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  1. Thanks guys for the details. I watched this video and it seems that there needs to access to caps to be able to disassemble. (Under a sticker) From the pictures shared, it appears that only the NMB model. This is the model I have. Before I attempt this refurb as demonstrated in the video, I’d be interested if anyone else has tried this too? Maybe SS Dave has the correct approach and a good cleaning is really all I need and will improve the noise. My fan was fairly dirty. Does anyone vouch for going through the extra effort of prying the caps off and lubricating? (assuming the NMB model) and does it improve noise levels even more than just a simple exterior cleaning?
  2. Hello all. I recently installed one of those ‘quiet’ case fans (Nexus 70mm Real Silent case fan) with the expectation that I would get quiet performance with the same cooling. I was shocked that I had to drastically increase the fan speed to get the same cooling performance. So, now I want to rethink my choice and see if the somewhat noisy stock fan can be refurbished. Other then seeing advice to clean the blades, I don’t see any other suggestions. Before I tinker for myself, does anyone know if the stock fan can be disassembled, and lubricated with the hopes of getting the stock fan as quiet as it can be?
  3. Version 1.0. Maybe it was the game I was playing? Spartan total warrior. Other games seem to result in temps of 60c
  4. Hello, I am looking to understand what is the ‘normal’ range of cpu and m/b temperatures for a softmodded xbox. I expected this question to have already been discussed here but I couldn’t find any direct answers on it. My cpu temp after a recent gaming session was 69c. Is this too high or is it normal? M/b temp was 53c. I recently applied fresh thermal paste to both the cpu and gpu so that can’t be a reason for high cpu temps. Maybe it would be useful for folks to post what temps they see during game sessions. Thanks in advance for any guidance
  5. Hey OGX gurus, newbie here. I have a softmodded V1.0 Xbox with a 2tb drive that I picked up on eBay. The drive key is ‘nulled’ to all 1’s (via Rocky5’ softmodding tool) The current hdd drive doesn't sound entirely healthy. Based on the above discussion, I can use this device to offline clone the existing drive. I’m interested in this approach as a solution to simply replace the drive with a new drive. what about the locking issue? Will I be able to simply swap in the cloned drive as-is? Or will there be extra steps needed to deal with the locking feature. As a newbie, i’m hoping that the clone method also deals with the key issue as well.
  6. Thanks Raja, I’ll look into servicing the existing fan when I reopen the case. I tried searching this topic on this site before posting but didn’t find any info. I’ve since found a few threads on this site that discuss the V1.0 gpu fan. (Via google searches). The consensus seems to be that you could operate a V1.0 as-is minus the gpu fan, but many felt it better to swap heatsink from a v1.1 to 1.6 to be on the safe side. So, I'll look to pickup one from a parts machine and try that option.
  7. While researching further, I came across a few separate reddit pages where posters claim the v1.0 gpu fan is not necessary at all, even with the existing smaller heatsink. The gpu fan was simply removed and the system operated as normal without adding a larger heatsink and without any issues. Only warning was to not operate the box in tight cabinet space and ensure new thermal paste. has anyone else done this too and can confirm no issues?
  8. Thanks for the reply HDShadow, so, just to confirm, the strap and heatsink form later revisions attaches natively to the 1.0 version? The strap in version 1.0 doesn’t have the same appearance as the straps in the later versions. Can you confirm that the strap doesn’t need any further modification? And will attach without issue? Or do I simply use the existing strap, but with the later version heatsink?
  9. Hello, I picked up a modded 1.0 Xbox and I find the amount of system noise to be more than I want to tolerate. One mod that I heard mentioned was that the gpu heat sink and fan can be replaced with a passive solution that uses a ‘IGP’ heatsink. I can’t find good details on this. Does the OGXbox community have experience with this that can be shared? If this is a viable solution, can someone point me to a tutorial or provide details?

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