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  1. I've been trying some CCI games with BFM Cerbios and Crimson Skies only boots to a black screen. However, if I disconnect the ethernet cable, it loads the loading screen, but freezes as well, just gets a tad bit further. I've tested on 3 different xbox's, all v1.6. Two are fresh BFM softmods, another has Dashloader BFM. I've only tested a handful of games so far, but Crimson is the only one that has issues. I've changed language in the MS Dash, reset, changed back to English. The dashloader xbox has the v1.6 xtf fonts, K.1.0.5838.1.xtf, renamed to xbox.xtf. I've disabled 480p/720p in both the MS Dash, and XBMC4Gamers. Issue persists across hdmi and component, 2 different tv's. I've deleted all gamesaves and dlc for the game, as well as folder 4D530021. Deleted the game, downloaded another redump from Archive. Tried both the repacked and unpacked versions. I loaded the 480p script in 4Gamers, and it said I didn't need it for this game. The fresh BFM's are 2TB, WD20EZBX, The Dashloader BFM is 3TB, HUS724030ALA640. Startech adapter and 80 wire on all three. Formatted in FatX using Hazenos guide. 2TB's have 128KB clusters, the 3TB has 256KB, Maxed F, deleted G. Everything else has worked fine so far, other xbox games, emulators, demos, homebrew. All are registered with Insignia, but haven't created gamertags yet. What does removing the ethernet cable have to do with loading just a bit further into the menu? With the cable connected, its a solid black screen. Disconnected, my tv flickers, as it does when a resolution change is taking place, a tiny green horizontal line appears for a split second, loading screen appears, then freezes. Attached are logs. One is after Crimson fails to load, another is after Halo loads successfully. Crimson.xbmc.log Crimson.xbmc.old.log Halo.xbmc.log Halo.xbmc.old.log
  2. So I've been doing a bit of research to try and find out more about this OG Xbox Halo 2 Edition I have - it's a Ice Blue Halo 2 Release edition with the Black Xbox logo on the top "Black jewel" I beleive it's refered to. Some sites I have found (https://gamingdoc.org/) & (https://consolemods.org/) - list the serial numbers as both: 2NNNNNN 51805 , 2NNNNNN 50805 Are these internal board Serial Numbers? The xbox is still in it's plastic bag packaging so I'm not going to open it to check but on the stick externally - it has 4044117 51505 :SERIAL NO. & 241 4044117 51505 :PRODUCT ID Does anyone know anything more about this? Like can I confirm the unit I have is actually the Xbox Halo 2 Edition from Asia ? (PAL) I'm in Australia so it's likely from the Asian Market. Considering it's still in it's plastic bag sealed - Are these things considered rare still? Thanks in advance for any info anyone can provide me with! I'll attach the photos I have in the next comment from my phone.
  3. Hey guys!!! I'm bringing here 2 720p Patches that I edited it myself, One for Ninja Gaiden Black and the other for Half-Life 2. The 2 are working perfectly on a 64mb Xbox but I can't fix the 4 screens bug if someone can fix it for me thank you https://www.mediafire.com/folder/ryzo7d7b1up9o/Patches+720p+OGXBox+(NGB+and+HL2)+-+Felipe+Lima
  4. Hi, I would like to buy a controller for my recently acquired Japanese Smoke Black XBox. If you have a spare that you would like to sell, please let me know. Thanks, Pete
  5. I haven’t worked on this one in a week or so but I pulled it out last night to see what was up. Here’s what it does: It will boot fine and run for hours with no issue. If you reboot or turn it off after a certain point you’ll get a solid green light but no video. It will recognize if you’ve pulled the av cable out but when you plug it back in there’s still no video. Once you get to the no video stage you can’t even make it frag. I pulled the dvd and hdd out both separately and together but nothing changed. It will boot to a game during this time though. The odd part is if I unplug it and let it sit for ten mins I’ll have video again until a reboot or shutdown. If I let it sit overnight it’ll work and you can even reboot or turn it off and on successfully for a bit. While it was working today I decided to do rocky5’s softmod. That worked fine as usual. I bring this up to note this. When it goes to the no video stage it won’t even boot far enough to the led to orange like rocky5’s softmod does. When it has video it does this fine. I’ve tested voltages, replaced cables, caps, etc. The problem still persists but I at least know more about it and can recreate the issue. Any thoughts? I’m leaning towards failing/bad bios. I’m curious if throwing a hard mod on it would remedy the issue. @Bowlsnapper this is that weird one you and I talked about briefly a couple of weeks ago.
  6. My set up; PAL OGxbox, softmodded and updated with Rocky5's Tools Disk (PAL Splinter Cell), 2TB HDD cloned using chimp from original drive, UnleashX, clock cap removed (but not replaced), component cables, OSSC on default settings. My issue is very frustrating, the xbox boots correctly I can see and use the UnleashX dash and FTP without problems. Upon loading almost all games, the game will run and load but I lose video signal, my component cable also has AUX red and white cables for sound that go into my sound system. The games load and DO play sound but still don't get a video signal. I've tried various video settings in UnleashX video settings, a clean install of unleashX from Rocky5's Tools Disk, installing the original IDE HDD, changing the language on the original MSdash from English to something else and back again, all with the same results. Even more frustrating is that even with PAL retail disks the results are the same either in the UnleashX dash and MSdash. I've tried changing my xbox to NTSC region, using both NXpatcher and Enigmah but then I just lose video signal all together and have to remember button presses to navigate the menu's in order to switch it back to PAL. Occasionally the xbox fails to boot or reload UnleashX dash and shows flashing RED and GREEN LED, turning the xbox on and off again resolves this but this isn't often. Games that I've tried that do work are HALO: Combat Evolved (both disk and HDD), 007 Nightfire from HDD, F1 2001 from HDD. Games definitely not working Burnout 3 Takedown, Black both form HDD and retail PAL disks. I also have a RGB SCART available used with the OSSC, this also loses video signal when game loads except theres no sound as there aren't AUX sound cables with this. Previous to all this happening it was working fine, I've been at this for two weeks, any help would totally be appreciated it.
  7. I've been having this same issue with several SSDs on this v1.6 but not with any HDD I've tried. When I boot the Xbox, the Microsoft logo appears and then it black screens until I press the eject button, then it will load the dashboard. I can tell the dashboard isn't loading at all until eject is pressed since the front LEDs don't change color (they're set to orange). I've tested with 2 SSDs of different models (both from TeamGroup), 2 Startech adapters, and 2 UATA cables with the same results. The console boots fine with video when I start it up with just a stock dashboard on the C partition. Things I've tried to resolve this: - Starting with a stock dashboard on C, copying Rocky5's XBHDM installer on there, and softmodding that way (black screens on first boot without even installing the softmod) - Directly copying the C and E partitions from a working softmodded HDD - Using the Phoenix BIOS Loader and Cerbios - Switching video mode between normal, widescreen, letterbox - Disabling 480p/720p/1080i - Switching video region between PAL and NTSC - Using both component and composite cables - Using several different disc drives I'm running out of ideas, this issue seems pretty weird to me since the same files work on an HDD and the SSD loads a dashboard just fine after the eject/soft-reboot. If anyone has any ideas, I'm all ears.
  8. Hello, sorry for nagging you, but I am really don't know much about the og xbox modding stuff... My problem is, I have 3 og xbox, two of them working great, and 1 can't play two important games, everything else working great. Forza motorsport, and Counter-strike. When I launch them it gives me a black screen on my main xbox, in CS I can hear the background music as well. On my other 2 xboxes they can run these games without a problem. The only differences I can see with my newbie eyes are the "faulty" xbox has XMBC dashboard, while the others have that regular one, unleashx or evox (I can't really tell the differences), but would be the problem only this? I know the 2 working one is hardware modded, at least this is what I requested when I sent it to the service, the other, well, I don't remember seeing a chip inside, maybe tsoped, or softmodded. Oh and the xbox that doesnt run the games is a 1.0 xbox I guess, I mean it has a fan on the gpu, only the 1.0 had it, right? And among the working ones one is 1.6, the other I dont know. So that is all the hints I can give to you, but I am all ears what should I look for to post here, to be able to solve the mysteri. Oh, and I would like to mention a couple things I read about this black screen, one is a problem solve for others, but not for me: "Load up MSdash and switch language to any other. Then switch off and on again and go back to ms dash and select original language. Then restart with Forza. Worked for me first time with HDD and DVD backups" --> I could not step into the original MSdash, tried it switching inside XMBC, didn't work. An other post that I can't find now was about EEPROM and that I should disable something called "xbox persistent softmod", but I can't find any option like that to set... Thanks!
  9. Hey everyone, I have a openxenium with a XboxHD+. After doing a firmware update on my hd+, the xeniumOS did not show and had a black screen. I realized I had to update from 2.3.0 to 2.3.1. I used xeniumtools and flashed what I thought was a correct update to the xenium, but it seems not. I now have a black screen powering from eject and now from the power button, so I cant even get see my custom dashboard. Xenium OS is working as I can click down six times and press A which powers off the xbox. FTP also works and I can see the C and E drives. I also seem to be getting into recovery mode as I press down 5 times and then one time to the left, which changes the power LED to pink. I have a recovery.bin on the root of my E drive, but recovery mode doesnt seem to be doing anything, as it just sits there. I cant see what is going on so I do not know if I need to press a button when in recovery mode or not. Im kinda at a loss as to how to move forward since im blind as to what the OS is doing in recovery or if its even doing anything at all or maybe its going into safe mode. Any help appreciated.
  10. So my xbox was working fine. I thought there was a wire getting hit by the fan so i opened it up and unplugged the hard drive to see if i could see anything. I didnt so i plugged the hard drive back in and now i cant get the xbox to boot. it just goes to a black screen. the light on the front stays green but its just a black screen. My xbox is hard modded with a xenium chip and xbox HD+. i can boot into the xenium menu and ftp into the console but i can only see "C" and E" folders. i did make sure the cable to the HDD was plugged in all the way.
  11. I've placed all the files properly and set jumpers correctly. BFM loading seems to happen and then blank screen. I'm using a Pound HDMI adapter. Do I need to buy composite cables? I've read that that is probably the reason for my present misfortune. Anybody have luck running with HDMI? As a side note, ANY time a BFM is loaded on my machine, my partition table is ERASED. It's kinda freaking me out. I keep having to boot with my X3 bios, run XBPartitioner, write the table, and then Cerbios will see F:. Any idea why BFMs keep wiping out my table? ISO loaders do the same thing.
  12. 519 / 5000 Resultados de traducción I bought an original xbox with a softmod and no harmod, I did some research and decided to load jet set radio future by FTO in the games folder in E: to see if it worked but when I started it it only stayed on a black screen, when I restarted the LED changes to orange after starting the xbox startup animation, but does not progress from there. I open the tray and close it but nothing happens. Any help would be welcome, because the xbox was a gift from my girlfriend and I don't want to give her the bad news that I broke the xbox the first day I dont have de HDD key, no backup or anything since i was new in this softmod topic. I dont care if i have to delete everything.
  13. I have a bunch of games installed on my hardmodded (TSOP) Xbox and they all work fine except for Blinx 2. I'm using XMBC4Gamers and the Xecuter 5035 BIOS. Everytime I try to load Blinx 2 it just displays a black screen and softlocks, nothing shows up, not even the intro. IGR also stops working so I have to press the power button. I know my dump is correct so I am a little confused. I have had this problem before with 2 games. One was Animaniacs but swapping out the XBE with the European version fixed it. The other game was a PAL exclusive, SCAR: Squadra Corse Alfa Romeo, I simply changed the mode to PAL 50Hz and it works. Blinx 2 only had a global release so I can't swap XBEs and running it at 50Hz doesn't fix it. I also tried different resolutions between 480i, 480p, 720p but the results were the same. As a last resort, I tried looking it up but apparently I'm the only one with problems running this game so I don't know what else to do other than ask here.
  14. I'm using the latest XBMC for Gamers. After installing the Title Update from the DLC Section of JRocky5's downloader the game won't launch. Things i've already tried: Tried launching the game from other dashboards with no luck. Retransfered the game to the xbox hdd. Formatted cache, deleted every folder with the game id (4d53006e) inside TDATA and UDATA. Still the game boots onto a black screen. Reinstalled the MSDashboard, nothing changed. Anyone knows how can i completely remove the Update?
  15. I could play almost every game I've tried, if one of them behaved incorrectly I downloaded an other version and eventually it was perfect. But not with this game... I tried many different version, and all of them giving me the exact result.I start the game, and the black screen remains, even my monitor lose the signal coming from the xbox. The xbox is not turning off, it keeps running. I tried playing it from the HDD. Is this one of those games that can only be played from DVD? Or its something with uncommon copy protection, like Fight Club?
  16. I have this 1.4 Xbox that I've been tinkering with trying to being it back to life. I have plenty of other MBs so this has been more of a journey project more than the need to have a working board. The board initially would flash red. I took out the eeprom and it wouldn't read stable. I replaced it with a new chip and flashed it with a few different images finally settling on an image of another 1.4 that works. It now boots to a black image with a solid green light no fraging. So I ripped out the tsop and it also is awful, it has a few hundred unstable bits. So I decided to just install a modchip. Installed an openxenium and was able to boot into xeniumos! There was horrible diagonal lines that looked like interferance that would progressively get worse until there was major graphical glitches. I saw power issues could cause problems so I replaced the power caps below the CPU. Problem persisted. Replaced the powersupply, everything looks clean. Flashed M8+ onto the Modchip go to load it and the screen goes blank. Any ideas for things to try would be appreciated. Thank you
  17. So I found my old Original Xbox from a while ago and decided to turn it on to see what games I had and what was on the system. When I turned on the console using the power button the screen was black (no signal). But, when I pressed the disk eject button it started up with the boot screen playing but sent me to the error screen with the code 05. The console has a Duo x2 Fujitsu mod chip and from what I remember the console used EvolutionX as the dashboard. The mod chip also flashes red when I turn on the console (not sure if this is bad or not)? I didn't make any changes to the console so I'm confused as to what happened to it? Does anyone know what the problem is?
  18. Hello i need help navigating the standard XBMC4GAMERS skin because it is totally black (but I can hear the navigation TICK) i have a 2003-09-02 XBox I soft modded with Rocky5. I am having trouble with the upgraded 500g HD. I have selected a skin that is just a black screen. I did this because the 480p 720p option was greyed out in the options menu. I’m hoping I can just select the original skin and everything will go back to normal. but if this is a fatal error I have the ability to FTP on my laptop to fix the deleted .xbe or any other file required
  19. Hi I’m having issues Getting X2 wolverines revenge to run/play on my modded Xbox I’m using XBmc4gamers I tried so many ways to get it to launch I redownloaded I bought a hard copy tryd burning it to the hdd tried playing it from disk tried turning off and on settings for 480p,720p,etc still nothing please help
  20. Hello, I am new here so apologies if I'm posting this on the wrong forum. I am currently running a v1.6 Xbox with Rocky5's Softmod (v1.1.7) and XBMC4Gamers and am met with a black screen when booting the game 007: Everything or Nothing from my HDD while using component cables. My legitimate NTSC copy of the game was ripped to my HDD via dvd2xbox (with ACL processing enabled) and I have enabled Force Progressive video mode via the NKPatcher settings (followed by a reboot). I have attempted to boot the game while the following resolutions have been enabled on my console: 480p (y) 720 (y) 1080i (n) 480p (y) 720 (y) 1080i (y) However, neither of these configurations seems to result in the game displaying properly. If anyone has any troubleshooting ideas, I would be greatly appreciative. Thank you.
  21. I did a softmod on my original xbox after it was already softmoded. the games before played in color. After the softmode done al ot of games start up in black and white mode . i do use a vga connection and not a RGB. There are games what play in color and some of them just start up from the harddisk in black and whiote that used to be colormode. i play arond with NTSC enigma and i can chage between pal and NTSC but that is not the issue the box start up in pal but when i start up the game from HD it jumps in B/W . not the write display. any help would be nice to solve the problem. thx
  22. Hey guys, Wondering if someone might be able to help me with this. Recently installed OpenXenium on my 1.6 with LPC board (pics attached). Xbox turning on just fine but getting a black screen when video cables connected. Tried both component and standard composite. The Xbox led is green as per usual. The chip led itself actually flashes so I know its getting power BUT after it flashes a few colors the chip LED turns off and I'm left with a black screen on the tv. When i remove my video cables from the xbox and only have the power plugged into the Xbox the chip LED stays on, flashing every few seconds between red and yellow. Xbox boots fine to dash with chip unplugged. The machine is soft modded. Could that be causing an issue getting to the Xenium OS screen? Losing hope on this. Thoughts?
  23. Im looking for some ideas to try before I look for a replacement xbox. Im not sure if i can do anything else at this point. My xbox was soft modded for some time, but I wanted to do a tsop to unlock the drive and then put in a 2.5 inch 500 gb sata drive. I did the tsop (i have a v1.5) soldered the 2 point and flashed the tsop with hexen 2021 disc. Put in my sata driver with adpater and 80 pin cable and everything was great. I started uploaded the library that i have. I also removed the supercap. I was down to my really scrached discs and was trying to see i could get good copies from them, but gave up. I picked up some new titles and went to install them and the xbox wouldnt boot. I get the evo/xbox splash screen to a blank screen with the orange led. Tried booting hexen or soft mod or game disc and nothing. I tried cleaning out the dvd drive, that didnt help. The last thing i did with the drive was watch it with the cover off. It doesnt appear to be trying to focus nor does it appear to be emitting a laser. It does move the laser head unit on the rails. But i dont think this should stop a boot to harddrive? I went back to the ide drive and the 40 pin cable and no change. I tried combinations of hooking up pc cdrom to the ide and dvd on the power. Thought maybe the dvd drive was corrupting the ide bus. Ive checked my caps and board multiple times. The only thing i was suspicious of was a pin point spot on the nvidia chip, i hope it didnt melt itself inside. So thats where im at, i think my dvd is toast and maybe the ide on the motherboard is broken.
  24. Hi all i need help with quake 2x it was preinstalled on my xbox when i bought it from a modder but i stuffed around with the graphic settings and now when i go to launch it all i get is a black screen. i have tried to re download the game but all i found was a beta 3 copy i tried to install it but i get the same issue every time i boot the game all i get is a black screen. ive tried to email the developer but the email seems to no longer work any help would be great thanks
  25. What ups So glad I found this awesome forum for the OG. I installed an OpenXenium chip and now I don't know what to do. My goal is to swap the original HDD (which is EVOX softmodded) with a spare 1TB I have laying around. I tried adding the retail kernel to the launch menu but it isn't working. On the original HDD the xbox boots to a black screen, on the spare HDD the xbox boots to an error screen. What is my next step?

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