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  1. I was actually able to get to the Xenium dash after I plugged the dvd drive in which to me is odd - I was under the impression it should load the Xenium dash without. I am also wanting to install a new hard drive at the same time so I shouldn't need to run anything from here should I? Im new to this but my understanding from here is I can install the og xbox kernel, ftp over a bios and at that point run hexen for example to build my drive? Appreciate your advice!
  2. Hey guys, Wondering if someone might be able to help me with this. Recently installed OpenXenium on my 1.6 with LPC board (pics attached). Xbox turning on just fine but getting a black screen when video cables connected. Tried both component and standard composite. The Xbox led is green as per usual. The chip led itself actually flashes so I know its getting power BUT after it flashes a few colors the chip LED turns off and I'm left with a black screen on the tv. When i remove my video cables from the xbox and only have the power plugged into the Xbox the chip LED stays on, flashing every few seconds between red and yellow. Xbox boots fine to dash with chip unplugged. The machine is soft modded. Could that be causing an issue getting to the Xenium OS screen? Losing hope on this. Thoughts?

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