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  2. Destroyed Lpc On V1.0

    I'm having the same problem with a 1.0, it's last owner tried to install a header for install a chip on it and I think he has messed it up, anyone know where I can find altenative soldering points for the lpc port? (1.0)
  3. Well, a few days ago one original xbox fell in my hands, it has lot of problems but I wanted to mod it to the max and so, I found this forum looking for help. Thank you all in advance!
  4. Will do man, I spoke to someone else who said this Sounds like everything is working as expected (modded with either Aladdin, AppleX V or similar "pleb" modchip and running EvoX BIOS). Also i read back what you posted and it makes more sense to me now, So again thank you, and i shall let you know how i get on.
  5. whatever you say noble!!! get the box!!!!!
  6. New To Site, Not New To XBox

    if you are the gil bates of this forum, i'd be like the jverage aoe... no sense made means no cents made..... WELCOME!!!! may your soldering iron maintain a steady temp.
  7. Thank you for the info, at the moment none of this means nothing as i am very novice, I receive the xbox in three days, So i will let yo know then! Thanks for the advice
  8. ok, cool score noble im very conflicted because i like to start immediately correcting bios issues and dashboard issues. but honestly, the drives that are in these are getting old fast. so cloning immediately isn't the worst advice, but you should find out if its softmodded, because if the clone fails you may have to read the eeprom to continue.... which requires hardware intervention I dont know much, but ill say that sounds like a modchip. personally id be cracking the case open and having a look immediately. look near the left hand side of the board (this is where the lpc port is) this photo shows an aladdin XT installed on what appears to be a v1.6 xbox. (the red board with the red led is the modchip, it is plugged into the lpc port using pin header) if you want detailed facts of hardware snap a picture of the main board and someone may chime in. to access the hdd, you need to do so via ftp IMHO this is a commonly recommended pc application to manage the xbox storage over the network I use flash fxp, just because thats where life has taken me.... if you need help with networking etc, just ask. below is a link to chimp chimp is a suite of tools relating to your xbox, this version is very streamlined and works very well. https://github.com/Rocky5/Chimp261812 this is the best release of chimp and although i have been documented using other versions, i can 100% confirm this is what you need to be using to make the hdd clone. tutorial below others can guide you on building a drive from scratch etc.... i always just find it easiest to clone and start updating everything. The dvd drive likely needs a new drive belt for the disc tray to eject properly... searching the forums gives ideas to recondition the old one. I find myself using the drive at an absolute minimum, especially with a hard mod. (my console is slimmed without a dvd drive and i can always add one on the cable for any flashing needs... which brings me to my next point) I haven't tried hexen 18 which forlorn penguin updated from 17, although i'd recommend taking HEXEN 2018, instead of 2017 for obvious reasons of being most current. (i simply havent had the opportunity to burn a new copy being the year 2018 A.D none of my hardware needs/uses dvd drives, so burning is an unusual procedure) You need to flash the bios accordingly, your decision is based on the tsop size/modchip/board revision you are using, so before you flash you need to dash to the stash of knowledge and get your facts straight about your xbox. v1.0/1.1 have a bigger tsop size accommodating larger bios files etc etc, so get clear on hardware. I',m getting ahead of myself, i dont KNOW you have a hardmod, so i'll end here,
  9. Really Late To the Party

  10. Hello i just brought a Crystal Xbox and i need some help. I have been speaking to the guy who sold it to me, He knows nothing about modding but has been super helpful, He brought the xbox of his friend before him, But his friends got the xbox of someone else before that. What i need help with is distinguishing weather the Xbox that i have brought has a mod chip or not? He tells me when he turns on the Xbox an Evo x logo come up in the top left corner. He also says it is region free, and plays DVDs without the dvd add on. I asked for more detail and this is what he told me and this is all he knows. The seller. Ok I’ve checked and you need to hold the power button down to get the evo x logo to show. Holding down the eject button or just simply pressing the power button boots it to the xboxdashboard. So I’m guessing that it has the chip but the bios needs flashing by connecting to a pc. I don’t have a clue how to do that. I know nothing about Xbox modding at all. If i have brought a modded Xbox then i may need some advice, on stuff like How to flash a bios on it, What bios to use? I would want to replace the CD rom drive as he says it is sticky and upgrade the HDD so i can install games to the HDD My problems is that i know 0 about modding original Xboxes. But i have some technical background and i have modded previous consoles. Thank you! Sorry for my lack on knowledge on the subject. I also brought a USB Adaptor Cable Cord for Xbox (Original) So i can use a usb on the xbox if needed. He says the The manufacture date of console is 18/6/2004 as well.
  11. Unleash X Boot Up Is Slow

    No, it checks the items.xml on every boot and compares it to your paths in the config.xml Use XBMC if you don’t want to wait.
  12. Xbox Softmod

    If the drive is connected via a PC's IDE interface, use either XboxHDM v1.9 or v2.2a.
  13. Really Late To the Party

    How can I find out wich version mine is?
  14. Xbox Softmod

    XboxHDM23USB only looks for HDDs connected via a USB-to-HDD interface adapter. HDD interface either IDE, SATA or a combo with both interface types available.
  15. Really Late To the Party

    A friend gave me his xbox. never had one before.
  16. I think the Monster cable's adapter connects to the AVIP ports +5V, Ground and Digital output. Use the following diagram as a reference to trace the connections from the 2.5mm jack to the AVIP port pins: Connect the digital output and ground to the coaxial input on your digital receiver or add a Toshiba TOTX177 (not exactly sure if this is the correct model number to use as there are several different optical transmitters available) TOSLink optical transmitter and capacitor as shown. I suspect the 2.5mm plug's tip is 5Vdc (AVIP pin 1), the top section, the sleeve, is ground (AVIP pin 24) and the central smaller width section, the ring, is the digital data (AVIP pin 6).
  17. Really Late To the Party

    Welcome, I'm a newbee too
  18. A Place To Download XBox Skins In 2018 ?

    Look at
  19. Really Late To the Party

    Welcome. I'm new to the site also but been involved with Xboxes and all other consoles most of my life. There are some real gems in the Xbox game library, so have fun exploring. I have a soft spot for the Xbox as I chose to buy it instead of the PS2 when it came out and have many good memories, and some of the Xbox exclusives can't be beat. If you like racing games, check out Test Drive: Eve of Destruction. Still my favorite racing/demolition derby game to date.
  20. Hi all, just found this site and looks like a good resource for original Xbox modding. I started modding Xboxes way back not long after they first came out. I had an original V1.0 box with an Xecuter X3 chip, which I was stupid and eventually sold. I'm back in the game now with another X3 modded box and another one I'm soft modding and going to do a TSOP flash. Looks like some good resources here.
  21. Made a HeXEn 2018 Update

    Glad to see the original Xbox is still active in the community. Thanks for this!
  22. Retroarch Emulator

    Anyone know how to install the RetroArch for original xbox?
  23. Xbox Softmod

    so whjy does it reconize the drive in the computer management but not the xboxhdm23usb program
  24. Xbox Softmod

    so my xbox drive has to be pluged in by the usb port see ive got it pluged in by the ide cable where do i get a usb to harddrive adapter never seen one of them and its not reconizing the harddrive cause i enter number one to list the drives and it just gives the 30 second count down and back to the menu it goes
  25. Update: I may have found a dirt cheap solution to my problem of getting 5.1 digital surround sound out of my OGXbox through the Monster Cable component cable. According to the last post in this topic on Reddit's r\originalxbox forum, I may just need to use a couple of cheap 3mm to 2mm/RCA adapters and a standard A/V RCA cable and instead of plugging it into the optical-in port of my Denon receiver, I use the coaxial digital-in port (RCA female) on my AVR and plug the 2mm male at the other end into my Monster Cable component cable. Any experts here think this is feasible? I tried out my new Monster Cable component cable today and the L/R RCA analog connections sound so damn hissy I can barely stand it at higher volumes. I just want clean, crisp surround sound for my OGXbox. It deserves it.
  26. Last week
  27. I am looking for someone who is able to preform the following mods. X3IR mod and the internal Logitech controller dongle mod. Thank you.
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