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  3. Hdmi Plug Aka X2hdmi

    great tutorial
  4. Trying To Enable Hd With Hexen

    What dashboard are you using? Are you using component video cables ?
  5. So hdd is upgraded to 500gb and i tried. To enable yhe hd with hexen disk once with out clearing c drive tsop flash and now ive reformated disk and cleaned and its not working right any one have advice still geting red as grayish green after all steps
  6. So hdd is upgraded to 500gb and i tried. To enable yhe hd with hexen disk once with out clearing c drive tsop flash and now ive reformated disk and cleaned and its not working right any one have advice still geting red as grayish green after all steps
  7. Hdmi Plug Aka X2hdmi

    I have noticed a little problem with using the converter... When using on a smaller tv al is fine. When i use the larger tv in the living room lots of black screens. The xbox resolution with a lot of games is 480i, this gives problems with lots of tv sets. Have found alternate bios files to force 480p on all games, this takes complete care of the problem. Downside is that you can not use the original cables anymore, they do not support 480i. Will supply the force 480P bioses soon.
  8. Newbie Here, Looking for Advice.

    Oh, and also how would I go about improving the quality of graphics? Im playing on a 4k tv with standard hookups, is there a large improvement with hdmi cables or the older 6 pin connector av cables, or are neither worth looking in too?
  9. For the past few weeks i've been looking into modding an xbox, and i've bought quite a good amount of stuff to prepare. I understand that there are like 15 ways to do somethings and it all depends on specifics ecct.. but I just have a few questions. For starters, I understand you have to soft mod your xbox before tsop mod, and you can change out your hdd either after the tsop mod or after softmodding, which way should I do? Also, I would like some emuls so which bios should i be looking into? All I want to do is to be able to boot a few games without putting them in the disk drive, and play some older games, on top of having a nice dash board and boot up screen. Among the things I've purchased, I also got a ghost case, and I would like to paint my jewel. anybody have advice on that? also, any good looking led mod kits? I've seen a couple, but if anyone has a link to a good treasure trove of either led strips or something to put under my jewel, I would appreciate it. Also, why do some people while installing the ghost case (clear case) not change out the disk reader cover to the transparent one? Haven't opened my xbox yet, since its the one from my childhood, I'm trying to save it, but if I can't find a cheap one to mod out, Ill be using what i suspect to be a 1.3.
  10. Last week
  11. Paint Recommendations

    Progress going good. sanded a bit and got it ready for plexiglass. Cut out dvd drive as well and also removed one of my HDs to give it a 1tb drive. Looks promising so far thanks to OGXbox.com and its wonderful helpful members. Still iffy on the sanding/painting but confident will look good. All I need now is to work on the configuration of the leds.... After I get all that done I have to work on getting xbmc4gamers to show previews, covers etc... but that's whats fun about it. Getting shit to work the way you want it to I take great joy in modding things...especially when they're mine ! and turn out well.
  12. XBoyadvance & Snes9XBox Questions

    I figured out how to resolve the issue I was having with the XBOYAdvance emulator. I identified the Gameboy and Gameboy color games with the same name, then renamed the Gameboy color games with (gc) at the end of the file name. Then renamed all of the related xtras files (box art, cart art, save files, videos etc) the same way. Now everything works. I still don't know how to add an icon in the unleash x dash for the SNES9XBox emulator. If anyone can tell me how to do that it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  13. Paint Recommendations

    Thanks for the info. I'm going to try sanding it right now and look for the paint when I buy sanding products just in case LOL.
  14. Made a HeXEn 2018 Update

    Some issues regarding Sharp TSOPs came to light earlier today, so I had to fix them and release a new build. I'll add the new download links to the OP as they go up. Changelog.: - Edited the sharp.bin BIOS file (EvoX M8+) to disable the DVD drive check. - Corrected an error which prevented the sharp.bin BIOS file from being copied to the HDD.
  15. Paint Recommendations

    if you take your time sanding with a flat block you should get good results. start at 180 or 220. 80 may be too heavy i havent paint an xbox before. but ive been using rustoleum appliance epoxy on other projects and that stuff is awesome. painted a motorcycle fuel tank with it, took my time, sanded between coats and let it cure for a full week before recoat as recommended on that can. its hard like epoxy (think fridge, washer, dryer) and it stands up to gasoline! which is not common of regulated VOC products in canada... just moved into a place where the dryer left behind had a ton of damage on top. quick sand, degrease, cleaned it all up and shot in the white rattle can. looks great, really durable. now thinking i may use the rest of this rattle can on my slim box.... hmmmmm. do i kill another weekend on an xbox...... hmmmmmm
  16. Paint Recommendations

    Sad to hear.....I havent seen any consoles painted up close but some look nice in pics. I'll try to sand the crap out of it first...looks bad then paint........worse comes to worse I'll use some of that textured paint or some bed liner spray!!!
  17. Made a HeXEn 2018 Update

    thanks you're awesome dude
  18. HeXEn_v0_99B11-22b

    thanks forlorn penguin, i should have realised there was a more recent build thanks dude.
  19. Paint Recommendations

    paint never looks good sadly
  20. Paint Recommendations

    Nice I may give that ago, if I mess that up I can always paint it
  21. Paint Recommendations

    i had one that was really totaled and didnt want to go through with painting. so i sanded with a block from 80 grit stepping up to 220, 400, 1000, 2000. 1000 and 2000 were wet sand and then used polishing compound. it came out HIGH gloss. looked really good.
  22. XBmc4gamers

    damn son, u put in lots of work!!! It seems like you loaded that thing up with everything (...and its kitchen sink) you could find HA! I see you also changed the background (inside 'xbox' games) to a static background - do you remember how you did that? Did you put something inside "Q:\skin\profiles skin\media\background\ ........" ?
  23. XBmc4gamers

    That video that you linked inspired me to get into XBMC4Gamers. Here is my setup (I am going through constant changes, so this is nowhere near final). I captured the footage with my Hauppague HD-PVR 1212:
  24. XBmc4gamers

    I orientate my self on this setup (watch video below) - it's very clean in my opinion. I found an other detail which i'd like to adjust but can't figure out - He changed the background in the gameselect screen to be a static picture background (instead of a chosen color) so that at bottom of the screen it stays (istead of a chosen color) You can see it from 0:09 sek. (PS: I'm not talking of the fanart of the games - i mean below the fanart ;-) I guess changes have to be made somewhere: "Q:\skin\profiles skin\media\background\ ........"
  25. Paint Recommendations

    Just looking for recommendations for painting the X on the console. I was going to leave it original color but I scuffed it up when I was cutting the DVD window. It will have green LEDs so something to compliment it? I already sanded it a bit with fine grit paper and the scuffs although visible aren't deep, cant feel them when I run my finger over them now. I would like something to offset it just a bit from the original black. I thought about green as well but not sure. I've seen some photos on here but they're mainly blue or purple ish so dont really want that since I want green LEDs. Flat black? glossy hammered black? xbox green? I'm all taped up and ready to paint!!! Any suggestions greatly appreciated!!!!
  26. XBmc4gamers

    G-box, Not bad! I am more of a fan of poster icons being the size of an actual retail game box. I will agree that Homebrews are seemingly uncharted territory as far as poster icons and fanart. Here is my custom template. I currently use one that has an Xbox One font and icon, but I feel (just my opinion) now that I wan a poster icon to truly represent OG Xbox.
  27. XBmc4gamers

    nice! i'm totally not into homebrews yet. It's a hole new world to explore. Here are the icon's i did today:
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