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  2. Beta XBox Website

  3. Beta XBox Website

    in the process. guy seems to be busy with some other stuff.
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  5. Hdd Swap - Questions/Recommendations

    The guide worked fine for me, I installed a 2TB HDD, the only issue I found was that not all sata to ide boards work because of their size and transfer rate.
  6. Made a HeXEn 2018 Update

    Truhexen 2019 for the win
  7. Hdd Swap - Questions/Recommendations

    3.5" WD Blue work well for me.
  8. So now that I have got my new Dashboard running and have my games ready, it's time to start getting the stuff for the HDD swap. I am going to get a StarTech IDE2SAT2 adapter, but I know that the Xbox can be picky with what SATA drives it will work with. I was thinking of going with a WesternDigital Black or SeaGate. but what are the drives that people have the most success with? Also, in regards to size, are 3.5" drives a pain to fit inside the console? Or would it just save a lot of headache going with a 2.5" drive? Also, I'm a little confused on what steps I need to take to get it all set up once I have the HDD and the adapter. Do I need a boot disk as well? And Chimp clones the existing drive while XBPartitioner will format the new drive? I found this guide at XBMC4Xbox, but its about 7 years old so I am not sure if any of the information is outdated or has changed with new methods: https://www.xbmc4xbox.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=649&hilit=2tb
  9. XBox 1.2 - 1.5 Christmas Lights

    You can buy Aladdin clones on ebay.
  10. OGXbox Skin

    Very nice. Thank you.
  11. Looking for Unleash X Skins

    Thank you.
  12. Wireless XBox 360 Controllers On the Og XBoX

    Received mine the other day, and looking forward to try it. Just waiting for a receiver to arrive, and some mivro usb connectors. Anyone with the skills, considered making a external case for this that can be 3d printed? Would love having it in a nice case external so I could use it for several boxes. Maybe and internal mod later. Sent from my 16th using Tapatalk
  13. XBmc Is Kodi

    Still using it. Still enjoing it
  14. Made a HeXEn 2018 Update

    eager to get a copy
  15. XBox 1.2 - 1.5 Christmas Lights

    …dificult to find nowadays
  16. XBmc4gamers Ready To Install

    I always keep a backup dash, just in case. Then I can used my modchip bios to change the dash path to the backup dash and then fix any issues with my usual dash
  17. XBmc4gamers Ready To Install

    Thanks Cian, It was precisely this what I was looking for, also the default.xbe to evoxdash.xbe to make default dashboard boot as replace the pre installed one, Btw is there a way to uninstall Evoxdash board is really is a useless dashboard laying on the C. Thought that XBMC4Gamers needed to be installed on E:\App on not on the root of the system, alright easy tutorial.
  18. Beta XBox Website

    Nice plz try to get that from him
  19. XBmc4gamers Ready To Install

    Yes, Googlei is your friend. It's on Rocky5s GitHub. It's come a long way since you were looking at it I think. Download the prebuilt. Do not build yourself. https://github.com/Rocky5/XBMC4Gamers/blob/master/README.md Here's some instructions. (This is also valid for xbmc-emustation) So to set it all up FTP the pre built xbmc4gamers folder to the root of E. Don't build it yourself, that's only really for expert users that want to change source and recompile. Have all your xbox games in F/Games and/or G/Games. That's where the artwork install script looks for games. Press the black button and go to settings and downloader, you might need to update the downloader under the update tab. Run the cache formatter from the downloader first (good practice). Download the artwork installer. You'll need 500mb free on E for it to download and extract. Go to skin settings and run the artwork installer script. Let it overwrite existing artwork when asked. The first time the dash boots it could take about 5 minutes or more to scan your games in, this only happens the first time. It's not frozen so just leave it. If you want to make it your default dash (Hard mod/TSOP): Use John Conns dashloader. Take this default.xbe and name it evoxdash.xbe and replace your existing evoxdash.xbe on the root of C. I suggest naming your existing to something else to back it up just in case and then delete after you get xbmc4gamers to boot. https://github.com/Rocky5/Xbox-Softmodding-Tool/raw/master/C Partition/nkpatcher/dashloader/default.xbe Bear in mind that any game with the same default.xbe will get the same artwork. So go through your games and make sure they are all good. This happens with some games that are usually special editions and people just dump a load of games from a big download on. Need for speed underground and underground black edition, midnight club dub edition and dub edition remix are two examples. These are the same game so you would not need both anyway but they would take the same art. You can manually fix any of these by navigating to xbmc4gamers/system/ scripts/Xbox artwork installer via file explorer on the left side and on the right side of file explorer navigate to the game with incorrect artwork and copy the right one over. All artwork is downloaded to that path. Also check out the artwork link on the he GitHub. It has emulator artwork and some special edition Xbox game covers. Steel books etc. Jade empire alt cover is nice.
  20. My New Limited Edition XBox Consoles

    I thought it came with some sort of CD holder as well. Like a little soft binder that holds discs
  21. My Modz for Sale Xuyart

    Looking good
  22. Steel Battalion Controller Converter

  23. Beta XBox Website

    buddy, I found a guy who has that 1..6TB archive, just need to discuss and plan on how he will share it. If so, we'll have all OXM's and lot of other lost stuff.
  24. XBmc4gamers Ready To Install

    Dear All, Does any of you has already an XBMC4Gamers ready to be ftp to the console, I have tried XBMC4XBOX-33032 which is the latest version of XBMC together with the XBMC4Kids patch, don't if I should call it a patch, FTP it and got lots of errors, is there already a standalone XBMC4Gamers ready to be FTP without the ArtWork etc, like a small package which we can add artwork as we add our collection. Thanks
  25. Which Bios

    I didn’t know about that patch!!! So does that work for the handful of games that don’t play from extracted because of long file names????
  26. Steel Battalion Controller Converter

    Yep I've got it working mostly with some guess work. There's a couple more things I would like to confirm with the enumeration process between the console and the endpoint descriptors. I havnt got LED feedback working yet either, but the game is fully playable on my xbox with my version of the game with the wireless xbox360 controller and chatpad (beat the first few missions already!) Id rather not just guess the protocol until it works because what works for me may not work for everyone! Some hard data from a real SB controller will give me alot more confidence. I still need to test Steel Battalion Line of Contact too. Sitting back playing games for 'testing' is the best part
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