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  2. Custom Start Up Screen

    after tsoping my 1.0 i was able to switch to a 1.4 with ind bios. is there a way to do a custom xbox start up when powered on?
  3. Custom Start Up Screen

    after tsoping my 1.0 i was able to switch to a 1.4 with ind bios. is there a way to do a custom xbox start up when powered on?
  4. Looking for Unleash X Skins

    Where is the best place to look for skins for unleashx? almost all links i got to are dead and il left with crappy looking ones and i hate it any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Full Case Modding Tutorials!

    This is amazing i was Browning looking for some of this and its all in one place !
  6. Who Needs Christmas Lights

    vary nice haven't moved on to PS2 yet have 3 xboxs to start with
  7. Yesterday
  8. Bugs

    When I changed view settings to poster+Fanart mode I came across a bug. I scrolled very fast with the Left trigger and then the Right trigger, just to see if the poster+fanart pictures would manage to display with that fast speed. ANd after a while I broke it completely, there are no fanart displayed, just a grey square area,, And if I changed view settings to the other modes, all other graphics are gone.. just grey squares everywhere where it should be pictures. I had to reset xbox and reload dash to get everything back to normal. Be careful fast scrolling.
  9. About To Tsop First Time

    im never the most correct guy, so my advice needs to be treated that way. but my process looks like this. install softmod open case bridge pads and/or solder wires in place (1.2-1.5 is hands down the easiest) boot hexen in the tsop/modchip section i start by running the "non-winbond flash' this one boots a modded evo-x menu where you can choose your bios, just before flash it shows which tsop you have you cannot brick your console from this screen, it just wont erase the bios if you try to flash a winbond tsop (i cannot guarantee this although i have done it several times with no effect and this is also re-iterated in the instructions in hexen) if you've entered this menu "cleanup failed flash files" is recommended after leaving if it is winbond i leave the menu back to hexen and go to winbond/sharp flash menu and flash from there... the only trick with winbond is when it boots to gentoox loader you scroll to right to find advanced and choose flash menu/hdd flash and choose bios.bin.... caution: if you try to flash the wrong chip using the winbond menu you will have a bad result. potential brick. thats it. the winbond i did lastnight failed 2 times before it worked correctly and i think it was because i hadnt cleaned up the files from entering the evo-x menu the first time. would be better practice to arm yourself with knowledge of the TSOP prior to booting hexen (analyze the chip on the board, reference numbers that are on the chip... etc..) i think the reason i had no worries is because 1.2-1.5 is same tsop unlock process (soldering) no matter which tsop is on board. EDIT, i have only ever used stranded copper wire, cant remember the gauge (rather small) also, at first i was pullling off the insulator and taking about half the strands, twisting them up, tinning them and using that to bridge the pads that need bridging for tsop unlock. now i just use solder and it works fine. patience. and if you're confident in your soldering and the install fails just try again. i was so close to ripping it all apart last night.... bad dvd drive, another bad dvd drive, 2 failed installs on the good drive and then the third after cleaning install files.... bingo.
  10. About To Tsop First Time

    Wires are also needed if you use the alternate TSOP solder points Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  11. About To Tsop First Time

    TSOP doesnt need wire unless its a SHARP tsop chip
  12. About To Tsop First Time

    This is my frist time working with a Tsop im looking for advice ik i got 1..0 1.1 versions does this wire need to be a single copper or can it be threaded also hexen i can find but a bios checker i can not fine any where
  13. I made a little batch file that can be used with Resources4XBMC. This is to make the collection more compatible with the XBMC4GAMERS dashboard. The bat file will delete the unnecessary .jpg. and .xbe files and copy the fanart.jpg to the root folder of each game. To use this on retail games place the bat file in \Resources4XBMC\Retail Games\ and run it from there. Same method applies to the other folder "Modded" "Ripped" and "Unreleased Games" Use at your own risk. copyfanart.bat
  14. Paintjob Mockup

    fantastic job
  15. Paintjob Mockup

    fantastic job
  16. UnleashX Dashboard Icons

    nice thanks
  17. Last week
  18. Feedback

    I got a suggestion or two. 1. Make the scrolling of games wrap from A-Z and Z-A. As it works now to get to games starting on Z you have to go all the way to the right, and that takes a while when you have 500+ games on the box. 2. Can the Y-position of scrolling games be adjusted with the Left Thumbstick ? 3. With the new Synopsis how about the possibilty to list/sort games by genre, rating, release date 4. When in Synopsis mode - the ability to go left/right to select other games would be nice. 5. Update/download resources, movies and synopsis from the internet using the game id would be awesome. 6. Would be nice to see how much space is left on the c: e: f: g: drives. Doesnt need to be on the main screen but in the settings menu. But that's only me being used to have it handy. 7. Information on music currently playing on top of screen.
  19. Bugs

    The Dash is awesome. But there are some troubles with having music on and using synopsis mode. If you look at a game with synopsis that has video preview, the music is disabled. When i leave synopsis mode the music does not return. Also, when I have music playing and select synopsis mode on a game that doesnt have any xml synopsis information, the music will stop playing when i exit the synopsis mode when pressing the B button. So i have to go to options>settings>skin settings>create playlist>music> and select a song to get the music playing again. Then B B B B B ( I built the xbmc4gamers using the most recent XBMC4XBOX-33032 )
  20. Better Late Than Never

    Hi all, just joined after finding this site by chance yesterday, have recently dug out my old soft-modded xbox from the loft, which i discovered had a faulty PSU, bought another 3 "broken" ones off eBay to find a replacement PSU to fit, so now up and running again. Looking forward to getting back into the Xbox scene, its been 10 years or so since i was last hooked. Cheers guys.
  21. Problems With XBit 1.5 and 1.6b Mainboard

    What does the DVD power cable look like that came with the modchip? I don't understand what it's used for. Which pins does it tap off of from the DVD connector on the motherboard.
  22. XBox 1.6 Wont Power Up

    For those needing the transistor information. MMBT3906LT1 is the correct transistor.
  23. Better Late Than Never

  24. Paintjob Mockup

    Really nice job on those.
  25. XBox 1.6 Wont Power Up

    Great Video!
  26. XBox 1.6 Wont Power Up

    Tested the transistor and it is under 3.0.... it is like .14 on the multimeter. Is it possible I have the wrong power supply board???? It was labeled 1.6 power supply on ebay but who knows... What transistor should I order to make this fix? Is there any way to bypass the transistor so I can test if this will fix it? Used this video as a reference.
  27. Paintjob Mockup

    Got a few ready to sell at the moment, see pics, red/silver may have buyer for that. All have 120gig drives, all cleaned inside with new drive belt and thermal paste. Led lighting and paint, 50 Xbox games, tons of rims and elms including coin ops8, jaws and mame. With leads controller. plug and play lol
  28. XBox 1.6 Wont Power Up

    Okay, so now my power supply has been installed. I see the red and green led lights on the mod chip on. However, when I press the power button the Xbox does not turn on. It is for sure receiving power, but seems dead.... The fan does not turn on nothing turns on but the modchip lights... Any ideas???
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