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  1. Not using client, I'm transfering files directly from windows explorer, xbox set as a network location. Been doing this since 2004 ,the happy xbmc days, with no probs whatsoever. Not sure if there are settings options for binary ftp but will check ty
  2. Before burning the games used zbxtools to create iso from the redump directories i had. Maybe that did the trick? will try SweetDark suggestion to backward ftp the files and see what happens
  3. SOLVED! Finally success in loading those 3 games. Had to build iso from directories, burn and than use dvd2xbox and everything works great. Every other game ftp's easily as is exept these three, if anybody knows why i would like to know too LoL But for now i am satisfied as i found a working fix )) Appreciate all the help guys it is extraordinary
  4. thank you gentleman have updated my dashboard (_0_39_0528A) disabled 1080 it is super weird but the games still wont load (i am using verified copies tested on other console) any suggestions? maybe it is bios related?
  5. ok. disabling 1080 doesn't change anything. the games keep on freezing as before. will try the dvd option next ( as soon as I will lay my hands on an empty media) but I doubt it will make a difference. btw, all other games works perfectly from HDD. here are some of my setting, maybe the fault is here somewhere? could it be related to my tsop model? I am running out of ideas :)
  6. wow man you are a king! tnx for the links! will test those files asap and uncheck the 1080i. actually the only thing i haven't tried yet is to burn the games and let them run from dvd as you suggested. if the first steps wont work i will check this route also. many thanks
  7. Tnx bro. As i noted above, I am aware of this 1.6 issue but i am running a 1.4 machine so loading those games shouldnt be a problem (?). Tried all the 480p 1.6 solutions just for hacks as well but nothing seems to work. Another thing, my games just freeze and won't load while 1.6 users report pixelated and blurry graphics. Tnx so much
  8. Hi all got several Sega games that I just can't get to load from my HDD. most notably Jest Set Radio Future, Panzer Dragoon Orta and Gunvalkyrie. I know they all have an issues with the v.1.6 but I`m using a tsop V.1.4 with an up to date UnleashX as main dashboard. for each game I have tried different sources of ISO's and Redumps but all versions act the same way. the game Freezes on Sega logo (Jest Set) or when loading first level (Gunvalkyrie, Panzer) tried to load them trough different dashboards (XBMC4GAMERS, emustation etc) to no avail. been reading all rele

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