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N64 freak

Atx Psu To XBox Adapter

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Finally found the time to test the Adapter PCBs i built to use an ATX Psu to power an Xbox.

They are plug and play to easily switch between the original psu and an atx-psu.Might be usable for casemods or laptop builds.

The adapter is built around the following basic schematic.



It properly convert the Standby voltage from 5v to 3,3v and also shifts the power_ok and power_good signals to the correct levels.

Also built a small version that can be used to build an extension cord style adapter to save some more space.

Just let me know if you have any questions about them :)




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Just an hobbyist who likes the xbox :)

The infos for the atx adapter have been around for quite some time! Sickmods once sold similar adapters but there shop is closed so i couldn't buy one. 

Inspired by there design i drew up the shematic and layout around parts i already had here.


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@Crazyembereks If you want one just PM me! They are for sale just haven't posted them in my for sale section. You just need to let me know which revision xbox you got!

This Adapter and the Xbox in general isn't too picky about the ATX PSU as the xbox doesn't draw more power than any pc. Any ATX PSU even the smaller ones for office PCs should be sufficient.

The minimum specs are: (Taken from a 240v V1.4 Foxlink PSU)

96Watt power output

+5V with a rating off 13.2A

+12V with a rating off 1.2A

+3.3V with a rating off 4.8A

+3.3VSB with a rating off 0.045A


If you are unsure if your PSU is sufficent just let me know the brand and model so i can take a look at it!

For the 3.3vsb you are looking at 5Vsb on the ATX psu the adapter does do the conversion to a 3.3Vsb voltage! So don't get confused you won't find 3.3vsb on an ATX PSU :)

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