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  1. @xicat487 Yes i do still have a card for sale. I'll PM you in a minute. @IndeX I've also sent you a PM
  2. @j01001111 Shipping costs would be 20€ if you want the package to be insured or 9€ without insurance. The install depends on your soldering skills. It‘s not too hard but if your not handy with a soldering iron stay away from it!
  3. Updated the first post with Open Xenium and XBlast chips, 128mb upgraded motherboards, Xerc2 and Xerc CME ir mods and HDMI mod sets. @Tom Rausch Will reply to your DM in a minute!
  4. Hi @ProtoMorphix and @cartoomas Yes i do still offer them. The hdmi mod does convert the internal components signal directly after the video scaler. And taps into the digital audio. Just drop me a pm and we can talk about it. That’s easier than replying in the thread multiple times.
  5. @drageset I currently still do the cpu upgrades as i got a few people that stated interest. But it is a bit of a waiting game as it takes a lot of work to get them assembled. If you would want one just drop me a PM and we can talk about it.
  6. @del1verance Yes i do allways have 1 or 2 ready. Just drop me a pm and we can talk about it. @naits I‘m not doing the 1ghz upgrade anymore.
  7. Those 2 designs aren‘t compatible with the rev1.6 boards. I never made a design that is compatible with them.
  8. I'll still do a few more but mainly working of my ToDo list. Not actively offering them for long anymore.
  9. @neighbor @KaosEngineer Just checked it myself and the links both work fine for me! Might have been a temporary problem. If they still don‘t work for you just let me know and i‘ll look into it
  10. @Nepsy Neptune I don‘t build the external cable anymore. I only build a few more of the internal install.
  11. @danbrad Yes i will build a last batch before discontinueing it. Price for a DIY set is 70€ +shipping costs. Drop me a PM if you want one!
  12. @TelaKeppi If you want one just drop me a PM to express interest. If i can come up with a few people who are interested i would build another batch. @SS_Dave Same for you. If you are interested in a set or 2 just drop me a PM. Will collect the interest in the next couple days and if theres enough interest i would build a batch (~10 units) @SuperSJ4Goku So if you would want a 128mb modded board or a HDMI mod or both just drop me a PM to express your interest.
  13. @SuperSJ4Goku I won‘t build further 1ghz cpu upgraded boards. And i probably will also not build further hdmi mods unless there‘s enough interest to justify building another batch. A 128mb upgraded motherboard would cost 60€+shipping. The board would have new thermal paste and a flashed tsop too of course.

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