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  1. So very good news using a pc dvd worked. So i was able to boot the hexen dvd. First I installed a dash board on another ide drive with the 40 pin cable and it booted. Second I switched to the 80 pin and it booted. Third i went back to the sata drive, reinstalled dashboards and it booted. So seems I somehow had a dual failure with the dvd drive dying and the boot on that drive corrupting. I will accept that the original ide conflicted because of the soft mod. Just dont understand how the sata drive goofed like that. But it sill had my games and could load the ones i tried. I will have to get another dvd drive cause i really want to be able to get new titles and back them up. Thanks for the input so far Im glad ive received as many responses as this. Any suggestions on the phillips dvd drive is welcome. I do know about tweaking the pot and i might try that. Im just not expecting anything since the head doesnt even try to focus.
  2. Right the 1.5 is basically a unicorn version. I have the focus chip so it should be 1.4. So that probably the biggest issue i have is that the dvd (phillips) wont read the discs anymore. Im thinking of using that tool i saw to create an image on a harddrive from windows. I have another ide drive I think i will try this on.
  3. I suppose i didnt, how should i go about removing the softmod?
  4. yeah i can leave the dvd or hdd off and get the error code screens. I dont expect anything wrong with the 40 pin cable, and ive tried multiple 80 pin. I initially thought it was the cable at first. But when i went back to the 40 pin and original hdd I knew it had to be something else. i can try a hard power cycle like that, i suspect that would only prevent the eeprom from being updated. But im up for anything at this point.
  5. Im looking for some ideas to try before I look for a replacement xbox. Im not sure if i can do anything else at this point. My xbox was soft modded for some time, but I wanted to do a tsop to unlock the drive and then put in a 2.5 inch 500 gb sata drive. I did the tsop (i have a v1.5) soldered the 2 point and flashed the tsop with hexen 2021 disc. Put in my sata driver with adpater and 80 pin cable and everything was great. I started uploaded the library that i have. I also removed the supercap. I was down to my really scrached discs and was trying to see i could get good copies from them, but gave up. I picked up some new titles and went to install them and the xbox wouldnt boot. I get the evo/xbox splash screen to a blank screen with the orange led. Tried booting hexen or soft mod or game disc and nothing. I tried cleaning out the dvd drive, that didnt help. The last thing i did with the drive was watch it with the cover off. It doesnt appear to be trying to focus nor does it appear to be emitting a laser. It does move the laser head unit on the rails. But i dont think this should stop a boot to harddrive? I went back to the ide drive and the 40 pin cable and no change. I tried combinations of hooking up pc cdrom to the ide and dvd on the power. Thought maybe the dvd drive was corrupting the ide bus. Ive checked my caps and board multiple times. The only thing i was suspicious of was a pin point spot on the nvidia chip, i hope it didnt melt itself inside. So thats where im at, i think my dvd is toast and maybe the ide on the motherboard is broken.

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