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  1. That's probably correct. I just posted what I have installed on mine.
  2. Here is the schematic. The reason the I never updated the other post I because I wanted to get this done and decided to pull back on the scope of this. So figuring out a all in one power solution was just too much for me. Although I am pretty sure it could be done with something like an arduino and a softswitch. There is also the TI webench utility that will literally spit out a pre designed schematic with your power requirements using TI parts. I am pretty sure that is what ttsgeb used for his design. The STL isnt quite finished. I didn't show in the video about how I went about securing
  3. Thank you. I mean you could but you would be waiting even longer heh.
  4. Hello everyone I wanted to show off my mini classic that I made. It is made from a 3d Printed case that I modeled. https://imgur.com/undefinedhttps://imgur.com/undefinedhttps://imgur.com/7GPs7sP I gave it some primer https://imgur.com/cTubiRv and some paint https://imgur.com/SDab5EQ https://imgur.com/Mek1KPw https://imgur.com/6kHrZN9 https://imgur.com/67ZuHwx Then I went the extra step and made a box for it and had it printed https://imgur.com/AK4X2Ro https://imgur.com/AURtsGc https://imgur.com/J3FOBmy Finally if you are interested, I made a video o
  5. Okay sorry for the double post. I am realizing how silly that last question was. I guess the better question is, given the stated amperage's on the dev wiki, would a regular transistor be able to pass enough current for each of the voltages without blowing up or should I use a different component? I have another question. How would the switching even work exactly? Because the psu when switched on is always providing 5vdc and wouldn't that always turn on the transistor/mosfet? Or am I not correctly understanding how this all works?
  6. Okay. I think I need to find a suitable MOSFET. Im not sure though. I was doing some reading and it seems that BJTs only pass current while being controlled by current at the base? They dont seem suitable. And mosfets pass voltage and current while using voltage to trigger the pass through? Is this correct? I did do a redesign (before your post) with the back of the pcb being a power plane and it did work. But my 12v reg failed and dumped 5v and a lot of current where it wasn't supposed to go and now the board wont turn on. I do have another 1.6 around so I will get the xenium moved over.
  7. I tried my hand at designing a PCB, naturally it did not work heh. I think my traces are too small for the 5v to pass enough current. I found a soft switch to use for the 12v but I wont use it in the redesign. Any feedback is appreciated
  8. Alright, so in your opinion the booting looks normal and I'm just getting uppity with the power cycling? thanks for the tip on the ssd. I didn't even think to look for alternate sources to power it and the current connection is a bit fiddly and dumb. Okay I will try to get something slapped together in kicad
  9. Okay so what I am understanding from the advice you both are giving me is that I need to add an additional 3.3v source for the standby and an additional bit of circuitry to switch the 12v right? Also for more clarity here is a video of the booting behavior
  10. I did think about using a pico psu and even bought one and the stuff to do the conversion. I just seemed like there wasn't a ton of information about which caps to remove or how many.
  11. Oh that is way more simple thank you. And what about the PowOk and PowOn stuff. I read Kaos's post about it and didn't totally understand. I know that as I have been putting this together you only seem to need one signal PowOn I think and the console will still boot. Would providing constant 3.3vdc to both cause goofy boot behavior? Could you also use a similar circuit but on the PowOn and connected to PowOk?
  12. Okay. I went poking around and found this article on hackaday: https://hackaday.com/2019/06/24/ditch-the-switch-a-soft-latching-circuit-roundup/ I watched the video and the dude mentioned this ic in addition to the schematics:https://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/data-sheets/2954fb.pdf Would this work?
  13. Okay, now this is where my ignorance of electronics comes in, Is it enough to temporarily ground out the 12v? Like if i where to connect some kind of transistor or maybe a reversed diode with a higher rating than 12v maybe?
  14. Thank you for the reply Kaos, I appreciate your seemingly unending commitment to answering questions, here and on reddit. I was debating which place to put this question originally. Just so I understand, do you mean in addition to the one that I am using currently and that the output of which can't easily be switched? A similar question here. I have 5vdc coming from the psu itself. I should take pictures of the way it is installed on the underside as I only have one of the 5v pins connected as the rest seem to be internally connected on the motherboard itself. I should als
  15. Hello everyone I have been working on a slim xbox build and have it 95% working the way it should with some off the shelf parts that are not the pico psu. The only sticky issue that is pretty minor is the switched power requirements. I don't really understand electronics that well past what I call a "blackbox" understanding. You know, I understand that the boards I use say they will take a certain voltage in and output whatever but no knowledge to build a more complex circuit for switching the reset line for the smc. I am using a meanwell psu that is rated for 5v20A that you can find i

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