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  1. So I recently made use of this invaluable resource to download all of the old Halo 2 DLC onto my original Xbox (https://digiex.net/threads/xbox-offline-xbox-live-downloadable-content-dlc-installers.675/). The title update and four map packs were a no-brainer, but I was intrigued to see "official" Bungie multiplayer game-types included in the installer as well, as follows: 1. Classic CTF Tank 2. Covie Gulch 3. Golden Showers 4. Peacemakers 5. Swords No Radar 6. Team GoldShowers 7. Zombies Interested in knowing how a few game-types were elevated to "preserved official DLC", I did some research. It looks like #1-5 were made available on the Official Xbox Magazine April 2005 demo disc (http://xbox.gamespy.com/xbox/official-xbox-magazine-demo-disc-43/), and #7 was from the June 2005 edition (http://xbox.gamespy.com/xbox/official-xbox-magazine-demo-disc-45/). But my question, while quaint, is this: when was #6 ever officially released? All online "Bungie game-type" lists seem to acknowledge it as one of the officially released game-types, but I can't seem to find its origin. Does anyone recall how they got ahold of it back in the old Xbox days? To be clear, I'm talking about the game-type "Team GoldShowers".
  2. Sorry for the delayed reply. I only just got all of the supplies I need to run the installer, and it works as flawlessly as you explained for Halo 2! I don't actually own Ninja Gaiden yet though, since I'm still on the fence about playing it. Have you run into any roadblocks trying to install them yourself?
  3. Good stuff! Two questions though: (1) Where in the E: Drive? Applications? I suppose it doesn't matter since you delete the installation files afterwards... (2) Did you need to remove your Xbox's clock capacitor before doing any of this soft-modding? I've read that it can actually brick the motherboard if you don't.
  4. Okay, cool. And it sounds like you used a direct ethernet connection between your PC and Xbox, correct? I'm still pretty new to the OG Xbox scene, haha. And I am familiar with an FTP, but haven't actually done one since high school, and certainly not with a game console.
  5. This thread seems like a pretty comprehensive collection, including Ninja Gaiden: https://digiex.net/threads/xbox-offline-xbox-live-downloadable-content-dlc-installers.675/ If you don't mind me asking though, isn't this where you already got the Halo 2 DLC installation files to run your test. If not, where? Also, how did you transfer them to your Xbox to try it out? With Xplorer 360?
  6. Assuming you mean without permanent soft-modding, will do! Otherwise, I believe the procedure is pretty straightforward. Here's a fairly recent guide: https://stinger-magazine.com/side-stories/how-to-play-ninja-gaidens-hurricane-packs/ And thanks so much for confirming this is possible, especially for Halo 2, which was the biggest deal for me!
  7. Call me a traditionalist. I like relying on hardware that was available AND the intended experience at the time when the games and DLC were coming out. That's why I own an NES, SNES, N64, GC, Wii U, 60GB PS3, OG Xbox, and 360. Otherwise, I'd just play everything on PC emulators, using various gamepads. Also, I paid for the DLC way back when, but that was on my old Xbox which I got rid of years ago. I only went back to retro gaming/collecting recently. Incidentally, do you know the answer to my original question? You seem pretty knowledgeable
  8. Indeed, that's a good resource for the process, and there's certainly lots of those on the internet. But the question of whether or not the DLC requires the software mod after the installation remains elusive, despite my best research. And I don't want to start tinkering with my own hardware until I understand what processes are irreversible.
  9. So, I'd like to be able to retain the original Xbox experience as faithfully as possible, but I also want to acquire some of the otherwise-unobtainable DLC for games like Halo 2 and Ninja Gaiden. Theoretically, would I be able to install a software mod, add the DLC for those games, and then uninstall it? For the record, I do have the actual discs for all of the games I want to play.

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