I will use a standard 495 PGA mobile cpu (currently looking for one w/133 FSB) in a recovered 495 socket, then comes the task of designing an adapter board to go from 495 to 370. If N64 Freak would like to comment his words will be greatly appreciated, I'm not here to steal anyones thunder; just looking for a performance gain. I have datasheets from that era attached below, I'll have to see if the SL5sn (xbox) CPU is mentioned. Thanks everybody! =================== ---All The Best--- =================== -LeapFrogging ia-platform-basics-paper.pdf p3_ds_CPU_MOD.pdf moreCPUhere_28365403.pdf 29859603_CPU_MOD.pdf here_24530624.pdf III Processor 1400 512KB L2.pdf celeron.pdf KC80526LY500256SL4JP-Intel.pdf
  8. Well, overclocking has way too many problems to be worth it. You called it @MadMartiganSome are worth it, like the one I have at 827MHZ right now, but I'd rather get good at RAM upgrades and interposer installs. But I would have to do it with a hot air gun for now. I need a reball kit for the interposer and solder balls, I think .78MM leaded. I will get with him for the temps. on both. I promised myself I would do this and the RAM installs, so I'm doing it, come hell or high water. I have a 1GHZ coppermine with 256k of L2 cache. Should be sufficient. It was only 20 bucks. If anybody has suggestions for doing this the first time, I would appreciate it a lot ... I will be ignoring suggestions that say don't do it and you're stupid for trying... You know who you are lol, we'll see when I actually get around to it. I just killed two boards trying to do a stupid ram upgrade. Lol. Wow man.
  9. I flashed what I KNOW is an overclocked bios at 777mhz. Xbmc is reporting a stock speed. I've heard of this happening. How can i be sure that my overclock is working?
  10. I have a v1.4 that doesn't seem to be getting power at all, zero response from power/eject so I've tried a bunch of stuff: - Replaced 3x 3300uF 6.3V, 3x 1500uF 6.3V, and 2x 3300uF 10V caps, all the big ones - Checked continuity on those 4 lines that usually get rotted, 3 were good, rebuilt 1 and confirmed continuity with the top of the board - Reflowed the 20 pin ATX header - Tested with 2 known good PSUs - Tested with 2 known good front panel PCBs I haven't seen this behavior (or lack of) before and had it not be bad caps, but if there's something to be tried short of an entire recap, I'm unaware of what that would be. Anyone have any ideas?
  11. I have just taken the heatsink of a v1.0, cleaned it up and replaced with MX4. It seem to work OK but the heat sink is not clamped to the CPU at all well. I can rotate it with no trouble and even rock it side to side. Were the original thermal pads adhesive? Were they 1mm thick and I need to now pack the clamp out? Any thoughts? Thanks.
  12. photo 01 photo 02 photo 03 photo 04 photo 05 provides more power and memory for: - removing slowdowns in emulators - hex patches for 720p output resolution - improved dashboard performance on 720p resolution - improved Linux performance 2TB HDD storage: - new unit installed Xerc2: - makes your Xbox turn ON and OFF from a remote (some TV remotes or Xbox DVD remote) - IR receiver was installed on the left bottom side of the front panel (requires some tweaks to work with your remote) OGX360: - lets you connect wireless Xbox 360 controllers to Xbox Original - installed internally (can be turned ON and OFF by clicking the button on left bottom side of the front panel) - 2 channels soldered and programmed (controller port 1 and 2) - OGX360 USB is located on the back of the console Others: - has 2 options, one for stock Xbox speed, and another one for 1067mhz this way you can play stock Xbox games without troubles and glitches, and also play Emulators in fullspeed - painted blue (automotive paint then clear coat) Listing contains: 1 x Xbox console (with 1ghz CPU, 128mb RAM, 2TB HDD, XERC2 and OGX360) 1 x Wireless Xbox 360 controller 1 x Wireless Xbox 360 receiver for PC 1 x Power Cord (USA or European depending on your location, same for Power Supply, if you are from USA it will be 110v, if from Europe - 220v) 1 x Xbox2HDMI
  13. So, since everyone has 3d printers now days (except me) and doing no longer real craftsmanship *LÖL* (Just kidding guys) and little me already thought a long time about doing this mod, I like to show you a work in progress (~75% done). The CPU heatsink fits nice and snug on the GPU (Less movement as on the CPU). Pics: https://imgur.com/a/YlyDcjF And the last pic shows a final heatsink with slightly trimmed cooling fins and 50mm cooler on top. At the end both of the cpu heatsinks will look like this (Taken that pic of one of my slim builds). And yea, it's for my next slim build which I biuld for my own. Let me know what you guys think and what you belive could be done better.
  14. I need to test CPUS before attempting Upgrades on XBOX. Anyone have a compatible motherboard please let me know your price. Checking here before I decide on Ebay. XBOX 1.6 CPU upgrade attempt #1 (On hold until I can test CPUS 1st)
  15. I've heard that you can replace the 5 1500 uf caps on a 1.0 and 1.1 with 3 3300 uf caps anywhere. I have been trying to fix a 3 boot fragging 1.1 with bad caps. I replaced it with the three capacitors and it still frags. When trying a modchip sometimes it fragged and sometimes it became a coma console (green light no video). Do you think this fragging is caused by the capacitors being the three 3300 uf caps? Does it still need to be the 5 1500 uf caps?
  16. As i won't build further boards i decided to sell the Adapter boards to people who want to do the install themselves. Well it's not the easiest of an install but if you want to try hit me up! A BOM that are needed and install details are found on my github: https://github.com/N64-Freak/Xbox-CPU-interposer Price for one interposer Board: 20€ If you want to buy multiple we can work out a deal. I do ship from germany but do have some stock in the US for faster shipping.
  17. I just installed the Evo X dashboard on an original v1.0 and everything is fine except the CPU reports a temp of just 2C and never warms up past 5C. I recapped the board (well the 1500u and 3300u caps), new clock cap and applied new thermal compound. I know the ADM1032 chip plays a roll in the temp management but there is no sign of any electrolyte by it and the GPU and HDD reports are normal. Is there a temp sensor by the Intel CPU that I may have knocked or is the temp sensor built into the CPU? Any thoughts??? Thanks.
  18. Do I understand correctly that the processor in og xbox is the same as the BGA part of the slot 1 cpu? If so, using a soldering station, we can, for example, change cpu to a full P3-733mhz 256kb. On a pc, replacing the cache from 128kb to 256 gives an increase in games of 15-30% (if we compare celeron 800/128/100 and p3 800/256/100). Such upgrade does not create speed problems in games. Am i wrong?
  19. Is this possible? Preliminary searches on google show me a few things but I can't be sure so rather than searching high and low I though i'd ask you lot This is something I found btw, i've not even downloaded it yet so don't know if it contains a virus ( link to site, Sites clean ) https://www.h4ck.se/how-to-overclock-your-original-xbox-in-2019/
  20. Hello, I am looking to understand what is the ‘normal’ range of cpu and m/b temperatures for a softmodded xbox. I expected this question to have already been discussed here but I couldn’t find any direct answers on it. My cpu temp after a recent gaming session was 69c. Is this too high or is it normal? M/b temp was 53c. I recently applied fresh thermal paste to both the cpu and gpu so that can’t be a reason for high cpu temps. Maybe it would be useful for folks to post what temps they see during game sessions. Thanks in advance for any guidance
  21. I've 3 xbox with the soldering pads are destroyed there is just the hole...so there is a chance to solder the leg of the caps to another place? Thanks...
  22. just got another xbox and after softmodding and TSOPing it, both temperatures show 0.00C. any idea why? it's a 1.1. clock cap leaked but the acid did not reach the ADM1032 chip. there's a lot of rust in the cage though, and a nasty dent on the board near the power suply.
  23. So I was looking back at some of my modding info I have saved from the net over the years. With regards of cpu and gpu coolers, we have all put larger fans on the stock coolers and 80mm fan mods. when dealing with a slim mod the way to go used to be one of the slim cpu coolers and fans that were touted around for pentium 3 cpus. These are getting scarce and when you do see one they seem to be a pricey for my linking. Anyone have any combos from more modern stuff that works in a similar way. P4 reference fans look the right size but obviously the clamp situation would need to be looked at.
  24. Any suggestions for a Rev 1.0 replacement CPU fan or larger heat sink replacement?
  25. Hi! I have a topic to start. I'm already happy with my og Xbox upgraded with another 64mb of ram, but I would love to have it modded with 1.4 Ghz Tualatin. My console inside is 1.0 revision motherboard and was manufactured in Hungary, it is also modded with dual tsop and xblast. Do you know if somebody is still doing that upgrade? I've already PM'd to N64 freak but I'am waiting for his reply, so meanwhile when I am waiting for that reply I decided to find out if there is someone else for that job besides of that, I've read that he is only doing 1 Ghz, not 1.4 Ghz anymore - but I already have two proper tualatins so maybe I'll convince him. The only other person I know that was doing this is Trusty but I don't know where could I contact him. My soldering skills are very little, that is why I'm looking for somebody.

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