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  3. Not Booting Dashboard W/New Hdd + Slower Speed

    Try truning on with the eject button and leave the tray open. Its crashing at the exploit point and I haven’t a clue why other than the adaptor is slow & it causing issues. ( I only use sata drives and max is 640 or there about GB work no problem ) what colour is the LED when it hangs?
  4. Made a HeXEn 2018 Update

    Hope this works
  5. Made a HeXEn 2018 Update

    Thanks for keeping this updated
  6. Made a HeXEn 2018 Update

    i need 3 posts.
  7. External XBox Hdmi Mod!

  8. Yesterday
  9. Bad Hard Drive. Possible To Save?

    Just noted a printing of KERNEL 4034 ON motherboard under the optical drive. Real shame with this not booting, about the cleanest original Xbox I've seen inside.
  10. Bad Hard Drive. Possible To Save?

    Error code 7. April 15 2002 manufacturing date. Serial number 5013237 21502. Product ID 251501323721052
  11. Updating X2 1.6 Xbox Hard Drive

    mine have all been 64MB, never an issue. I use Seagate drives, had problems with WD drives. but others used WD with no probs
  12. Updating X2 1.6 Xbox Hard Drive

    gotcha. Hey, last question (I hope) - does cache size on a replacement drive matter? 32MB vs 64? if you've done 40 - what did you use?
  13. Updating X2 1.6 Xbox Hard Drive

    The reason I first format 6 and 7 to 1GB, then reformat to max size is I had problems. if I just formatted them full size all would look good but the whole partition would be blank after almost filling it. Good luck bro
  14. Updating X2 1.6 Xbox Hard Drive

    John7272 - THANKS. Exactly the type of info I'm looking for. I probably should go to 2TB (or at least 1TB), but since these are little kids, there aren't that many xbox games I consider suitable (or their mom, whom I daren't cross). Regardless, your recipe should be just the ticket. The more I dig around the few forums left, the more the little lights come on, and "oh yeah, that was it". lol. I have the latest Hexen in hand. I'll post my results. cheers.
  15. Updating X2 1.6 Xbox Hard Drive

    if you only need 500GB, you may want to see if you can find an IDE PATA hard drive. then you do not need the adapter, which just adds another component that could cause issues. of course the IDE drives are older so no telling how long they will last. I do use SATA drives with an adapter in mine. you may as well go with a 2TB so you will have the extra room. This is how I build my hard drives. there are other ways, and I may do more than I need to, but more than 40 drives tells me it works great. I use the hexen disk. first I go to "xbox admin", "applications", XBpartitioner 1.3". then I lower 6 and 7 to 1GB and press start then Y to format. when its done I press back twice to exit. when hexen loads I select shutdown. I restart the xbox and let hexen boot. I go to "xbox admin", "applications", XBpartitioner 1.3". then press the X button until it splits all of the space between 6 and 7 and press start then Y to format. when its done I press back twice to exit. when hexen loads I select shutdown. I restart the xbox and let hexen boot again. I select "TSOP Flashed/Chipped Xbox Tools", "Chipped/Flashed Xbox Disk Upgrades", "New Disk, NTSC Xbox" (Passcode is AYBX) then enter. I let it do its thing. Then I go to "Install Applications", "Install XBMC to E" let it do its thing Then "Dashboard Tools", "Switch Dashboards", "TSOP/CHIP", Switch to XBMC on E". let it rock. last I back out and select "clean up installation Files", then "Clear Cache". After that I remove the hexen disk and reboot. it always takes me to XBMC. This is when I FTP into the Xbox and transfer all the Apps, Emulators and Games.
  16. New Here and Looking To Restore Og Os

    If you mean that you want to reinstall the original dashboard as a launchable application, that's fine. However if you mean that you want to revert the Xbox back to stock, well that's a terrible idea. Xboxes will die if they are left stock due to awful hardware and software restrictions that Microsoft put in place. You always want your Xbox modded. Specifically, hardmodded, or at least softmodded with a nulled HDD key. I would strongly suggest upgrading the softmod on your your Xbox to Rocky5's softmod (because it's likely running some outdated, unstable softmod) and then nulling your HDD key. After that, upgrade to a bigger HDD and install all of your games to the HDD. Never play games/DVDs/etc. from the DVD drive because the lasers are old and dying. Additionally if this Xbox is not a 1.6, remove the clock capacitor ASAP before it leaks all over the place and destroys the motherboard.
  17. Not Booting Dashboard W/New Hdd + Slower Speed

    Thanks, @Rocky5 ... The Kernel Font automatically selected was 1.0.5838.1. I rebooted and it hung at boot. I tried adding the delay files 1, rebooted, and hung. The same result from 2 and 3. Are there any other options I can try? Thanks again!
  18. External XBox Hdmi Mod!

    I canno't see link... I don't know why...
  19. A friend gave me back the xbox I made for him years ago. I want to update it for my grankids. It is chipped with an xecuter 2, is a version 1.6, and currently has an ancient 150GB hdd. Primarily, I want to put in a new HDD, planning on a 500GB, and use a Startech SATA/IDE adapter with an 80 wire cable. Then I want to add Coinops, and XBMC; the XBMC primarily for karaoke. Also a decent dash, thinking probably the last UnleashX. I have copied all the contents onto a drive via ftp. I am confused as to how to 1) install the new hdd and 2) how to install the dash/apps. From what I read on the wiki and elsewhere, supposedly, I can just install the drive, boot, and the xecuter wizard should walk me through formatting the drive. I assume that then I can put in the Hexen disk and it will install the dash's. Is this right? My xbox modding days are long behind me (even the 360 mod days, lol). Any help is appreciated.
  20. Not Booting Dashboard W/New Hdd + Slower Speed

    Head to NKPatcher Settings > kernel > advanced features apply the correct kernel font, it’s automatic so just select the option and it will do its thing. If that doesn’t work try adding a delay file. Select 1 reboot, if it still hangs select 2 then 3, I wouldnt go above 3.
  21. Not Booting Dashboard W/New Hdd + Slower Speed

    No problem bro, I help when I can. I have set up a whole lot of Xboxes, but every configuration yields different results. good luck and post up what you figure out so others know
  22. Not Booting Dashboard W/New Hdd + Slower Speed

    @John7272 you're awesome ... thanks for trying to help! Very good assistance with working through the hardware issues. I really think this has something to do with the software... though could be a HDD manufacturer issue, but the drive I'm really trying to use has been successfully used by others: http://xboxdrives.x-pec.com/?p=list&v_brand=&v_modelnum=WD20EARS&v_size=&v_rpm=&v_buffersize=&v_locking=&v_version=&v_postedby=
  23. Not Booting Dashboard W/New Hdd + Slower Speed

    dam. all that is left is the software on the 2TB sata, or the hard drive itself. I had issues with 2TB hard drives and only use Seagate now. others use the WD with no probs though.
  24. Not Booting Dashboard W/New Hdd + Slower Speed

    Thanks, @John7272 ... The Xbox boots fine with the DVD drive and the 8GB OG IDE HDD or 250GB WD IDE HDD drives I've been using. How would this affect or be an issue with the 2GB WD SATA drive? Or the 3TB WD SATA drive?
  25. Not Booting Dashboard W/New Hdd + Slower Speed

    next thing I would try is swapping the DVD drive. I have a Thomson that reads everything well in my v1.4, but boots to black in my v1.6
  26. Not Booting Dashboard W/New Hdd + Slower Speed

    @Rocky5Do you have any idea what might be causing the issue with SATA drives > 1TB using your softmod? That is the only difference between the xbox I just modded without a hitch (THANK YOU!) and the one I'm trying to update now with a 2TB HD.
  27. Not Booting Dashboard W/New Hdd + Slower Speed

    I have everything marked pretty well. The StarTech I was using in my box worked fine in my brothers. In fact, I just left it in there... it loaded fine, no lag / hang at initial boot. With the other StarTech (the one previously in my brother's xbox) on my xbox, it still has the hang after MSFT Xbox splash screen. I know the issue isn't with my box (the xbox hardware itself) as the OG Xbox HD works fine, as does the 250GB I'm replacing. This appears to be a software issue so not sure where to go next on this.
  28. Not Booting Dashboard W/New Hdd + Slower Speed

    I would mark the stuff in your setup, then there is no confusion (like dam was this the cable that worked in his?) I would also try your drive in his xbox
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