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  1. I have just taken the heatsink of a v1.0, cleaned it up and replaced with MX4. It seem to work OK but the heat sink is not clamped to the CPU at all well. I can rotate it with no trouble and even rock it side to side. Were the original thermal pads adhesive? Were they 1mm thick and I need to now pack the clamp out? Any thoughts? Thanks.
  2. Sorry for the late reply, work has been insanely busy. To help anyone that finds this thread, I changed the ADM 1032 IC and the CPU temperature readings are now fine. It is interesting to note that the v1.1 I repaired panicked and wouldn't boot with a faulty 1032 and this v1.0 just gives a zero reading for the CPU. Perhaps different faults on the IC or perhaps different behaviours because they are different versions, not sure.
  3. OK I have had 5 minutes to play and the XMBC and Avalaunch dashes also both report the same single digit temp. The EvoX dash is pictured as requested. This is the first v1.0 Xbox I have done with this setup disk but a v1.1 I did a few days back works fine, perhaps it is a v1.0 issue though? I can't get UnleashX to boot so I will look for another install disc to try. Cheers.
  4. Yeah my first Xbox repair had the ADM1032 faulty because because the clock cap electrolyte had reached it. I order 5 so when I find the bad I will change it. If it is the CPU diode is shot I won't be changing that LOL. Thanks.
  5. If you have one of the Aladdin clones the 49LFxxx chip will be in a socket. The Aladdin clone we are chatting about is pictured in page 1 of this thread by MadMartigan. If your chip is soldered down it is more difficult but still possible to sort.
  6. Sorry, let me be clear. We are talking only about the Aladdin clones. The flash memory chip in the socket is labelled as a 49LF020A but it is fake, the chip is really an 002A. Both chips read the same way and so function fine to boot the XBOX but they write a different way and so only a real 020A will flash (write). I you back read they thread you will see that the 002A chips flash fine in an external programmer but obviously will not flash on the Aladdin. My post was to confirm the programming of the Lattice chip on the Aladdin was OK and it will flash a genuine 020A if you can source one. I was sent mine by someone online who wanted to confirm if a genuine 020A would flash in the Aladdin and it did. Sourcing them is hit and miss because there are a great many fakes. You can tell quickly by loading up the EvoX dashboard, if it reports the chip as a BF52 then it is real and if it is anything else (the 002A chip report as BF57) them the chip is fake and will not flash in the Aladdin.
  7. I just installed the Evo X dashboard on an original v1.0 and everything is fine except the CPU reports a temp of just 2C and never warms up past 5C. I recapped the board (well the 1500u and 3300u caps), new clock cap and applied new thermal compound. I know the ADM1032 chip plays a roll in the temp management but there is no sign of any electrolyte by it and the GPU and HDD reports are normal. Is there a temp sensor by the Intel CPU that I may have knocked or is the temp sensor built into the CPU? Any thoughts??? Thanks.
  8. Just to finish this off so everyone knows the outcome. I sourced a genuine 020A chip and it flashes fine in the Aladdin. Good old Chinese fakes again...
  9. The 49LF series flash chips can be write protected by holding pin 23 low (0v) and write enabled by holding pin 23 high (3.3v). On the Aladdin this is controlled by the Lattice chip but it is sending the pin high so the flash is not write protected. Bang goes my idea LOL. I am going to compare the data sheets of the 020A and 002A when I get chance because I don't thing there are a lot of difference. Certainly they read the same as the consoles boot so it is just a writing issue.
  10. I know there are different modes on the Aladdin and we obviously need the write enabled mode. Mine have BT tied to ground and Pin 23 of the 49LF chip (Write Enable) is high so we are not write protected. I am happy to try any other ideas...
  11. I think there is a way assuming all the pins are wired up, which I think they would be as it is a clone after all. The Lattice chip is copied and so programmed to only flash an 020A as that is what the real Aladdin used. If it were reprogrammed it should be able to flash the 002A but someone cleverer than I would need to do that.
  12. OK we have the answer. The chip is really a 49LF002A (ID BF57) and the printing of 49LF020A on the top is fake. I programmed the chip as a 002A in the external programmer and it boots fine with the new BIOS.
  13. The pigeon has landed. I am back home this Friday so I will report back at the weekend. My bet is the ID is correct and the chip is really a 49LF002A/B which the lattice chip can't program.
  14. OK that was painless enough and there was indeed an option to allocate it all to F:. So we learn the mystery BIOS is LBA48 v3 and F: only. What the mystery chip is remains to be seen but when the pigeon finally gets here with my package we will see...
  15. That is interesting because we have no error message and it reports as LBA48 patch v3 with the missing storage on partition 7. G: shows as 0GB so I am guessing the mystery BIOS is F only. Can I just copy the finishing sector value for partition 7 into partition 6 and zero out partition 7 to move it all to F:? I will report back but I ordered the programmer from China (silly mistake) and I think it is coming via DHL on Mars LOL. I have just dropped in a 320Gb IDE hard drive and it only sees the first 132Gb (ish) so whatever BIOS they load onto this Aladdin Clone is not LBA48.

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