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  1. The slotted ones will not work, at least I don't think the physical chip has the same layout (I could be wrong though because I haven't had the chance to examine one 1st hand). The mobile CPU from a laptop is nearly a drop in replacement. Sorry I never made any progress on this, I was away for 6 months last year and dropped this project in the process. I'd like to revisit this, if I ever get the time to get to it,
  2. After searching the net I've found some more clues out in the æther. I found a post by.. N64 freak! on another forum. So Speedstep must be disabled I assume , and if you are using a CPU with 100 MHz front side bus, then the xbox must be made to read the FSB correctly? If I used a CPU with 133 MHz F.S.B. I should be good to go? I will need to study the data sheet and see how to disable Speedstep, that would be half of what I need to know to use a 1 GHz CPU @ 1 GHz and not 933 MHz.
  3. Thank you neighbor, I may just have to humbly ask the man through a P.M. I don't want the entire information, no spoon feeding; but a few tips in the right direction would be awesome! -LeapFrogging
  4. Following the footsteps of these gentlemen & crew: Trusty N64 Freak FriendTech I intend to upgrade the CPU in my Xbox, for Linux performance. At some point (after I have an SMD rework station) I intend to upgrade the RAM also. At this stage I'm just researching the feasibility, and seeing what I'm jumping into. I believe I can use a CPU socket (495) from a mobile Pentium 3 to use a P3 1 GHz "SL53s" with minor accommodations made. I will need to comb over the datasheets as I don't currently know If I can just "drop in" a faster 495 mobile celeron/P3, say after I've install
  5. I believe N64 freak has a converter he's made, perhaps they are available for purchase? But no I've never used an XCM HDMI blaster, sorry.
  6. Big Shout out to Kreet and Kernel Master, this is not my original work. With these files one could modify the cars power levels, textures, physics, upgrades, price et cetera.. This was a cool hack back in the day, you could build a RWD Honda CRX and go 300 mph, or upload custom textures for wild liveries. Download the cars.ca2 + default.xbe Modify the cars.ca2 (decompress the information, edit it, recompress, upload to console. Then patch the default.xbe (to allow for the game to load with the modified file), use a copy of the original "default.xbe", patch it with the program, and
  7. Hello everyone, I just wanted to say I'm glad I found this site, the old xbox-scene website is long defunct and I love the original Xbox. so I'm glad you're here. -LeapFrogging

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