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  1. Yeah i'll look into it, I have to say XBOX troubleshooting is quite something. I have another 1.6 XBOX that was FRAG and at the end of it all I have no idea what I really did to repair it. I changed everything randomly shotgunning capacitors,reflowed solder on the motherboard and psu nothing. Then from nowhere after restarting the system 50 times I managed to get ERROR 13 which led me to repair the system. Replaced the hard drive just to be sure. Nice, thanks this is very useful can't say I am fan of the manufacturer dumping what seems to be wax on the PSU capacitors though. Also final question are these solid temps? https://imgur.com/Zbr1nM3
  2. Ok, so basically I just took out motherboard got a soft tooth brush and went over the whole board with isopropanol. I no longer got FRAG whatsoever , though now and then it still failed to enter softmod. Once I successfully entered softmod I hooked it up to the net and redid the softmod, transfered some "software" to stress test and so far so good no freezes after 50 minutes. Sounds to good to be true I'm still somewhat sceptical, but there you go!
  3. Nothing super obvious from what I can tell, still doesn't mean there isn't a bad capacitor. Also can I jump start the PSU just like any other ATX power supply to check the lines? https://imgur.com/a/WfpqRJs
  4. Equipment Softmodded 1.4 XBOX, clock capacitor removed, EEPROM snagged Hello everyone this my first post! I have gotten my hands on a FRAG 1.4 XBOX, now where this unit differs from any of the traditional FRAG symptoms Is that if you leave the system unplugged over night you are guaranteed to get video and audio on the first startup, Sometimes it successfully boots into the softmod and freezes after 10-120 seconds once you reboot it refuses to go beyond the FRAG loop( i have even successfully booted a original game from the softmod menu froze after a while), on other occasions it hangs during the start up animation and you get awful audio static, reboot the system and you are stuck in the FRAG loop for the day. Anyone ever encountered a unit with these symptoms? I'm thinking this unit might not be fubar, I changed the cooling paste on the GPU and CPU didn't do anything. Just asking around before I go shotgunning and randomly replacing capacitors, any specific ones which tend to go bad?

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