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  1. I do offer NES and SNES controllers for the Xbox. They are custom built controllers that fit into the original controller shells.
  2. I'm only doing the internal HDMI mod anymore. Can't keep up doing both the internal and external one at the same time! They do cost 70€ each and offer digital audio though the HDMI signal. There's a video linked in the original post that compares this mod to other cables.
  3. They have the 5.1 audio channel integrated into the HDMI Signal. And you can easily add a toslink port with just 3 wires.
  4. @NooB and @ironsniper1 I do have a couple for sale right now. Check my for sale thread!
  5. Got 3 Diy install sets for the internal HDMI mod for sale right now. Keep in mind you should be handy with a soldering iron. It's not a lot more complicated than a chip install but if you already have trouble with an xbox chip leave this mod alone for now. Price for each set is: 70€ +shipping costs. Drop me a PM if you want one!
  6. @neighbor You can use either one 128mb ram stick with a terminator in the second port or two 64mb sticks. The alpha doesn't bother about the ram configuration. You can get the USB cards on ebay sometimes and i still have a couple off the soundcards!
  7. I gladly sell them to people who are able to get them installed. @jerx @SS_Dave @John7272 I can offer you guys each one install set if you like. Drop me a PM about it and we can discuss the details!
  8. I sent you a PM about it! And for the record i only accept consoles to be shipped to me if they are from within europe. Our customs office is a pain and i don‘t want to drive there again and again telling them why i import another xbox...
  9. @RoofTop Glad you like your modded board. Allways a pleasure to make someone happy @DarylWise Yes, i do. But i only sell the internal sets anymore. I discontinued the external version some time ago. I should have 3 DIY install sets ready. BUT they aren‘t too easy to install. If you only started soldering they aren‘t to be recommended.
  10. @Blobby85 I'll send you a PM about it in a minute.
  11. No, the heatsinks are removable just like on the stock cpu. I do use normal thermal paste so the heatsink can be removed even easier as on a stock console. Shipping to the USA is no problem. I'll simply send you a PM about the shipping costs!
  12. 1. Xbox motherboard 1ghz CPU and 128mb Ram: 100€ 2. Rev1.6 Motherboard- Aladdin Chip and internal HDMI mod with 5.1 digital Audio support: 90€ Here's a youtube review comparing my HDMI mod to a component cable and a normal AV-cable. It's in german but the video quality comparison should be clear enough. 3. Xbox Alpha Development kit soundcard: 35€
  13. @plumbumber It shouldn't be a problem at all as we are both in Europe. Shipping from Germany would be as cheap as 3,70€! Just as a hint
  14. My internal install does not have the issues on rev1.4 consoles as the pound one has. They are built up with properly and work. Of course the earlier ones were partly a little buggier but the design got improved with every itertion. I bought a pound hdmi cable to compare it to my cable but on the same console as my cable the pound cable blacked out around every second. So i had more black screen time than actual video and to be honest that was enough test result for me to keep improving my design. I sold a few sets off DIY install kits but it looks like most people couldn't get them installed properly so no open sale for DIY install kits. I just want to save me from the hastle off guiding a lot off people through the process. It is NOT a simple diy install like a chip install. You need to have proper soldering skills or at least you should be quite confident in what you do! Just knowing which side off the soldering iron get hot is NOT enough knowledge! And there won't be any more off either the internal or external HDMI mods in the next couple weeks as i won't have the time to build up more. So people who want one need to be patient for a bit. Still testing the existing consoles so even the last bugs that arrise can be ironed out first and well as i already mentioned i won't have time to build more anyway! And of course i'm still thinking about if i even sell them as kits as it might frustrate a few buyers that they can't get it installed. And it will cost me a LOT off time just to troubleshoot those installs. And i really don't want to go through that hastle as it will reduce my free time even more!

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