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  2. Led Controller Port Install

    That is a great idea. Do you think something like these are the right spec? http://www.ebay.com/itm/20-x-Pre-wired-6v-3mm-Red-LEDs-Prewired-6-volt-DC-LED-Light-RC-Prop-5v-4v-3v-/151052045237?epid=1147035193&hash=item232b674bb5:g:qcYAAOxyY3ZRoYb3
  3. Led Controller Port Install

    1st things first...thanks for the tut! I've been reading around and found that another way that will help to save some time, is to buy some prewired LEDs off of eBay seem like a good way to go, esp if someone is planning to sell them. Time vs money.
  4. Screen Resolution

    btw...from what I've been reading, not all games support 1080i so its best to only use 480p & 720p.
  5. XEcuter 3 Flashing Bios

    Hi On the back of the console the date when it was made is 2005-08-04 The site is for hackers only cannot register
  6. Ghostcase.Com

    They could have either went under or sold off. Or maybe it's just easier for them to send their products to Amazon and let Amazon worry about shipping them out all over the place. I just bought a clear case off of Amazon and just returned it last week because it was broke...looks like none of their OG Xbox cases are available there now. Actually, now that I look again...none of their products are available. And i can't find any of their cases from them on eBay either...something must be going on with them.
  7. XVgm Skin (XBox Videogame Museum)

    Nice I have been looking for some good XMV previews for quite a few of my games missing a bunch. The Skin looks awesome as well going to give it a try.
  8. Ok, everyone after years of working on this skin I am finally able to upload, thanks to Blake's new FTP repository. This skin was originally created by Dark Noir of EmuXtras.net. I'd say it's been 7 years in the making. After many years of revisions and no release, I asked him for the files and he handed them over with the tools to create the XMV. At the time only about 20 Xbox XMV movies were created so I spent all of 2015 creating the previews for almost every game. Each XMV preview video was a previously encoded WMV8 for optimum performance. After finishing up with 970 of the Xbox previews I decided to go back through them and correct/add text, and make sound adjustments, add better video to the preview box, etc.. The coolest thing about this skin is that we've basically tricked UnleashX to display a different video, box art, and background art - by tying them all together in one PiP full screen video. Plus there are added perks with the description of game (usually from the back of the box, or Wikipedia), numbers of players, System Link, etc. - basically all the info on the back of the box. (No more guess work with number of players when playing backups.) This skin has been optimized to display around 250 XBEs before the RAM runs out, which basically reboots the Xbox. I've heard that this is a natural limitation of the UnleashX app/dashboard. So keep this in mind when using the skin. If you have too many games, including the home screen videos, NONE will display. (Sidenote: I use XBMC as a dash if I'm packing more than 250 XBEs on the HDD.) With this skin, it's best to just put the BEST games, not the REST. Upload is currently underway. Please give feedback to the individual previews and I'll be happy to make changes. This skin is in 720 HD. So have your component cables ready or the description will be blurry. This skin is HD ONLY. I'm currently missing about 10 previews (for some obscure Japanese titles), but I'll create these when I get a chance to record video. Enjoy! Size of skin: 2 MB Size of videos: 18 GB XVGM (US).zip
  9. My Top 10 UnleashX Skin Picks

    After looking through hundreds of UnleashX skins, I picked 10 of my favorites. There are actually 18 skins as some had multiple color releases and a few dups from old Xbox skin sites. From the various skin packages I accumulated from various sources, these now defunct sites had some skins listed under slightly different names (some I guess by the number the skin was submitted to their site). I've also updated a couple to show free space on the G drive. 01 - devise2 found under 2 different names 02 - tarozax - original and my G free space updated 03 - UXH2 04 - Athloni's MSDash 3 color variations - 2 Green 05 - TrueMSdash 2.0 (2 names) 06 - InfraSkin Cyan 07 - NINJA GAIDEN HI-TECH 08 - Optima_Blue_V2 - 2 names same skin 09 - UnleashX_Hackedbox_v1.0 and my GFree update 10 - Ice (Smoke Series) UnleashX Skins-My Top 10-KaosEngineer.7z
  10. UXArchitect

    Does this software run on WIndows 10? Please, add a link to the first post where to download the software.
  11. Yesterday
  12. How to Build an EEPROM Reader/Writer

    [UPDATE: Opps see this info posted in it's own thread] An ingenious fellow, Ryan, who goes by the handle "Grimdoomer" has written software ,PiPROM, that allows one to use a Raspberry PI as an Xbox EEPROM reader. NO PC with a legacy serial port required! No resistors, zener diodes, 9 pin RS-232 connector, no soldering, just two or three Dupont jumpers connect from the Xbox LPC header to the RPI GPIO header. For those without a Raspberry PI, one more reason to buy one. The project write-up, READ/WRITE AN XBOX EEPROM WITH A RASPBERRY PI, is available at his website http://icode4.coffee/?p=22. Code repository at https://github.com/grimdoomer/PiPROM
  13. Game Case Cleaning

    If you are a fanatic (like me) and want to get all of that old sticker residue off of your game cases, Goo Gone works great!
  14. Aloha Softmodders

    If the nDure softmod was used, your Xbox may have access to the UDDAE recovery dash. No original game disc required to re-softmod. UDDAE - This is a backdoor which allows you to run a recovery dash (Uber Double Dash Audio Exploit) from the MS Dash in the event that you lose your softmod. It can be activated by renaming an Audio CD to "<<Eggsßox>>" from the MS Dash. I found a set of instructions in Rocky5's Xbox Softmodding Tool repo on github about enabling UDDAE. A couple steps seem repeated/out of place (Select Copy 2x in steps 2 and 3). As I'm not on a softmodded Xbox right now, I cannot verify the steps (your mileage may vary; could break things more, or not). You'll perform these steps in the stock MS Xbox dashboard. How to re-enable the softmod. 1. Power on the system. 2. Now select Music > The blank soundtrack > Select Copy > Select Copy > Select New Soundtrack > Enter <<Eggsβox>> ( with two '<' Symbols, capital 'E', beta Accent 'β' and two '>' Symbols ) > Select Done > Now the MS logo will appear & the MSdash will reload. 3. Now select music > Select blank soundtrack > Select Copy > Select Copy > Select New Soundtrack > Select Done > Resoftmod your Xbox. If there's no UDDAE setup, you'll start the hidden MS Dashboard Thank You Easter Egg. I'd suggest upgrading to Rocky5's latest Xbox Softmodding Tool that prevents the game dashboard upgrade from corrupting this softmod and also avoid lost date/time error 16 messages. (Open Source Softmod - code repo at https://github.com/Rocky5/Xbox-Softmodding-Tool)
  15. XEcuter 3 Flashing Bios

    Hi On the back of the console the date when it was made is 2005-08-04
  16. XEnium Pin Hearder Install

  17. XEnium Quick Solder Install

  18. XEnium V1.6 Install Manual

  19. Stickers Covering Screws #Don'tlaugh

    I am with you but this store buys these things from people and gives them $16 for them. They will only give that meager amount once they fully test it. If it fails in the two years, I get a replacement (if they have one) or store credit.
  20. Stickers Covering Screws #Don'tlaugh

    I've removed v1.0 Xbox stickers, but later version Xbox's replaced them with a tamper-proof sticker. Especially the large Silver Title sticker. It easily separates when pulled on leaving behind a checkerboard pattern. Not sure if any special care/method in removal would prevent this from occurring. Doesn't really matter now as there's no WARRANTY on most Xbox's Amazed they'd still give a warranty as these consoles are old. There are know damage/failure vectors -- trace corrosion from clock capacitor electrolyte leakage, aging hard drives and DVD drives dying -- making a repair expense on their part inevitable for these 12+ year old consoles.
  21. New To the Forum

    I'm trying to go mod a couple xbox's and digging on my hard drives for files and guides I found this little one it, helped me a lot repairing and modding consoles,also I found the ps2 and the gamecube repair guide ....but those belong to other forums.
  22. Stickers Covering Screws #Don'tlaugh

    We were talking about this in the group the other day. The silver sticker that doesn't have reflective foil will stretch. The ONLY way I've ever seen anyone get it off without stretching is to freeze it. Even then you can tell. The only way to make it completely unable to be detected is with the repro stickers.
  23. XBox Alpha Development Kit Build Log

    I went ahead and repackaged this and uploaded it to the files section.
  24. Ok, so I just got three unmodified Xbox's that work well and are unopened and unmodified. I bought them from a store that sold them for $40 each which includes a 2 Year Warranty (yes, that is not a typo) and sorry I bought all they had. I have successfully pulled up a serial number sticker carefully in the past and not and damaged it. Has anyone every removed/pulled up to just where the screw is on other sticker without damaging it? This is not life or death to me. Please don't laugh. Thanks!
  25. X3 Bank Switch Setting

    Sorry if this has been posted before but I needed to know so I thought I'd post here too. 256k Bank Bank 1: on on on on Bank 2: off on on on Bank 3: on off on on Bank 4: off off on on Bank 5: on on off on Bank 6: off on off on Bank 7: on off off on Bank 8: off off off on 512k Bank Bank 12: on on on off Bank 34: off on on off Bank 56: on off on off Bank 78: off off on off 1MB Bank Bank 1234: on on off offBank 5678: off on off off 2MB Bank Bank 12345678: off off off off
  26. XEcuter 3 Flashing Bios

    Well, looks like the modchip is disabled from the picture just above. The X3 logo is RED. The stock Xbox Dashboard has loaded ready to set the date/time as the Xbox has been unplugged too long and lost them. (with a good clock cap 4-5 hours unplugged, bad clock cap v1.0-1.5 xbox instant loss) If you press and hold the power button for >1sec the X3 will disable itself. Power on with Eject and Power will boot the recovery BIOS (FlashBIOS 3.0.[1,3]). A short tap on the power button should have the X3 logo BLUE (modchip enabled) and if you've not flashed the X3 BIOS to the modchip that's where you were with FlashBIOS 3.0.1 screen. Select (Press A) to Enable Network Flashing. You'll need to obtain a copy of the X3 BIOS from xbins ftp site or other site where it's available -- Eurasia.nu: X3 BIOS Build 3294. Which .bin file to use depends on the Xbox version: X3 3294.bin for v1.0-1.5 or X3 3294 v16plus.bin for v1.6. From the pics shown, you do not have a 1.6 Xbox as FlashBIOS 3.0.1 is working. WIth a 1.6 Xbox, the screen would be blank -- requires FlashBIOS 3.0.3 instead. Follow the on-screen instructions/information to upload via FTP to the address shown the correct dot bin file to flash the X3 modchip. The front panel switches should be set to Bank 1 2 3 4 (ON ON OFF OFF) and Flash Protect (OFF). (OFF = button out, ON = button pressed in) P.S. If the clock cap on a v1.0-1.5 Xbox is leaking electrolyte , it needs to be removed and the electrolyte mess cleaned up. Q-tips and 91% isopropyl alcohol work then let the board thoroughly dry before connecting A/C and powering on.
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