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  3. No-Dvd + Patched Bios == Really Slow XBoX!

    The original Xbox DVD drives are interchangeable between all revisions v1.0-1.6.
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  5. No-Dvd + Patched Bios == Really Slow XBoX!

    are there any hangups with revision/dvd drive model when retaining "just the pcb" or are all drives/v1-16 compatible with this method of slimming hardware?
  6. My Water Cooled Xbox PC Project

    incredible work, extensive is an understatement. makes a bold statement.
  7. Thank You

    Its a shame i didnt find this sooner but im happy to have it here. thank you for keeping this forum together. New here this is a great looking community/collection of useful information etc..
  8. My Top 10 UnleashX Skin Picks

    thank you i will give this a go
  9. XVgm Skin (XBox Videogame Museum)

    Thank you very much for the upload, these give my backups the respect they deserve without all the drama..??
  10. Hello, I've got an xbox to which I've performed the trace corrosion repair on the past, as the buttons did not shut down the console properly (it only turned on after i applied power to the unit). I've ran it just with the power button working, until now, when I decided to go ahead and try to fix both buttons. But now it went bad or something, because no matter how hard I jump wires to traces A, B and D (C is fine on my board, and I can't find E) as shown on this thread, the console simply refuses to turn on anymore.the wires are just fine and they give me continuity when soldered, but that's that. I know for sure that the power supply is perfectly fine (it never really failed). Even with only traces A and B soldered properly I can't get the console to boot anymore, and the right hand side of C7P8 has continunity to the solder pad in trace D (just saying because i'm not sure if this is how it should be, I hope nothing shorted ). Is there any other way to wire the power to the board so it'll work again? It would be really bad to have to throw it away over something like this.... I really hope someone can help me. Thanks in advance.
  11. N163lph03n1x's UnleashX Skins

    downloading EmeraldComplexUX looks amazing
  12. My Top 10 UnleashX Skin Picks

    thank you i will try them
  13. XVgm Skin (XBox Videogame Museum)

    I would like to be able to download the xvgm full.thank you very much
  14. New Portable Lcd Mod

    I've been toying with a how to. It would only be for VERY advanced soldering skills.
  15. New Portable Lcd Mod

    amazing. Any chance for a pin out/Howto? Raffle is great idea!
  16. Who Needs Christmas Lights

    Yes lol 3 blue and silver, 1 red and silver, 2 crystals and the 2 flip paint with LCD screen which look nice. Lot of work went into the one I hard wired LCD to chip, removed 2 ports to accommodate screen.. Just need to sell a few now then I can get more Xbox to do as I get bored lol.
  17. Hello, I had been using Testers Modeling Spray Paint but it is very expensive. I get the same or better results with the Rust-Oleum (but only that version in the picture below). I only use that Gorilla Tape to mount them and never have had a problem with it.
  18. Who Needs Christmas Lights

    I am going to take a guess that you really like the blue/silver theme? looks great. i love LEDs!
  19. Cloning an XBox Hdd With a Dual Sata Dock?

    Ive cloned about 7 drives using this product offline http://a.co/f5SsvbY Works great without any issues.
  20. X3 Lcd Front Panel

    Looking for a X3 LCD front panel. What's out there? Message me if you have one available. I do have some trades available and paypal. Located in New Hampshire, United States.
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  22. No-Dvd + Patched Bios == Really Slow XBoX!

    The xbox just works slowly without a dvd drive attached. No known workaround that I know of to have absolutely nothing there. I would recommend taking the pcb out of a dvd drive and just attaching that. It takes up very little room but will give you your performance back.
  23. Cant Download C-XBox Tool Anywhere!

    A Windows application to create/extract/FTP xISO images/files for the Xbox plus more.. Visit the download page above for a complete list of its features - similar in function to Qwix.
  24. Cloning an XBox Hdd With a Dual Sata Dock?

    Another StarTech device that's superior to other similar devices (vis-à-vis their IDE-to-SATA adapters for ogXbox HDD upgrades) so is their disk duplicator for Xbox HDD cloning. StarTech's duplicator docks perform sector-by-sector duplication not just partitioned filesystem/file copy duplication (although the latter method of duplication is said to be faster than sector-by-sector). Sounds like the Inateck FD2002 does the faster filesystem duplication, not sector-by-sector which doesn't work for embedded disk drive applications like cloning a 2TB SATA HDD for the Xbox console. Amazon StarTech.com 6Gbps USB 3.0/eSATA to 2.5-Inch/3.5-Inch SATA Hard Disk Drive/Solid State Drive Duplicator Dock (SDOCK2U33RE) StarTech sells 5 different devices so make sure the one you decide upon in fact does sector-by-sector duplication before buying. Another Startech dock with USB 2.0/eSATA connectivity is the StarTech.com SATA Hard Drive HDD Duplicator Dock - eSATA USB Hard Disk Drive Duplicator - 2.5 / 3.5-Inch Hard Drive Cloner on the same page linked above. Duplication method differences between SATA dual dock duplication stations mentioned here.
  25. Cloning an XBox Hdd With a Dual Sata Dock?

    You're going to need to figure out how to do a sector by sector clone. Anything that tries to read the file system is going to fail..
  26. I'm not sure if this is the correct forum but here goes... What's the best way to clone a 2TB SATA Xbox HDD to another 2TB drive? I have an Inateck FD2002 that is a dual SATA USB 3.0 dock, that has an offline cloning feature, but every time I try to clone my 2TB Xbox SATA HDD using the offline cloning feature, I initiate the clone function, then it briefly starts the process, but the dock restarts itself. The USB cable is not plugged into it. Any help is appreciated. Thanks! Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  27. Who Needs Christmas Lights

    Merry Xbox guys
  28. My Modz for Sale Xuyart

    Nice work man
  29. Cant Download C-XBox Tool Anywhere!

    If i may kindly ask, what is C-Box?
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