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  3. Wtb XErc 2

    Hi, i'm looking to buy a Xerc 2, i have paypal. Thanks
  4. X3cp XBox or Lcd Control Panel

    Im actually watching that screen since I have a loose LCD cable for it.
  5. Yesterday
  6. X3cp XBox or Lcd Control Panel

    No interest in a bidding war,or really in buying one of these of eBay. Just looking for a private sale! Thank you for passing that info though!
  7. X3cp XBox or Lcd Control Panel

    There is a x3 lcd on ebay just the screen only. But it looks like its going to be a bidding war.lol
  8. X3cp XBox or Lcd Control Panel

    I am looking for either a complete unit or the LCD front panel for of Xbox. If you have one or have any information on where to find one please contact me. Thanks!
  9. Last week
  10. In the default dashboard it says K: 1.00.4977.01 and D: 1.00.5960.00. In evoxdash it says bios unknown and kernel 1.00.4977.01 if I go into the Flash BIOS menu it looks like I have X2_4977 available. That might be the last installed BIOS?
  11. Evox Trainers

    Good stuff, been looking all over for some trainers. Cheers!
  12. Hi Everyone

    ya there is a version of chimp elsewhere you should use http://www.theisozone.com/downloads/xbox/tools/chimp-2168/ ive had good results with that version and i think all the instructions are included http://www.theisozone.com/downloads/xbox/tools/chimp-2168/ this is what you need for formatting the added space on the new hdd (seeing as chimp clones the drive you need to create a new partition to leverage your new storage)
  13. Rubber Feet

    cardinal sin aside... some days the case flys open 3 times on mine (for whatever reason) you've adapted a permanent solution. i actually kinda like it.
  14. Pc Ports - Fps's and First Person Rpg's

    Thanks for doing the asking!! What a treat that would be!!!
  15. If you start the stock MS dashboard go into System Info scroller at the end it shows the kernel - K: 1.00.KKKK.01 and dashboard - D: 1.00.DDDD.01 . What value is KKKK and DDDD as it's there too? Or, UnleashX shows the Kernel version in the System Info page - from the main menu press Y and look for it: 1.0.KKKK.1. Press B to return to the main menu. Evoxdash with the appropriate skin selected will display the BIOS and Kernel versions too.
  16. Memory

    I usually get in about 2-3 weeks, right now is Chinese New Year so good luck lol.
  17. Cool video about xbox development, i wonder what your thoughts are, and has anyone got more of this content to share? I'm curious about what PC ports exist and what may have been possible Just read through RandySlims post here, he has a good list of games... nice to run into 'digthatbox' again... its outside of my oxbox TUNNELVISION so i guess i forgot about it
  18. Memory

    I bought the chips in haste and didnt realize i was buying 3 chips (32mbitsX4banks is 16MB) not 3 sets of 4.... make sure on that,. they are about 30 days from hongkong to north america. luckily there is a seller in US with F series samsung IC for reasonable price.
  19. I've been asking around at different sites to try and see what FPS's were able to be ported to the xbox. I've had a lot of information but without any results. So far I know of these from the PC will work. 1.Alien Vs. Predator: Gold Edition 2 Descent II 3 Doom 4 Doom II 5 The Ultimate Doom 6 Final Doom: The Plutonia Experiment 7 Final Doom: TNT: Evilution 8 Duke Nukem 3D 9 Heretic 10 Hexen 11 Rise of the Triad 12 Shadow Warrior 13 Quake 14 Quake II 15 Quake III Arena (Featuring Homer Simpson vs Darth Vader) 16 Zombie Crisis I found these at this link here. http://digthatbox.com/2011.02.27_arch.html#1298943709066 I also found these games listed on eBay. The seller's Xbox had a lot listed here. Star Wars Doom _______________________________ Doom II: Hell On Earth Herian Herian 2 Biowar Dimensions of Time Wolfenstein Nocturnal Mission Wolfenstein Spear of Destiny Wolfenstein Second Encounter Quake: ________________________________ Quake/Hipnotic Quake/Rogue Quake III Arena Shadow Warrior: ________________________________ Wanton Destruction Twin Dragon In Time Lo Nukem Last War Park Rampage Warrior Tai Wang Tonight Never Ends Wang Bang Heaven When I Was Young ______________________________ Any help with links to these or if someone had made a game pack of these on the Xbox then please let me know. Thank you so very much for any links and or information of other games , expansions, or mods Thankyou.
  20. Sorry for the late reply. I was expecting the site to email me about comments and then life happened and haven't gotten back here until today. Your idea about flashing the TSOP and then copying over from the old hard drive sounds good. If I do get the chameleon chip out of there I'll let you know!
  21. I'm not sure how to find it. In XBMC it can't detect the modchip or the BIOS and I cannot remember for the life of me how to get into the BIOS.
  22. Atx Psu To XBox Adapter

    I need a list of components and method of connection (I do not understand how to connect the power supply to the board and Xbox, I'm afraid to burn Xbox) (there are photos of ready-made examples) Did I draw the board correctly? I apologize for the translation of the text (translate.google.)
  23. Only problem I think you may have is based on which version of modified BIOS you have flashed to the Chameleon. Do you know which is flashed to it? Next, use the latest version of Chimp. V261812 is the latest version of Chimp to try. Don't try any older versions.
  24. Downloading, Unzipping, Transfering Emulators and Roms

    I see the same thing 3.8.0 latest official release to support XP, others have said or .2 worked for them on XP SP3 Pro. Older versions are available at sourceforge.net. You have to click on "Browse all files" to browse the listings to locate them. edit: Wow, sourceforge did a major site upgrade. Click on the Files tab to browse the project's files. https://sourceforge.net/projects/filezilla/files/FileZilla_Client/3.8.0/
  25. Atx Psu To XBox Adapter

    I was trying to create my own layout. and failed
  26. Mod To Use XBox 360 Controller

    Yes please I love 360 controllers
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