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  1. Ahh ok! That makes sense why removing them did nothing to the other system. The cap was 0603 but that resistor was 0201. I'm just 'ok' with 0603. That 0201 seems horrible. Not sure if I'll ever get to the point of finding it 'fun'.
  2. No startup animations on either bios. It's so odd to me. The system obviously can execute code and display at least a basic image to XeniumOS to run. If the XeniumOS didn't come up I would have given up on this board so long ago. This one just really baffles me.
  3. I don't have drives setup on these boards. I would have to prepare drives for them. If boards get boot animation without drives and my one board doesn't, do the drives matter? I can create setup some drives tomorrow if you think it will help troubleshooting.
  4. Well I lost R6R1 when trying to measure it. However, after I took C6R7 and R6R1 off the other v1.4 it still has the boot animation so I guess those aren't the issue.
  5. I found the two components on another v1.4.
  6. I found some missing components on the back of the board. I think the cap is just a bypass cap, but I'm not sure what R6R1 goes to. I'm not looking forward to soldering a 0201 package.
  7. I have no idea why I couldn't find it. I found it in my two versions also. Just getting blind I suppose. Good call. I really should have looked for a newer version. The software even was letting me know there was an update. Ok, I think I've gotten everything straight now. Pulled a good chip. Using the W49F002 Profile works great. ID is read correctly, reading and programming all work correctly. (Still have to turn off ID verification) Using the W49F020 profile doesn't work at all. ID is read as FF FF reading the chip is blank and programing fails. I've attached the chip and screenshots to make sure I've gotten everything straight.
  8. I really don't know what config is loaded on the bios. Its the same one KaosEngineer has linked. It does boot on another 1.4 board with the same exact chip with no drives connected. That's the version I have loaded on the OpenXenium. It boots fine on another 1.4. Is there some configuration difference between the boards I'm overlooking that would cause it to boot the m8 on one and not the other? I'm actually transplanting the chip from one board to another.
  9. I probably should have left out that annecdote. I think the Winbond chip was just malfunctioning. I pulled it from a problematic Xbox. I really just wanted to point out if your using the TL866 II and are using the supplied software Xgpro as of v11.20 the W49F002 profile does not correctly read the W49F020 (There is not a W49F020 profile in the software) series of chips. Even though at a glance it looks like the chlps are compatible. At the very least, the pinouts are the same and the command sequence to read the IDs are the same. However, the TL866 II will not correctly perform any action. You can use the M29F002BT (There are probably more that will work) profile to at least read the chip and IDs as long as you disable the verify ID function. I have a few Winbond chips I can try later to see if that profile is fully compatible. The data sheets were making my eyes cross trying to compare commands and timing. I'm also assuming the OP created his profile from the W49F002 as I could not find a W49F020 profile in the two versions of software I have.
  10. I have the board out without any drives connected. I usually try to get the EvoX blubber to display then move onto prepping the drive. I don't think I described it very well. I get the xeniumos menu and when I try to boot M8+ it immediately goes black. No sound or animation.
  11. I've not been very satisfied with this programmer software/database. The W49F020t is one of the chips that I think are programmed incorrectly. You can use the M29F002BT which has the same pinouts. I was able to read by W49F020T under that profile and got the right manufacturer code DA but get an odd device code of FE which is not the 8C in the datasheet. Ultimately I was unable to program that chip.
  12. Do you have a raspberry pi? The PiPROM project is pretty nice. https://github.com/grimdoomer/PiPROM
  13. I have this 1.4 Xbox that I've been tinkering with trying to being it back to life. I have plenty of other MBs so this has been more of a journey project more than the need to have a working board. The board initially would flash red. I took out the eeprom and it wouldn't read stable. I replaced it with a new chip and flashed it with a few different images finally settling on an image of another 1.4 that works. It now boots to a black image with a solid green light no fraging. So I ripped out the tsop and it also is awful, it has a few hundred unstable bits. So I decided to just install a modchip. Installed an openxenium and was able to boot into xeniumos! There was horrible diagonal lines that looked like interferance that would progressively get worse until there was major graphical glitches. I saw power issues could cause problems so I replaced the power caps below the CPU. Problem persisted. Replaced the powersupply, everything looks clean. Flashed M8+ onto the Modchip go to load it and the screen goes blank. Any ideas for things to try would be appreciated. Thank you
  14. I have a few Samsungs that exhibit the same behavior. Disc locks into place, spins up and drive attempts a few reads before giving up. No errors messages are displayed. Replacing the laser unit did not work for me, but I can't be sure if the replacement units I bought were good. Hopefully, I can find a working Samsung unit to help me diagnose the root cause.
  15. Thank you for sharing these. Has anyone compared thermals?

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