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  3. HDMI for OG Xbox

    Link without Facebook please ? I cannot see this page Thanks
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  5. Full Case Modding Tutorials!

    I will to the videos being very useful! I have watch led them all a few times now and they are all very helpful. You should link them in your post! Glad to see you here! Sent from Outer Space
  6. How To Test a 1.6 Psu

    Ahh sorry man, it's already gone. I did place them the same way they came out, although I didn't actually check the polarity markings, just went by the paintjob, and assumed it would be the same lol. Apparently it was not.. I'll know for next time.
  7. XVgm Skin (XBox Videogame Museum)

    I make it easier, About the name of the xbox game press start button / Edit Item / Preview / and search the game video
  8. How To Test a 1.6 Psu

    You sure you placed them in correctly. They are polarity sensitive. The positive (+) terminal, not labeled on the cap goes on the side with the + printed outside the silk-screened circle and the negative lead has the widestrip down the side with a '-' minus symbol printed in it a couple times. This lead should line up the wide white band of the silk-screened placement circle on the printed circuit board. Electrolytic caps (negative symbol in gold band on side): Xbox MB Silk-screened cap placement (notice polarity markings as described above): If installed backwards, they will blowup. Pop! Speewww! Pzzzt! As I think you've now found out. I usually mention that fact when telling people to replace electrolytic caps but see I did not here. Can you post a picture of the Xbox Motherboard showing the blown caps?
  9. How To Test a 1.6 Psu

    Well I replaced all the caps of that type with exactly the same ones, and when I plugged it in, 3 of them immediately burst and sprayed electrolytic fluid all over the place lol. That board is now in the electronics scrap bin.
  10. Like Those Ones ?

    I got tons of internal tools ... but they are on a drivecrypt from 2002 and i do not remember the password
  11. XVgm Skin (XBox Videogame Museum)

    I'm a bit confused how to use this skin's XMV files and default.xbe's. The basic skin subdir contents I upload to my UnleashX 'skins' folder into a new subfolder named XvGM. Easy enough but where do these XMV files and default.xbe's go? I probably know but seems complicated if you have to copy the data to the Games folder for each entry, Homebrew, Emulators, etc. But only way I guess it works. An example config.xml for UnleashX would help. Not quite sure why the default.xbe shortcuts? What app created the default.xbe shortcuts? XBE Shortcut Maker files I create are 61KB, compared to XvGM's 65KB default.xbe files. I'm guessing the default.xbe file in each game subdir is a shortcut. I know I'm being dense here! Probably super simple, but...
  12. XVgm Skin (XBox Videogame Museum)

    Someone got the main skin in green instead of blue to avoid colors changing when navigating ?
  13. XVgm Skin (XBox Videogame Museum)

    The limitation for UnleashX may have more to do with a possible max. number of subdirs that can be created in E:\UDATA and E:\TDATA. UnleashX extracts the title image from every xbe file it finds in the search path. and saves each in a separate subdirectory. Therefore, the maximum number of games UnleashX handles may be caused by a possible limit Microsoft set on the number of subdirs that can be created and not running out of memory. I have not tested yet to verify.
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  15. XVgm Skin (XBox Videogame Museum)

    I think the limitation is more how UnleashX caches info about all the xbe's it finds in the search paths. It saves it internally and runs out of memory to keep track of them all to add entries to the menu.
  16. XVgm Skin (XBox Videogame Museum)

    What a nice compilation! I haven't had the pleasure of using this Unleash Skin and will certainly give it a try.. Just doing some quick reading on this and unsure why there is this issue with the video limit on this, but that same limitation doesn't appear to be a problem in CoinOps; I'd like to understand this more if someone could bring me up to speed.
  17. Custom Coin Ops wanted

    probably not, I just know that all of my games have videos (99.9% in case a couple aren't there), I don't have every system and every game for CoinOps, just have everything I could get my hands on at one time or another. I have all of the major consoles though, so if the OP wanted a custom build with full sets on those systems I'd be happy to compile that if he or someone else needed it.
  18. Custom Coin Ops wanted

    I'm not sure you can find all videos for all games on all systrems.
  19. Custom Coin Ops wanted

    How so? All of my games have video previews, just have to copy the video files over to the new build. CoinOps 8 has the videos broken down into folders, so sorting out what isn't needed isn't an issue, and even if some arcade videos or unwanted consoles slipped through, there is no game pointing to them.
  20. Custom Coin Ops wanted

    Games is not the problem, but preview video is more work
  21. Custom Coin Ops wanted

    It's not that bad if you have a source to pool the games from. I build my CoinOps PC side. It's really just a matter of copying the right folders over from an already built version (romsconsoles etc). So if he said, Hey I want all nintendo and sega stuff, it's pretty easy to do.
  22. Custom Coin Ops wanted

    Yes, because doing everything from scratch with ALL ROMS (Games) with videos etc ... is a decade work
  23. Custom Coin Ops wanted

    If you are referring to full one as being CoinOps Massive, that's an option. You would probably want to copy standalone R6 over it, delete arcade roms and videos, and re-scan for good measure. However, CoinOps Massive does not have full game sets for consoles (with arcade has 4191 games), which is what I presume the OP is looking for. I think my CoinOps 8 has about 14,500 games for example (I'm sure some people have even more) with complete sets on the major consoles.
  24. XVgm Skin (XBox Videogame Museum)

    As there is a shortcut (default.xbe) the game default need to be renamed. Did you always gave the same game like game.xbe or a name for each ? EDIT : Seems useless with game, only to have a preview
  25. Custom Coin Ops wanted

    Take the full one, remove the arcades games and tada !
  26. Like Those Ones ?

    Collecting any software tools used for modding consoles, reading game discs, etc.
  27. Like Those Ones ?

    If you want, but kinda useless now days Reader is for Hitachi GD-5000. (i think i got the software for Wii, 360 and NGC too)
  28. Hi There.

  29. Hi There.

    I'm Mike, I'm 30 years old and I've been around the Xbox Scene since I was a kid. Some of you may have seen this username before, or a variation of it. No I don't like clowns.
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