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  1. @Geeba Sorry totally missed your message! I don't have any 1,4ghz tualatin CPUs anymore and it takes a lot of time to build up a CPU modded board. I simply don't want to spend that much time modding Xbox boards anymore. @Bowlsnapper Recommended are a BGA rework station or a hot-air station but people have been able to get them installed with a hot-air gun. So it depends on your soldering skills. Yes i do still have them avaylable if you are interested.
  2. @finalman They are connected together already on the pcb design.
  3. The BOM on the backside of the pcb doesn’t state a required wattage for the resistors. The standard 1/10 watt resistors are prefectly fine. No special higher power resistors are necessary as the logic level converter on the board is not handling any real currents but simply does level shifting.
  4. The SMC (PIC16LC63A) does play a big role in the system startup. It initializes the system and acts as a watchdog. When the MCPX doesn’t correctly trigger the watchdog the SMC triggers a reset. This is where the famous frag does come from. The PIC16LC63A has the ROP (Read Out Protection) enabled and there‘s no source to get a natchung development one other than a Dev, debug or chihiro board. My guess is that someone wanted to build a debug board from a retail board and bought an MCPX-X2 from china without knowing he would need the matching SMC (PIC16LC63A) to go with it. You could validate my theory by swapping the SMC (PIC16LC63A) to a retail board. If the retail board still boots then there’s no chance this board could have booted. You could try getting your hands on a defective chihiro board. They are basically debug boards and someones pop up defective. Such a board would be the perfect donor. BUT only if the soldering for the MPCX-X2 was actually done properly and all is well with the rest of this board.
  5. @John5MM I never tested the Inter-Tech miki itx psu personally. My design does use the AMS1117.
  6. Found your problem! The board has a „P01“ (production) marked PIC16LC63A. To get the board to work you need a „D01“ (development) marked chip from a debug or development kit board. Most likely the MCPX-X2 was installed onto a retail board. That the flash enable points are jumpered with solder instead of smd jumpers supports this thesis. So if that was done correctly you „just“ need to install a „development“ PIC16LC63A and flash a debug bios and the board should boot.
  7. @MrBriteSide Can you show us a few images of the board. It sounds like someone connected the flash enable points. Which clearly indicates this board has been modified. As far as i‘m aware the 128mb and 64mb equiped debug kits all had flashing enabled by default. The areas of interest for the images would be: -MCPX-X2 -PIC16LC63A -The flash enable points
  8. @finalman As the board design does exceed 5cm in one direction you have to choose 10x10.
  9. @BanXboxLiveNow if you look at the board there‘s a silver electrolyte capacitor right in front of the video out connector. That one is too tall and has to be replaced with the included smd capacitor. Otherwise the mod won‘t fit in place.
  10. Hi @James Botham yes i do still have some for sale. I‘ll just drop you a PM in a minute so we can talk about it.
  11. Only the connector is different. You can rewire a rev1.2-1.4 board to be used with a rev1.0/1.1. You basically only need to attach a single row cable instead of the atx style one and you are good to go!
  12. @KpCollins Or you could use an Xblast modchip. The xblast has it's own OS and 2 Banks for different bios. It also has LCD support unlike the open xenium that needs an external extension to use an LCD. An Xblast does cost 20€ +shipping and offers a lot more features than an aladdin chip. I would only recommend an Aladdin when it is cheap or you really only want the basic features.
  13. As i won't build further boards i decided to sell the Adapter boards to people who want to do the install themselves. Well it's not the easiest of an install but if you want to try hit me up! A BOM that are needed and install details are found on my github: https://github.com/N64-Freak/Xbox-CPU-interposer Price for one interposer Board: 20€ If you want to buy multiple we can work out a deal. I do ship from germany but do have some stock in the US for faster shipping.
  14. @Dylanruble Yes i do still offer diy internal hdmi mod sets.

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